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5 Best Screen Recorders for Linux

As a content creator, you may need to screen record for creating video tutorials, broadcasting gaming guides, or any other purpose. Here is a list of the Best screen recorders for Linux users. Applications mentioned below have options to either record the screen as GIF or as a video. Also, the whole list contains open-source (FOSS) and free software.

Tip: Before you start with the list of screen recorders for Linux, you must know about asciinema. A desktop tool that enables you to record terminal sessions and further upload them to its website.

The catch here is, you can copy its URL and send it to your friends. Also, All of the commands during the recording session can be copied. So, when there are lots of commands, you won’t have to enter them manually. 

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In case your work is only terminal screen recording then, go for asciinema.

Note: All of the screen recorders for Linux mentioned below, have their properties so they are not ranked based on best and worst. You can pick according to your priorities.

Screen recorders for Linux


Kooha is one of the first software that included support for Wayland. There are no side hassles, easy and quick to use. Within a few clicks, you are good to go. 

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Highlighted Features

  • Hardware acceleration
  • Better productivity with keyboard shortcuts
  • User-friendly and minimal UI
  • Supports Mp4, GIF, MKV, and WebM formats

Reasons to buy

  • Hardware acceleration
  • Enables to delay the recording
  • Wayland support

Reasons to avoid

  • No webcam support
  • Sometimes green screen issues with recorded videos


You will find Kooha only as a Flatpak. Once the system is configured, give the following command to install Kooha:

flatpak install flathub io.github.seadve.Kooha


A nifty and minimal tool best for screen casting. It offers screenshot support as well. One of the Best screen recorders for Linux, especially for beginners. Without getting caught up in various options, it lets you complete your task.

Highlighted Features

  • Supports Delay timer
  • Supports recording selected screen area or single window
  • Audio recording available from sources like seeker or microphone
  • Simple and easy user interface
  • Supports various video output formats

Reasons to buy

  • Simple and easy to use

Reasons to avoid

  • Not much support for webcam recording
  • No support for Wayland
  • Fewer options for molding or configuration settings.


Go to the terminal window and enter the following command:

sudo apt install kazam

GNOME’s Screen Recorder

GNOME 42, a built-in screenshot tool, now supports the feature to screen recording in your Linux. So, in case you are a Linux user with GNOME 42, you only have to enable the screen recording, without having to install an extra tool in your system. No wonder it is making it into our list of the 5 best screen recorders for Linux.


Users can only record selected areas or the screen and save it, there are no options for cursor/sound/framerate, etc.

There may be limited time for recording on Ubuntu, so keep your priorities in mind while looking for screen recorders for Linux. 

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As the name suggests, it’s a simple tool for screen recording on Linux. The user gets all the options including frame rate, format, enable/mute audio, and more. For those users who like to try new things other than default options, this is a good choice for them. You cannot go wrong with this choice while looking for screen recorders for Linux.

Highlighted Features

  • Hotkey support 
  • Live review during recording
  • Formats available for multiple videos 
  • Audio recording from an appropriate source
  • Allows recording of selected screen area
  • Provides statistical data while recording

Reasons to buy

  • Automatically works smoothly on slow systems
  • Sufficient molding options to give the final touch to the video

Reasons to avoid

  • The user interface is boring
  • Do not support Wayland
  • The system does not have in-built support for webcam recording


This screen recorder is functional for Ubuntu. Further, run the following commands to install SimpleScreenRecorder:

sudo apt install simplescreenrecorder

Open Broadcaster Software Studio (OBS Studio)

This is one of the best screen recorders for Linux. If you are someone experienced for a long time, then go for this screen recorder. It is undoubtedly the most advanced and feature-rich screencasting application for Linux. Probably the right screen recorder for your Linux.

Highlighted Features

  • Filters for video editing
  • Audio mixer with amazing filters
  • Simple yet powerful configuration options
  • Live streaming options
  • Tweaking configurations is possible due to the streamlined settings panel
  • Multiple scenes shift seamlessly via custom transitions

Reasons to buy

  • Flexible and multiple options
  • Supports Wayland
  • Supports webcam

Reasons to avoid

  • Terminology is a bit complicated, otherwise one of the Best screen recorders for Linux


OBS studio can work for Ubuntu. Enter the following commands to install OBS studio:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:obsproject/obs-studio

sudo apt update

sudo apt install obs-studio

Wrap – up

Finding the right screen recorders for Linux based on your working experience and output requirement is very necessary. Some software offers one feature but not the other. This article has highlighted their features, to make it easy to figure out what works for you. If you are a beginner do not jump for expensive and different features, instead, go for simple and easy ones. All of them are the Best screen recorders for Linux, so go for what works for you.

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