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Apple introduces self restore for MacBooks: Here’s Everything about It

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Apple is about to make it easier for MacBook users to fix their own problems. Apple started this unique programme with iPhones earlier this year, and it has similar plans for MacBook users. Now users have the option to fix their machines at home using Apple tools.  

Apple could offer these tools, which can be bought or rented for one-time use for $49, which approximates 3,920.

Apple’s self-repair programme is part of the company’s efforts to follow the Right to Repair rules in the US. Additionally, it may also be used in some parts of Europe. 

The tech giant started the iPhone self-repair programme, which was eventually replicated by other manufacturers as well. 

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Apple introduces self restore for MacBooks 1

Google and Samsung both launched similar projects. However, they were unable to make a visual impact. 

In addition, the iPhone self-repair programme took a lot of heat including high-end, proprietary tools and parts that can only be purchased from Apple. 

As Apple plans to roll out this service to additional countries during 2022, the popularity of its self-repairing apps is likely to rise significantly in India. 

US right-to-repair campaigners have criticised Apple for locking down its software so that parts are machine-specific. Some attempted repairs, such as replacing a broken original display with a 3rd-party one, have rendered Apple phones unusable and caused users problems. 

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Still, there are some problems with the plans. The equipment is expensive even for rental and has a lot of equipment that may not be needed for maintenance.

Although Apple’s modifications have limitations, the initiative is nonetheless seen as a significant one. 

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