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Here is how to Recover Linkedin Account after a Restricted

Don’t worry if you received a LinkedIn warning, was logged out, or had your account restricted, there are numerous ways to avoid this from happening ever again and to protect your account. In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about keeping your account safe, and how to recover a LinkedIn account after restricted.

Reasons, why your LinkedIn got restricted

Your LinkedIn account may be restricted for any of the reasons listed below:

  • Your account has received an unusually high number of page views
  • The name in your account or profile violates the LinkedIn user agreement
  • Any improper or illegal activity discovered on your account
  • Your account has a history of abusive, repetitive behavior
  • Any indication that your account might have been compromised

How to recover a LinkedIn account after restricted

Follow these simple steps to un-restrict and reclaim your restricted LinkedIn account:

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1. Open LinkedIn on your smartphone or computer.

2. On the notification screen, ‘click the Verify Your Identity’ button.

3.  Go to the drop-down menu and Choose your country. Because the procedure varies slightly depending on your country.

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4. After selecting the country (in our case, India), you will find the documents acknowledged by LinkedIn based on your location.

5. Select a document that can be used to verify your identity.

6. Upload the document’s front and back images, which should be less than 3.5MB in size. If necessary, you can use these free online image compression tools.

7. After uploading, click Submit.

8. Now wait until the LinkedIn team responds to your verified email address.

There are two possible outcomes here:

If you don’t get your issue solved and/or they don’t respond, try again in a month or two. Or your account has been restored. 

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Bottom line

LinkedIn, like any other social network, must ensure that its consumers do not misuse the tool. Furthermore, have they recently enhanced their usage rules and detection of inappropriate/unwanted behavior? They can be prevented by following best practices and continuing to use LinkedIn “normally.” If LinkedIn has restricted your account, you can know how to recover a linkedin account after restricted by following our advice.

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Palak Sharma
Palak Sharma
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