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A Comparative Study Between AI vs Human Brain

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Who had thought that one day man will be discussing AI vs human brain? Well, Artificial Intelligence has come a long way from being science fiction that we read or watched on movies and television series to reality. Self-driving cars, chatbots, smart virtual assistance, and surgical robots are some of the intelligent machines that we have for use today. By becoming a mainstream technology and a part of daily life, Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence has sparked a debate.

AI vs Human Brain

Here is a comparative study between AI and the human brain:

AI vs human brain 3


The human brain adapts to new environments by utilizing an amalgamation of different cognitive processes. AI targets to build machines to mimic human behavior and function like them.


While the human brain is analogous, machines are digital.

Functioning and Memory Usage

Humans use the ability to think, memory, and the brain’s computing power to function. AI-powered devices completely rely on specific instructions and data fed into the system.

Learning Power

Humans learn from past experiences and different incidents. It is simply the process of trial and error that humans follow and go through during their lifetime. Human intelligence has intelligent thought and behavior at its core which AI cannot match as it cannot think. They may learn from data and regular training but they cannot even start to match the thought process unique to mankind.


An extension to the above point, humans learn to manage hundreds of skills during their lifetime but AI-powered devices that consume kilowatts of energy are usually designed to perform a few sets of tasks.

AI vs human brain 1

Energy Efficiency

The human brain has 25 watts of energy efficiency whereas AI-driven machines have 2 watts of energy efficiency.


Human intelligence allows taking on multiple responsibilities at the same time. However, if Artificial Intelligence-driven machines are to handle all of these it will take a huge amount of time and resources.

Decision Making

With their experience and presence of mind, humans can make decisions. They apply their knowledge in combination with reasoning, logic, and understanding. To live in real-world scenarios, rational, logical, and emotional approach is required which is unique to humans. Thus, even the most advanced AI machines can hardly compete with six years old.

AI vs human brain 2


AI can and has beaten human intelligence in certain areas. One such area is Chess where a supercomputer has and can beat even the top human player due to its ability to store all the moves ever played by humans. It can think 10 moves ahead as compared to humans who are capable of thinking 10 steps ahead but cannot store and retrieve all the moves in Chess.

Mode of Creation

Human intelligence is more advanced because it is created by whatever you may want to call the creator- God, Divine, Supreme Power, or Universe. Artificial Intelligence as the name suggests is artificial, little, and may even be temporary creation by humans.

It is not even fair to compare AI vs human brain as the latter is superior. But the contribution of AI is invaluable indeed. It is going to be the norm soon across all sectors. Using Artificial Intelligence will make life more convenient for humankind and may even force mankind to improve their skill sets. However, it may never be possible for such machines to replace humans completely. The future of AI is to be governed by human abilities and shall be complemented by their cognizance and intelligence.

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