GTA 6 Female Protagonist: Fostering Inclusivity and More

GTA 6 Female Protagonist

Grand Theft Auto or GTA, is an action game involving a protagonist that undertakes missions in a fictional city mainly by driving around, shooting and engaging in role playing based on the motive and character of the protagonist that vary with every version of the game.

GTA 6: A New Protagonist

There are rumours going around that the next edition of the game will feature a female protagonist for the first time ever since it was launched in 1997. The news of the GTA 6 female protagonist was first mentioned by a well known leaker, who has previously made gaming related predictions, although he did not add where he got the information from. This got fans thrilled who then took to social media to express their excitement and further debate on the topic, even though nothing has been confirmed by the developer ‘Rockstar Games’.

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The fifth installment of the GTA was released seven years back which is why loyal fans are now eagerly waiting for the next edition of the long running series particularly because of the widespread speculation around the protagonist. Rockstar Games GTA 6 is expected to have a male and a female playable character, a development that is being considered as a breakthrough in the gaming field. Predictions are also being made about the location of the GTA 6 based on an alleged map leak.  

With the new Play Station 5 about to enter the market, the next version of the game is going to provide a superior experience to gamers with high quality graphics, interface and design. The next-gen console owners will also be able to play the GTA 5 until the GTA 6 is made available. There is still a lot of information awaited from the developer. With no official news in sight, gamers will only have to wait until the Rockstar Games GTA 6 trailer is released.

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Why is the GTA 6 Female Protagonist Important?

While GTA 6 release date is yet to be announced, the rumours, if true, shall put to rest the controversy sparked by GTA 5 where women characters were depicted in a bad light. The company may try to improve upon its misogynist narrative through the establishment of a set up that brings women to the forefront by providing gamers the option to select a voiced female lead in the game.

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If Rockstar Games GTA 6 really has a female protagonist, it is going to contribute to women empowerment and inclusivity across the world considering the popularity of the game. That being said, the developer should also consider putting an end to women centric jokes in the game and develop a storyline that takes into account women’s perspective.

We hope that the hype around the next installment of the GTA has some substance when it is finally released by Rockstar Games. Although the company has not released any official statement relating to the GTA 6 female protagonist or the GTA 6 in general, it is being said that the development of the next edition with the highly expected details will take some time before it is introduced in the market.