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Google Chrome and its features: All you need to know

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Google is constantly working on Google Chrome and its features get updated all the time.

Its new features are incredibly handy on Android, iOS, and desktop and are aimed at improving productivity. Some of the features have the potential to save you time and help you enjoy the web journey. While Google has already rolled out some of the features, others will be released soon.

What are the new features in Google Chrome?

  • With its recent updates, active tabs are now prioritized over tabs that you aren’t using, resulting in up to 35% reduction in CPU usage and up to 1.25 more hours of battery life. Also, Chrome will start up 13% faster on Android even if many tabs are open.
  • Google Chrome will automatically mute all notifications when you’re sharing or presenting Chrome windows.
  • The company has added new features to PDFs on Chrome. Now, you can use the new sidebar to browse the thumbnails and move to a specific page quickly.
  • A new presentation mode allows you to view the presentation as an audience without the address bars, toolbars, and tabs.
  • Google has also added document properties, a two-page view, and an updated toolbar for PDFs.

In addition, Google is adding “linking to highlight” feature that will allow you to highlight the text you want to share, right-click the window and choose “copy link to highlight”. So, after you send the link, the person who opens it will be able to see the exact text you highlighted. This feature is available on Android and desktop and will be coming soon to iOS.

Google Chrome and its features 1

Google will add Chrome windows naming feature that will let you name each of your windows and stay more organized. Google said you can press alt+tab to switch windows or right-click on a tab and select “Move to another window”.

Soon, Google will also launch tab freezing for the collapsed group. When tab groups are collapsed, the tabs inside will use less power. It will be rolled out in beta. However, there’s no word about its release yet.

Google Chrome and its features help in making browsing faster, including Profile Guided Optimization resulting in up to 10% faster page loads; and Tab Throttling helps to reduce the impact of the idle background tabs, coming to the Beta channel.

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