How To Record WhatsApp Call: Step-by-Step Guide

Record WhatsApp Call

During the pandemic, WhatsApp has indeed become our go-to messaging app. Not only it allows one to send messages to anyone anywhere in the world, WhatsApp also supports making free audio and video calls. We all have been using WhatsApp to make personal as well as business or professional calls. Sometimes, we are required to record business meetings or even personal conversations for future reference. Now, even though Whatsapp doesn’t support recording audio calls by default, we can easily record Whatsapp audio calls in Android by following mentioned instructions.

How To Record WhatsApp Audio Call in Android

  • Download and install the Android app, Call Recorder – Cube ACR from the Google Play Store on your Android phone
  • After completing the installation, Open the app and provide the basic permissions for the app to function properly and allow it to record your WhatsApp audio calls.
  • Once you have provided all the necessary permissions in the Cube ACR call recorder app on your Android phone, you can proceed to make audio calls to anyone by opening the WhatsApp app.
Record WhatsApp Call 2
  • Now, when you make a WhatsApp audio call from your Android phone or you receive an incoming WhatsApp audio call from any of your contacts, the Cube ACR call recorder app widget will automatically pop up on your device’s screen with the microphone icon allowing you to start and stop recording your call whenever you want.
  • If you are not getting the Cube ACR call recorder widget or you are unable to record your WhatsApp audio calls for any reason, go to the app settings and then under the VoIP recording settings, enable the option to ‘Ignore VoIP-support check’ and select the option ‘Voice call’ in the VoIP recording audio source setting.
  • If the Voice call audio source is not recording WhatsApp audio calls on your device, try changing the audio source setting in the app settings to other options and try recording the call again.
  • Once you have finished recording your WhatsApp audio call, you can access the call recordings by opening the app or by going to the File Manager on your Android phone and opening the Cube ACR call recorder folder from the internal storage.

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How To Record WhatsApp Video Call

If you are wondering how to record WhatsApp video call, then it’s worth to note that an Android device doesn’t support default video recording. Thus, it is a requisite to first install a third-party app from Google Play Store to record WhatsApp Video Call. Follow these instructions to record WhatsApp video call on Android phone.

Record WhatsApp Call 1
  • Download a third-party app from Google Play Store to record the WhatsApp video call. For instance, Download and Install the DU Recorder application and launch it. 
  • Open the app and give the required permissions of Microphone, File Manager, etc. 
  • DU Recorder’s pop-up screen will then give you options to record the screen. 
  • Choose the recording option and start recording your WhatsApp video calls. 

You can easily record WhatsApp video call on iOS phones by following these simple steps:

  • Make a WhatsApp video call 
  • Simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen and access Control Centre. 
  • The screen recording icon will now be visible.
  • Tap on the screen recording icon and remember to turn on the microphone option.
  •  Your WhatsApp video call will be recorded. 

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Stay tuned to this space for more such handy tricks and tips. Write to us if you are still unable to record WhatsApp calls. Our team will offer you an alternative on how to record WhatsApp call without any hiccups.