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8 Great Chess Apps for Beginners and Grand Masters

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As people stay locked inside their rooms due to the pademic, their social behaviour and mental well-being has been impacted. While everyone is aware of the effects of COVID-19 and social distancing on their physical health, they hardly have an idea how adversely these two have affected them mentally.

Most of us have lost the spontaniety that defined us. We have started to get stuck, which signifies the impact of the pandemic on our mental health. In such a scenario, activities and games can help us keep our brain working. Refreshment via OTT platforms is welcome, however it only adds to our screen time. Playing online games that workout our grey cells can help to enhance cognitive skills.

Online games give people a platform to utilise their skills efficiently. The dual advantage of online gaming has boosted the industry to such an extent, accounting for over $1 billion markets today, according to The Times of India. As a result, more people choose professional education to associate with the gaming industry besides only being gamers.

Well, when it comes to games, there are multiple games that people prefer playing. From card games to board games, there are innumerable options that gaming apps offer players. However, among all, the most sought-after game is chess. Why?

It is because chess not only refreshes your mind but also helps you keep your thinking caps on. Yes, the enhancement of cognitive skills and mental capabilities makes more and more people choose the game of chess. Given the increasing number of chess players, many apps have been introduced. But not every app offers a good gaming experience.

While some apps offer the best gaming experience for master players, few are good for you if you are a beginner. However, some apps are suitable for both amateur and pro-chess players. Whether you are a novice competing with a pro or a chess master wishing to register on an app to teach the game to a novice, here is a list of the 8 best chess apps that you can download to start your game today.

Let’s Explore The Best Chess Apps


On the list, the first name is MPL that allows you to download chess game instantly as soon as you think of starting your game. It is one of the most sought-after gaming apps today, hosting many games on one single platform. From having card games in store to providing the best cue sports for adventure gamers to enjoy, the app has everything. But its Speed Chess has its charm. When you download the app, you will get complete guidelines on playing the game, and once you read it, you will understand how to go about it.


Chess app

With more than 7 million active members, this app tends to be the most sought-after chess game app in the market. From selecting opponents of their choice to learning various chess tricks that you might have never heard of before, the players can play and educate themselves simultaneously. The players can start with enjoying 150,000 puzzles and get exposed to the new ones on choosing to upgrade to Diamond, Platinum, and Gold Levels.


Like chess.com, Lichess is also available to both iOS and Android users. It is a source of chess knowledge to everyone who wants to learn more about the game. Downloading this chess app will allow you to proceed with the game’s bullet, blitz, correspondence, or classical levels to reach the arena tournaments. The app has 150,000 active users daily, and it allows them to have a look at the stats, practice the game, and access game analysis.  



As the name implies, this is the app meant for kids. So, if you want your kids to learn the game of chess, this is the best app, to begin with. On the app, each aspect of the game is explained in simple language for your children to understand. However, you can explain to them the rules by reading the same on the app. Once they know how to make a move, you can let them play and learn the tricks themselves. 

Dr. Wolf

Are you looking forward to learning the game of chess? If yes, this is the app you should download. You get a wolf-like brilliant coach to guide you through the contests. Dr. Wolf explains everything step-by-step, helping beginners understand the game properly and gradually learn the rules and tricks. Even if you are an average player who is yet to get the hang of the concepts, you can explore everything by downloading and registering on the app.



If you enjoy gaming without ads, SocialChess is for you. This app allows you to create a challenge at any desired game speed, and you can see graphical representations that help you select the challenges already created. You get this app at a fixed annual subscription and enjoy playing over five games at a time.

Shredder Chess

Available for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows users, Shredder Chess serves to be the most excellent training app. The AI mimics and user-friendly graphics make the app even more preferred. To try the game once, you can play it directly in the browser before downloading it on your device.

Magnus Trainer

Available at $8 per month subscription, this app could appear expensive, but when you have the best learning app available to train you to be a pro, you would hardly bother about the price. The practice sets available on the app are of significant standards based on the player’s level of expertise. However, clearing the sets one by one will only add to the chess skills of the players. If you want to learn chess from the best, Magnus Trainer should always be the first choice.

The above-mentioned chess apps come up with unique features. While few train you by letting you know the rules and tricks, the rest offer you complete exercise sets to practice and become an expert. Based on what you need the most, you can select the best one for yourself. 

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