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How far Will You Go for Love Of Books?

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Piracy is a huge price the modern world has been paying for since digitization came into play. And among the top names in the world of book piracy is Z-Library. And amid all the buzz of this huge resource for textbooks  story books and research material, a ban was slapped on to the site some time back. The more amazing news is that Z-Library is back and almost from the dead at that.

Z-Library is back to being accessible on the web but is making use of secret URLs. This is an effort to avoid any legal disruptions and action from enforcement agencies. Bleepigcomputer has reported this news.

Inner deets

Z-Library has always been a  controversial but popular repository, especially among growing economies as well as among academic circles. However, all access has been to pay walled papers and books.

In the first bit of 2022, the FBI had seized the domains of this shadow library for purported copyright law violation. Post this, the library had  continued its operation via the Tor and the I2P privacy service networks.

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Accessing Z Library

While there have been alternatives to the Z-library since the ban, it had been immensely popular among students. Its shutdown had caused ample scrambling to access top research and academic materials.

News of its access via clearnet sites with use of personalized domains for every member is more than just good.

Once a user logs on to this site, there is provision of two personal URLs with a warning to keep the same private. The same URLs are a way to directly access the Z-library via any standard browser.

These domains get registered on several registrars for allowing its library to issue URLs for member access.

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Summing up

Access to Z-Library had been unavailable in India as well after an order from a court in Delhi court. Last year, this library had had a collection of 11,087,784 books plus 84,837,645 articles. Whooping to say the least.

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Satarupa Bhattacharya
Satarupa Bhattacharya
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