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7 Fun Online Games to Play Right Now

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For many of us, the Internet only means one thing – online gaming! There are numerous fantastic online games from all different genres that anyone can enjoy. Whatever your interests are, there will likely be a game for you, ranging from shooting games to sports games, online casino games to word games; the choice is vast.

Here are seven online games that you should try if you’re searching for something to do during your downtime. Let’s start with Words-With-Friends.

1 – Words-With-Friends

We love Words-With-Friends: the answer to the ultimate spelling bee. Test who among your friends and family members is a spelling whizz kid. 

Words-With-Friends is a popular phone game that is remarkably similar to the popular board game Scrabble. Players must create the most significant score word possible using the various letter tiles they have available. 

It takes time to improve your word-making abilities, but an anagram finder can assist you in seeing all of the possible words in your tiles. Online anagram finders enable you to enter all of your letters before providing you with a selection of terms to use on the board to defeat your friends. Popular with all wordsmiths and would-be writers.

2 – Fall Guys

Guys, it’s time to fall for Fall Guys, an exceedingly simple yet incredibly addictive game, which has been a hands-down unexpected success since its release in 2020. 

Up to sixty online players control sweet, colorful characters whose goal is to qualify for the next round by completing various minor tasks inspired by TV shows such as Takeshi’s Castle and Total Wipeout. Some of these challenges need players to work together to defeat their opponents, such as running races and tag. 

The game is played in a battle royale play style, with sixty players gradually being eliminated until a champion remains.

Fall Guys’ success has astonished many gaming professionals and commentators because of its simplicity, which sets it apart from the other popular games on this list. 

In reality, the game’s simplicity is what makes it so endearing and engaging to all players. Fall Guys is a throwback to a simpler era when graphics weren’t as meticulously detailed, and gaming was primarily about having a good time. 

Fall Guys feels like a rebirth of an early Space Invaders or Sonic The Hedgehog game, and this nostalgia may be what helped it become such a smash sensation.

Online Gaming 1

3 – Fifa 22

Fifa Online, the world’s best-selling sports game, is played by football enthusiasts of all ages. Developers launched the first Fifa video game in 1993, but the latest versions build on the franchise’s success while bringing the game right up to date with incredible visuals and gameplay. 

As you test your talents against other online gamers, you’ll earn unique coins that you can use to purchase new packs. New players, jerseys, and other special awards are included in these packs. The thrill of obtaining Cristiano Ronaldo, Harry Kane, or Marcus Rashford when you open a hard-earned package makes all the harsh defeats and missing penalties seem almost worth it – well, maybe!

There’s no getting away from it; shoot-em-up games rule the roost. And the following are the most popular to date.

4 – Red Dead Redemption 2 

Calling all cowboy fans, this one’s for you – it’s not new, but it is popular because it’s easy to play, and you can roam the prairies on your own or with your friends.

Our real-world, day-to-day lives are frequently chaotic, but RdR2 is a fantastic opportunity to unwind by living a quieter existence surrounded by nature. You can, of course, participate in the game’s story, which we highly encourage because it is one of the best storylines of the last decade written for a video game.

5 – GTA 5

With the release day announcement of GTA 6 any moment now, we have to mention GTA5. GTA has been a sellout game since it was released in 1997, and its popularity has grown tenfold.

The rumor mill is running, but gaming experts say that there will be a GTA 6 (eventually) and that designers should concentrate on single-player, at least for now. As everyone knows, GTA 5 is old, and there has never been any DLC content in the past – something that was viewed as increasingly old hat (and, more importantly, unprofitable) by publishers in the last few years.

Online Gaming 2

6 – Fortnite V18.20 

2017 was a pivotal year for Fortnite, this battle royale game took over the online gaming community, and the newest update does not disappoint.

The war against the Cubes continues, and it’s time once again for a global endeavor. You have built up Turret Stations to defend your island from these Wraith monsters that are destroying everything in their path! However, with two strategic decisions looming over you now, will they be enough?

With new items populating each battle turn, will players go with Shockwave Launchers or Rift as the best choice? Are there other options out there waiting just beyond our sights if we take this opportunity to use some old favorites too?

7 – Call of Duty – Vanguard

Call of Duty or COD is probably the most popular game, and the newest update is released just before Christmas this year.

Revealing the details as part of the annual Warzone Live event was the talk of the show this year. COD, a first-person shooter game, bounced onto the gaming scene in 2003. Designers have since rolled out updates almost annually ever since.

New games and updates on older versions are released constantly. Gaming is an integral part of life, entertainment for everyone, and now with the introduction of VR and AR elements, you will soon be able to step right into the action. Do yourself a favor and stay tuned as Facebook’s #metaverse is coming your way soon – if you don’t know what that is now, you soon will.

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