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Google Surprises its Users with Unique Diwali Wish

The festival of light is upon us and everybody is busy preparing for the festivities. Google is trying in its way to extend Diwali wishes to its users. Google tweeted, “Just here to say search Diwali for a surprise.” 

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How it is done?

So here is what you get when you search ‘Diwali’. Apart from a list of search results on the topic, you would find a starry ‘Diya’ GIF, and Festivity would be written below Diwali. So, the surprise is when you click on the earthen lamp, the screen will be filled with lamps. There would be one lit lamp as well which you need to move around with the help of a mouse or mousepad to light up all the other ‘diyas’.

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Watch this YouTube short:

Once all the ‘diyas’ are lit the screen will start to glow with starts in the background and within a couple of seconds, the screen will come back to normal. You will get the same thing if you search ‘Diwali 2022’

For Android and iOS devices

The results will be the same if you search ‘Diwali’ or ‘Diwali 2022’ on the Google app on iOS and Android devices. The difference is that you need to use your fingertip to light up the ‘diyas’ like you normally use the device.

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Watch this YouTube short:

A pleasant surprise

This is a great surprise for Indians based out of India as well who may or may not have the liberty or option to light up ‘diyas’. Some may find solace and happiness in lighting some virtual ‘diyas’. It is quite fun and you can do it any number of times you want till maybe days after Diwali as well.

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Dipanita Bhowmick
Dipanita Bhowmick
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