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Here Is How to Fix Black Screen After BIOS Update

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If you were updating your BIOS but when you turn on your PC, it shows a black screen, maybe a screen with some instructions and asking for yes or no, maybe some 3-4 steps instructions to follow. In all of these cases, don’t worry, your BIOS is probably interrupted in between the process.

There is a simple yet safe way to fix this, if you want to do it on your own or visit your nearby ASUS store, it is completely upon you. Here are the solutions to fix black screen after the BIOS update.

Please keep in mind

  • Do not interrupt the update process by force shut down
  • Ensure that your AC adapter is attached while the BIOS update process is executing.

Case 1: When Your Laptop shows complete black screen

Fix Black Screen After BIOS Update 1

In case your laptop power turns on and stops at a black screen. It means your BIOS update failed during the process. You can follow the below mentioned steps.

Please keep in mind

This solution is not for the ASUS model TP4201A and UX4251A. In that case it requires a Hard reset process.


  • If you have laptop models with removable batteries, then remove the AC adapter first, then long press the power button for about forty seconds
  • Re-attach the battery and AC adapter, then turn the power button on. Now your system will automatically resume the BIOS update process
  • At this point do not interfere with the BIOS update process, or do not remove the AC adapter until BIOS update completes. Later, your system will restart automatically
  • After your BIOS update will complete, your laptop will enter the operating system.

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Case 2: If your laptop shows paragraph of instructions with yes or no option

When your laptop restarts and it’s screen shows some paragraph of instructions with yes or no then


  • Wait for at least sixty seconds
  • Ensure that your AC adapter is connected, you can choose the yes option and then your BIOS update will resume automatically.
Fix Black Screen After BIOS Update 2

Case 3: If your laptop restarts and then shows 3-4 steps instructions

Fix black screen after bios update

In case your laptop restarts, that means you need to follow certain steps to complete the BIOS update process

  • Use another Computer > Open the ASUS support website > and then download the BIOS file that corresponds to your laptop model
  • Now put the downloaded BIOS file under the USB flash drive using root directory (Note: USB flash drive should be of type FAT32)
  • Now turn the power off of your laptop > then long press the power button for fifteen seconds (till the time your Power LED goes off)
  • Now plugin the USB flash drive with download BIOS file to your system (ensure that your AC adapter is connected)
  • Turn the power on, now your system will resume the BIOS update

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Bottom line

Above mentioned solutions are for every situation you may face while updating the BIOS. Hopefully they can fix black screen after BIOS update. If these solutions still do not work for you then you should visit your nearby ASUS customer care centre.

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