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Charging Smartphone with AA Battery Using Mini Power Bank

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It is surprising to know that you can charge your mobile phone without your charger or electricity. That too in almost half of the actual charging time. All you have to do is prepare one charging device using AA batteries. And you are ready to charge your smartphone with an AA battery.

Mechanism of charging smartphone with AA battery

Generally smartphones need 5V power for charging. AA battery charger brings 4×1.5V down to 5V. For this purpose you will need a voltage regulator IC 7805.

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How to make an AA battery charger

Step 1

  • Collect the parts that are required to create an AA battery
  • 4 AA size batteries having 1.5V power
  • One battery holder to hold all 4 batteries together (easily available in your nearby electrical devices shop or online)
  • One voltage regulator with IC 7805 ( so that you get same output for charging, no matter what is the input voltage
  • Micro B cable to USB A-Male ( that connection between smartphone and AA battery bank)
  • Last but not the least, Glue guns to stick and fix everything safely.
Charging Smartphone with AA Battery 1

Step 2

  • From the micro end slightly cut the USB cable and remove the data cables (you need only Black and Red wires)
  • Now use solder iron to make further connections for AA battery
  • Use a glue gun to stick the IC 7805 on the battery holder. (Make sure it is securely fixed)
  • Now attach 4 AA type charged batteries in the battery holder
  • And that’s it your emergency Mobile power bank is ready for use.
Charging Smartphone with AA Battery 2

Take away

When you connect 4 AA batteries in series connection, their total power output becomes 6V. Which can damage your smartphone battery. That’s why do not forget to connect an IC 7805 to your mini power bank.

It’s a cheap, convenient yet effective charging technique you can use in case of emergency. If it interests you, you can also try to make an AA battery charger on your own and enjoy your mini power bank.

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  • How long does an AA battery charger last?

AA battery chargers can last up to 5-7 years. Provided if you maintain it, use it carefully. Otherwise if you use only then it will last up to 2 years.

  • How long does it take to recharge two AA batteries?

Charging will depend on the power you provide, left out charge in batteries and mAh of your batteries.

Generally it takes between 5-10 hr to recharge two AA batteries.

  • How to know if AA battery is fully charged?

Either from the green light sign on your battery charger, or you can use a tester to identify the charge condition as good or bad.

  • Can AA batteries ever get overcharged

Yes, and they can even damage due to overcharging. So you should use the correct charger for accurate timing for maintaining your AA battery health.

  • How many times can I charge AA battery charger?

If your batteries are of good quality and you maintain it well, then you can re charge it for about 500-1000 times

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