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How to Add Friends on Oculus Quest 2 Using an Easy Method?

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Oculus Quest 2 is a standalone Virtual Reality headset launched by Oculus in 2020. It comes with upgraded hardware, support for the Oculus Link cable to connect to a computer, and a higher resolution when compared to its predecessor Oculus Quest. If you want to know how to add friends on Oculus Quest 2, we have got you covered.

How to add friends on Oculus Quest 2?

  • Ensure that you are connected to the internet
  • Turn on the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset
  • Go to the Home screen
  • Click on the Friends icon
  • Choose the Add Friend option
  • In the search box enter the Oculus username of the person you want to add
  • Hit the Send Friend Request button
  • The other person would receive a notification and can accept or reject your friend request
  • If the person accepts the request, you would be able to see them on your Friends list
  • Include them in the VR games and experiences if you want

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How to create an invitation link on Oculus Quest 2?

  • Open the Oculus app on your device
  • Choose Invite Friends from the Friends tab
  • Select the person you want to invite
  • Tap the Create Link option
  • A unique link would be generated
  • Send it via text, message, email, etc. by copying or sharing the link
  • The other person needs to click on the link to be on your friends list

Once people become friends on Oculus platforms, they can see when others are online. They can also initiate voice calls, participate in multiplayer games and experience the same as well.

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If you want to play Oculus Quest 2 with friends, link your Oculus account to your Facebook account. You would be able to see a list of all your Facebook friends that are also on the Oculus platform. Open the ‘People’ tab on the Oculus Quest 2 home screen, and you can see friend requests, suggestions, and a list of friends from the network based on your gaming history and Facebook account.

If you need more information on how to add friends on Oculus Quest 2 let us know in the comments section below. Share this article with others so that they can invite and add friends as well on this platform.

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