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Here’s How to Get Data Loan in Jio

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Recently, Jio announced its Emergency Data Loan facility that offers instant data loans to its prepaid users, which they can pay later. If you are wondering to how to get data loan in Jio, we got you covered. In this post, we discuss how to get data loan in Jio sim easily.

The new “Emergency Data Loan” facility provides Jio users with the flexibility of “recharge now and pay later” flexibility. It is a boon for subscribers who run out of their high-speed daily data and are unable to recharge immediately due to some reason.

Jio Emergency Data Loan - How to avail emergency data loan facility from Jio

The new facility will provide a simple yet powerful solution to such users and ensure continuity of uninterrupted high-speed data experience. Users can avail of the facility via the MyJio app.

How to get data loan in Jio?

Follow these simple steps and you can enjoy a high-speed data experience.

  • Open MyJio App on your mobile phone
  • Next, tap on the menu option
  • Click on the ‘Emergency Data Loan’ option
  • Next, click on the ‘Proceed’ tab on the emergency data loan banner.
  • Tap on the Get Emergency Data tab
  • Tap on the ‘Activate now’ tab to avail of the loan benefit.

How to get 1GB data loan in Jio?

As of now,  Jio subscribers can borrow up to 5 emergency data loan packs of 1 GB each valued at Rs. 11. The maximum a user can is Rs.55 or 5 packs.

get data loan in jio 1

The payment process of ‘Emergency Data Loan’

  • Firstly open the MyJio app on your smartphone and open the menu.
  • Go to the mobile services and click on the Emergency Data Loan.
  • Tap on the Proceed on the emergency data loan banner.
  • Select ‘Pay’ in the Emergency data loan option.
  • The amount will be reflected and you can then select any online payment mode for the data loan.

Note: The Emergency Data Loan facility can be used again and the counter will be reset to 5 again.

So, this is how to get data loan in Jio and avail data easily. Go ahead, try it and enjoy a seamless experience!

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