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5 Key Finds of the Leaked Uber Files Investigation

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Uber is a platform where drivers can connect with eaters, riders, and restaurants directly. It is an American mobility as a service provider that was founded in 2013. At present, its value is $44 billion, and is operational in 72 counties.

However, a leaked cache of confidential files from the company has revealed many unknown facts. The files have revealed how it has duped police, flouted laws, and used illegal tactics during the aggressive global expansion.  Also, the leaked documents include around 124,000 text messages, internal emails, and other documents from inside Uber. As per the reports, all this had happened nearly a decade ago.

Here are the key finds of the leaked Uber files investigations:

Uber’s former CEO promotes a toxic work culture

The leaked files which are assessed by The Indian Express, allegedly highlight the tenure of Travis Kalanick, who is Uber’s former CEO. He was forced to step down in 2017 after trying to ignore gender discrimination and promote a toxic work culture. He even tried forcing the cab-hailing service in some cities around the world.

Uber’s Kill switch

The leaked files suggest that Uber uses an internal tactic known as “kill switch” to escape and avoid raids by the government. A few years back, Kalanick implemented a “kill switch” during a raid by authorities, where the internal software was completely shut down.

He sent an email to one of his employees where he wrote “ Please hit the kill switch ASAP.” He also added that access must be shut down in AMS (Amsterdam).

Uber and Emmanuel Macron

There are also some texts between Kalanick and Macron, that show how he secretly helped Uber in France while he was the economy minister. Macron at that time had gone to an extent to help Uber and he even told the company how he brokered a secret deal with its opponent in the French cabinet.

Kalanick and Joe Biden

Kalanick has also worked with German Chancellor Olad Scholz, former mayor of Hamburg, and present US President Joe Biden at the time of expanding its operations. Joe Biden amended his prepared speech at Davos for praising Uber for giving drivers the freedom to work for as many hours as they wanted to.

This all happened after Biden met Kalanick.

Uber’s former CEO supported violence

The leaked files have also shown that the company allegedly ignored its drivers’ safety during the time of riots and strikes in Paris.

Shockingly, the former CEO Kalanick urged his team by saying “I think it’s worth it… Violence guarantee[s] success.”

Uber’s response

In a statement to The Guardian’s leak, Uber accepted all its mistakes and missteps of the past. However, it claimed to be transformed since 2017.

Also, Kalanick’s spokesperson denied all the leaks and said that he never wanted Uber to take any advantage of violence.

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