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How to Delete Dream11 Account Permanently? An Out-and-Out Guide

The Internet has given us a lot of job opportunities since it was created. It now serves as the main source of income for many people. With innumerable options for online employment these days, a lot of people choose online money-making platforms. 

Dream 11 is one such platform. Essentially, Dream 11 is a startup that provides a website and mobile application through which one can make money online. Sports games like football, cricket, and others are available on Dream 11. 

However, not everyone enjoys the platform. Read the article ahead if you want to know how to delete your Dream 11 account.  

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How does Dream 11 work?

Dream 11 is a sports-based online platform. The performance of the players you chose in the actual match will determine your winnings. If the players you’ve chosen perform well and you make a good amount of money, you can withdraw it to your bank account after paying a hefty 30 per cent government tax. 

The strategy-making policy is the basis for this business model. The Supreme Court of India ruled that this platform is legal because it excludes “Luck” and requires users to develop strategies that make use of their brains. 

Here’s how to delete Dream 11 account permanently 

Many people choose online Dream 11 as one of their means of earning a living; ever since the website’s debut, a large number of people have joined it in their desire to quickly and easily make money.

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However, it is noteworthy that people stopped using it once they realized it was a form of gambling with extremely low winning odds and extremely high loss odds. 

First Method: self-deactivation  

Even though there isn’t a direct button on the website or application to delete or deactivate your Dream11 account, you can still do so by following a short procedure. Following are the step-by-step details on how to delete Dream 11 account:

1. On the official Dream11 website, log in to your account by providing your username and password.

2. A page called “Help Desk” can be found by scrolling all the way to the bottom of the website.

3. Select any question on the help desk there, or click the answer to expand it. “Can’t Find What You’re Looking For” you will see at the conclusion.

4. When you click on that link, a pop-up will appear.

5. Include your username, email address, and a brief explanation of why you want to delete your Dream 11 account.

6. Your Dream 11 account will be deleted.

Second Method: deactivation by email

Deactivating a Dream11 account on their own can be challenging for many users. Let’s take a quick look at the second method of deleting the Dream11 account. 

Follow the steps mentioned ahead:

1. Create an email requesting that your Dream11 account be deactivated. One must include their username and email as well as a brief statement of why they wish to delete the Dream11 account. 

2. When finished writing the email, send it to the Dream 11 customer service email address ( 

The account will be deleted.  

These were the methods on how to delete Dream 11 account. 

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Final Verdict

Online platforms are subjective to personal interests. One may find it fascinating while the other individual may prefer avoiding the same. If you used Dream11 previously, it is absolutely possible to delete your Dream11 account. 

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