It has been reported that predictions of Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 digital assistant Cortana regarding results of FIFA World Cup matches are coming out true. Cortana has been launched by Microsoft as competition to Apple’s Siri and Google Now, and is becoming quite popular as it graces the new Windows Phone 8.1 mobile operating system. It seems the assistant has forecasted accurate world cup results.

microsoft cortana world cup resultsCortana world cup results forecast has been bang on. The digital assistant has so far predicted accurate world cup results, including Belgium vs US. The news has been released by Geek, which is of a belief that all of this sorcery stems from the Bing predictions engine.

Geek has been quoted saying, “This engine has been used in the past to successfully determine who would win or lose in events like American Idol and Dancing With the Stars, and now that same engine can be queried by voice thanks to Cortana. The prediction engine uses simple algorithms based on previous performance, weather, and several other elements to determine who will come out victorious, and so far that appears to have been a spot for many different categories.”

Cortana is not at all dependent on witchcraft to make the match predictions, nor can it be called as a pure chance that all the predictions so far have turned out to be accurate. This is neat trick that is likely to increase anticipation for Cortana even further.