If you’ve been wondering how to call someone who blocked you on android, you’re at the right place.

The call blocking feature can be a boon if you want to block annoying callers, spammers, individuals that you have fallen out with, and even for avoiding illegitimate callers. However, if you are unfairly blocked by someone, for example, if a person owes you money, you may want to call that person.

In this article, we share easy methods that will fix the issue and help you call the individual quickly. While some options allow you to hide your caller ID others may show your number to that particular person.

How to call someone who blocked you on android?

Call from another number

Calling from another number is one of the simplest options you can try. This number may not be known to the person who has blocked you and he/she may probably reply to your call.

call someone who blocked you on android 2

This can help you convey the necessary message and even clear any misunderstanding between you and the person who has blocked you unfairly.

Hide your caller ID

Hiding your caller ID is another way you can consider calling the individual who has blocked your number.

By using Hidden Caller ID, the person who has blocked you (via iPhone or Android phone) will not be able to detect your phone number and your call will go through.

call someone who blocked you on android 2

Follow the instructions to hide the caller ID on an Android phone. Open the Phone>Tap on the three dots icon at the top right>Settings>More Settings>Show my caller ID> Hide number> Cancel.

P.S: This feature will not work if your carrier has disabled it.

That said, do remember that calling someone who has blocked your number especially if he/she does not want to receive your calls can be interpreted as harassment and could mean trouble for you. Also, if the person does not take any action against you, it is your social and moral responsibility to respect the other person’s privacy.

As mentioned earlier, this post on how to call someone who blocked you on android is to be used only if it’s an emergency or for any other compelling reasons. You could be punished by law if used to harass a person.