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Easy Steps to Format Hard Drive or SSD in Windows 11 

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As a Windows 11 user, one may find the need to format a hard disc or SSD on the system. It doesn’t matter if you’re transferring the data to another device or wiping the hard drive or SSD clean to start fresh. Formatting a drive eliminates corrupted files, errors, and fragmentation.

As a result, we’ve put together this article with approaches on how to format a hard disc or SSD in Windows 11. You may format quickly, delete data from all sectors, establish main partitions, and much more. 

1. Use Settings to format hard drive or SSD in Windows 11

There is no need to look out for other tools to format hard drives or SSD. Settings in Windows 11 are capable enough to do that. The following is the procedure:

  • In Windows 11, hit Windows + I to access the Settings app. 
  • Go to System and then Storage. 
  • Open the Advanced storage settings menu and then select Disks & volumes.
  • Select the primary partition beneath the HDD or SSD. 
  • Now click the Properties button.
  • Select Format. 
  • Select NTFS as the file system in the Label area of the pop-up menu that appears. 
  • Finally, press Format, and you’re done. 

This is how to use the Settings app in Windows 11 to format a hard disc or SSD.

2. Use File Explorer to format HDD or SSD in Windows 11 

The Windows 11 File Explorer is the easiest method to format a hard disc or SSD. It’s quick and works on external and internal drives. This process goes as follows:

  • Open File Explorer using the shortcut Windows + E.
  • Please right-click and opt for Format from the context menu on the connected hard drive or SSD. 
  • In the subsequent pop-up menu, ensure that “File system” is set to NTFS. 
  • Choose the “FAT32” or “exFAT” file system if you want the hard disc to be interoperable with macOS.
  • Don’t change the allocation size. Enable Quick Format under Format Options and click Start to format the drive. Then, in a matter of seconds, the HDD or SSD will be formatted under Windows 11.

However, Quick Format does not primarily remove all of the data. But it does nothing more than eliminate all links to memory, rendering it unusable. Adding new files to the storage device will overwrite all of the old data.

Uncheck Quick Format if you wish to completely erase the data from all sectors. Third-party data recovery tools will have a difficult time recovering erased files if you take this step before transferring the storage device.

3. Use Disk Management to format a hard drive or SSD in Windows 11

Disk Management is the best technique to format a hard drive or SSD in Windows 11. It is a preferred method for formatting hard discs, SSDs, SD cards, and other storage devices. The steps are as follows:

  • First of all, open the Quick Links menu. To do so, press Windows + X or right-click on the Start menu. 
  • Now, select Disk Management.
  • In the Disk Management window, the linked HDD or SSD storage is usually at the bottom, labelled Disk 1 or higher. It will display the major partition on the right side. Right-click on it and select Format.
  • In the Volume label area, provide a name for the HDD or SSD and click OK.
  • Uncheck Quick format to remove all data, not just memory references. 

This is how to format a hard drive or SSD in Windows 11 using disc management. 

Formatting without Partition in Disk Management 

if the drive has no partition, do this:

  • Press the Start button. 
  • Launch Disk Management by searching for it.
  • Select New Simple Volume by right-clicking the drive.
  • Select the Next option.
  • Specify the amount of storage space to allocate to the drive. 
  • Press the Next button. 
  • Choose Assign the following driver and then select a letter for the drive.
  • Press the Next button. 
  • Choose Format this volume in the following settings menu.
  • Select NTFS from the “File System” menu.
  • Check the name of the drive in the “Volume label” 
  • Select the Perform a fast format checkbox.
  • After this, click the button.
  • Finish by clicking the Finish button.

Once the processes have been completed, the utility will establish a partition and format it using the file system you selected. 

This article has described how to format Hard Drive or SSD in Windows 11. With these easy steps, anyone could format their Hard Drive or SSD without needing an expert. 

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