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How to Change Fastag Mobile Number 

What is FASTag?

In simple terms, FASTag is a Radio Frequency Identification (RFDI) system for paying toll taxes directly from a savings or prepaid account that is linked to the system. Today, a FASTag mobile number can be used to cross toll nakas easily. However, it only works if you have a mobile number linked to your bank account. Therefore, you may have to change your FASTag mobile number if you changed your SIM card that is linked to your bank account.

Regulated by the (NHAI) National Highways Authority of India, this technology made electronic toll collection a reality in India. Till a decade back, this was a distant dream for most of India. The launch of FASTag coincides with the digital revolution in India. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India launched ‘Digital India’ campaign on July 1, 2015, with the aim to transform the country into a digitally powered economy.

The FASTag system was first set up on the Mumbai – Delhi Quadrilateral on November 20, 2014. Now, this system has been installed at various toll plazas throughout the country. FASTag is a code glued to the windscreen of the car and enables people to cross the toll booths without having to stop for payments. 

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How does FASTag work in India?  

The working of FASTag is explained below: 

  • The FASTag is connected to the user’s savings or prepaid account and is then attached to the front of the vehicle. 
  • The toll tax is debited from the bank account with the help of (RFID) Radio Frequency Identification technology.
  • This technology works efficiently so there is no need for the vehicle to stop at the toll plaza. The toll tax gets debited when the car/bike passes through the gate. 
  • Your FASTag account will then be debited and the driver will get the message on their Registered Mobile Number. It eventually makes interstate travel more comfortable and easier for the user. 
How to Change Fastag Mobile Number 1

How to change FASTag mobile number? 

Method 1

The mobile number and e-mail ID are recorded initially when the user is getting their FASTag code. There is no online process to change the number, however you can do it offline. Here is how to change FASTag mobile number: 

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  • Visit the nearest branch of the bank that is linked with the FASTag account and request a Know Your Client (KYC) form. 
  • Now fill the KYC form carefully and enter the new mobile number. Your mobile number will be changed shortly after you submit the form. 
  • Keep in mind that if your FASTag is linked to UPI apps like Google Pay or Paytm, you would have to talk to their customer support and ask them to link FASTag to your new mobile number. 

There is another way to change the mobile number. If the user’s registered mobile number is linked with Google Play or Paytm, then follow the steps written below to change the FASTag number: 

Method 2

  • First, the user has to download and install the Paytm application from the Apple Store or Play Store. 
  • Login to your Paytm account by entering the mobile number linked to the bank account. 
  • Then click on the profile option at the top left corner of the home screen. 
  • At last, click on edit profile and tap on the update phone number. 

Why do you need FASTag

One of the biggest reasons you need a FASTag is that the Government of India made FASTag mandatory for all vehicles across India on 15 February 2021. Here are some other reasons and some words of caution:

  • One needs a FASTag even if you don’t go to another state or travel on highways.
  • FASTag is important if you are trying to get third-party insurance.
  • It is important to cancel and submit your FASTag before selling your vehicle to a third-party buyer. This will also help in getting your security fee back.
  • Never sell your car/bike with an active FASTag.
  • Customers can call NHAI helpline number 1033 in case of any grievance regarding the tax amounts. Moreover, you can file a complaint with the issuer’s bank for a quick settlement. 

We hope that this article helped you to learn how to change FASTag mobile number. If you have any other queries please visit the official website. 

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