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Fix Verification Problems: Google Pay Verification SMS Could Not Be Sent

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Whenever you add a new bank account or try to change your UPI PIN, you are asked to verify your phone number. But sometimes, Google Pay verification SMS could not be sent. The message is important because you receive an OTP on your phone. This OTP is then used to reset your UPI PIN or add new bank account.

In this whole process, sometimes you may encounter “can’t send SMS “error. We have come up with solutions to get over this problem.

Here’s what you can do if this happens to you.

How do you fix the account verification SMS could not be sent?

  1. Go to settings, on your device
  2. Under App settings, go to Installed apps
  3. Search for Google Play Store and tap on it to open it
  4. Go to Permissions
  5. Tap on SMS section and enable it
google pay verification sms 4

NOTE: This will only work if you have disabled the permission under SMS.

Try the methods mentioned below one-by-one if Google Pay verification SMS could not be sent. One of these will surely work for you.

Check your mobile network 

If you have slow or no internet connection, you won’t receive the verification message. To make sure you have an active net connection, look at the signals on the top-right corner of device’s screen.

You can even refresh your net connection by turning on and off airplane mode. You can also restart your device.

Insert the SIM linked to your bank

It is very necessary to insert the SIM that is linked to your Google Pay account. The same number is used that is linked to your bank account. Mostly people face the “couldn’t send SMS” error due to this reason.

In case you update or change your phone number, then you must update it to your bank account as well.

Have an active SMS plan

In order to receive or send a message from your mobile number, you must have an active SMS plan.

To fix this, recharge your phone number and then try again.

By doing so, you will be able to receive messages. Hence you will get rid of the error.

google pay verification sms 3

Restart your device

This is the easiest thing you can do. Restarting your phone fix all technical issues and glitches.

Restarting device clears all your RAM memory and cached data.

Doing so will help Google Pay start afresh.

Enable roaming on your phone

If you don’t receive verification message, another reason can be that you are in roaming area. If you are in roaming area and not enabled roaming on your phone you will not receive any SMS.

To enable this, Go to Settings > Mobile data and there you will get roaming option. You will now receive messages.

Refresh your SMSC

It is must to have correct SMSC number. SMSC stands for SMS service centre. To refresh it, open Dialpad on your device and type *#*#4636#*#*.

Phone information screen will be opened. Find SMSC and then tap refresh option. Get back to Google Pay and try receiving the message again.

Make sure to turn off your airplane mode

If you enable airplane mode, you lose access to the mobile network and internet. It is important to have access to internet and mobile network to send and receive messages.

Swipe down the screen from the top or go to Settings > Airplane Mode. From here you can check your airplane mode.

Hopefully, your problem is now solved!

Use these methods to see an error while receiving verification message from Google Pay. Any one method with surely work.

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