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How to Cancel your Linkedin Premium Account 2023?

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Professionals around the world today use LinkedIn as their favored platform for establishing business and professional contacts. With a Premium subscription, you can enjoy added benefits such as unlimited mail Messages, a peek into those who are checking your profile, and gives you opportunities to explore professional development courses that would add an edge to your resume.

However, a Premium account is heavy on the pocket, which leads many to cancel their account once they have got the job of their choice. If you, too, wish to do so, here is a step-by-step guide on how to cancel your LinkedIn Premium Account 2023. 

How to cancel your LinkedIn Premium Account 2023?

Method 1: Using Browser 

  • The first step is to log in to your LinkedIn account via your preferred browser by giving your login details. Once you are in your account dashboard, click on the Me option that you will be able to find at the top of your screen. A Drop-down menu will open from where you need to click on the ‘Access my Premium’ option.
Cancel Your Linkedin Premium Account 2022 3
  • The right rail on this tab will lead you to the ‘Manage Premium Account’ section.’ This will redirect you to your subscription settings. It is here that you will have the option of canceling your LinkedIn premium subscription with the ‘Cancel subscription’ button.
Cancel Your Linkedin Premium Account 2022 1
  • You will see a tab with a confirmation for the Cancellation, which reads, ‘Continue to cancel your LinkedIn premium membership.’ Once you click on this tab, your subscription will be successfully canceled.

Method 2: Using Mobile App 

Is it possible to use an iPhone or Android phone? Well, it is not possible to use your mobile phone to cancel your LinkedIn subscription. Cancellation can only happen through a web browser on a laptop or desktop. However, iPhone users can cancel their subscription through their phone in case they have bought the LinkedIn Premium account subscription through iTunes. If so, read on to know LinkedIn Premium Subscription cancellation via your iPhone.

  • Go to the settings of your LinkedIn app on your iPhone.
  • Click on your name on the top part of the screen and select ‘iTunes and the app store.’
  • You need to select your Apple ID and click on ‘View Apple ID’ by choosing whatever mode you use for the same, whether by using a passcode, a touch ID, or a face ID.
  • The iTunes Subscription management page will open, wherein you need to click on subscriptions and then LinkedIn.
  • The final step is to cancel the Premium subscription and confirm your Cancellation.
Cancel Your Linkedin Premium Account 2022 2

If you want further guidance, Apple’s detailed instructions will suffice in helping you to cancel your LinkedIn Premium Account. However, it is to be noted that LinkedIn provides no billing support for any purchases done through iTunes. Hence, if you require any amount to be refunded for the subscription, you need to get in touch with the Apple helpline to raise a request for a refund or any other financial assistance related to the purchase.

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Will all the benefits end immediately after Cancellation?

When you have successfully completed the step of canceling your LinkedIn premium subscription, you may still be able to enjoy the added features and benefits if you are in the current billing cycle for which the amount for the subscription has been paid. However, in case you cancel the account towards the end of your subscription cycle or after the cycle ends, the benefits of having a Premium account, like insights and in-mail messages, will be severed. The other free features of your LinkedIn account will remain as they were without any disruption.

Will I lose my connections or other data if I cancel my Premium subscription?

No, canceling your LinkedIn Premium subscription won’t affect your connections or the data on your profile. However, you will lose access to Premium features like InMail, LinkedIn Learning, and advanced search filters.

What happens to my unused InMail credits when I cancel my Premium subscription?

Unused InMail credits only carry over once your Premium subscription is canceled. It’s a good idea to use them before you cancel your subscription.

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When should I cancel my LinkedIn Premium subscription to avoid being charged for the next billing cycle?

 To avoid being charged for the next billing cycle, you should cancel your Premium subscription at least 24 hours before the renewal date.

Can I get a refund for the remaining days of my Premium subscription after canceling?

LinkedIn generally does not offer refunds for unused days in a billing cycle after canceling a Premium subscription. However, if you have a valid reason for a refund, you can contact LinkedIn’s customer support for assistance.

Can I reactivate my Premium subscription after canceling?

Yes, you can reactivate your LinkedIn Premium subscription at any time. To do so, go to the Premium Services page and select the plan you’d like to purchase. Follow the prompts to complete the subscription process.

Summing Up

A LinkedIn Premium account is indeed worth the money that you pay on a monthly or yearly basis for the number of added features it provides to candidates looking for top-notch jobs in their field. However, if these added features, such as Premium Insights and InMail that help you to establish contacts with prospective employers directly, do not matter in your genre of work, a basic Premium Subscription will suffice, and you can get back to it anytime you feel your purposes are met. The above guide on LinkedIn Premium Account 2023 cancellation will help you get back to your basic LinkedIn account within minutes.

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