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How do You Put CCNA on a Resume?

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CCNA certification is important for IT experts. When applying for a job as an IT expert, this type of certification can show your experience in computer networking. CCNA can be referred to as a Cisco Certified Network Associate. It is a type of IT Certification or the ccna skills for resume used to secure jobs related to building, installing, and troubleshooting computer networks. If you have other skills in your resume, then highlight them alongside them. When you have this in your resume, you can get a job as a network analyst, systems administrator, and network engineer. Learning how to include this certification on your resume can be an important step to make. 

Importance of including CCNA on a Resume 

As mentioned above, this certification can make you get various IT jobs. An employer can know how experienced you are by looking at this credential. It is the first thing that will differ between you and other professionals. You will secure many job interviews with a CCNA certification on your resume. All you need is to make your resume to prove your value and ability.

How to include CCNA on a Resume 

  • Start by reading the job description 

Before putting this credential on your resume, ensure that you know what the job description says. Reading the job description will give you an idea of what the employer needs. In addition, you will know all the responsibilities you are to take when you find the job. Before writing the CV, consider reviewing the job description the employer is posting. With this, you will easily identify the keyword written through your document. 

  • Choose the right CCNA resume template 

There are so many templates you can use when writing a CCNA resume. In this case, you need to consider choosing the right one to boost the value of your resume. When researching the type of template you need, know of the three popular types. You can consider functional, combination, or chronological format since different employers commonly recognize them. The three formats focus on different things about your skills. For instance, when working with a chronological resume, you must include your current position; a functional resume mainly showcases your skills. Still, a combination resume will be the best for you. 

  • Include your contact information 

Contact information is important when writing a CCNA resume. That is, you should write your full name and your contact information such as email, phone number, and many more. In addition, your name must be written in different colors or fonts for the employer to recognize it as fast as possible. If you are thinking of including your email, consider using a professional email address. This is important because they will have to contact you to come for the interviews. 

  • List all the related skills

This is the most important part when writing a CCNA resume. This is where you will include that you are a CCNA certified personnel. Employers will read this part to know some of the qualifications you have. Since you have the job description in mind, you can find other skills to list to raise your chances of getting hired. This is the best way of writing ccna skills for resume. Ensure that you include CCNA or computer networking skills such as time management, active listening, and many more.

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