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Here’s How to Recover Deleted Photos from Vault App

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All of us love to click photos and keep them as memories for life. However, what if you delete your photos unintentionally? Don’t worry. In this post, we share tips on how to recover deleted photos from vault app.

The Vault app is a popular app that is used to hide SMS, pictures, videos, and more. This app is compatible with Android as well as iPhone. The main highlight of this app is its ability to hide private files on the phone and hides all your applications with a password. However, it is important to remember the password as it can be difficult to unlock the app otherwise.

How to recover vault deleted photos?

So, you have deleted some or all your photos accidentally and now you’re looking for ways to recover them. Just relax!

Recover Deleted Photos from Vault App 1

All your deleted data, photos, videos, and others are still on your phone and you can restore them from the Vault app. Here’s how.

For Android users, follow these steps;

  • First, download the Vault app on your phone.
  • Click on Photos or Videos
  • Click on Menu> Manage photos or manage videos
  • Select the photos or videos you want to recover and click on the “Restore”.
  • Next, click on “OK”

For iPhone users, follow these steps

  • Open the Vault app
  • Click on the Media.
  • Tap all the photos you want to restore
  • Click on the Send button available at the bottom left of your screen.
  • Select Export to your albums.

For App Lock/ Gallery Vault

  • Log in to App Lock / Gallery Vault using the Master Password.
  • Click on the App Lock to display the menu and then go to the “Settings”.
  • Lastly, tap on the Data Recovery.
Recover Deleted Photos from Vault App 2

That’s all! By following the above steps, you can restore all your lost or deleted photos from a previous version of App Lock or Gallery Vault.

Note: You can recover photos and videos only if you had them in App Lock/Gallery Vault on the same device. Recovery is not possible if you have formatted or if you have done a factory reset.

This is how to recover deleted photos from vault app! Go ahead and try it instead of worrying about your lost photos!

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