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13-Year-Old Chandigarh Boy Gets Patent for Masks, Gloves Sanitizing Machine- Covid Kawach

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Vivaan Anand, who is just 13-year-old and hails from Chandigarh, has been granted a patent by the Indian Patent Office, Government of India. He designed an innovative machine that can sanitize gloves and masks after they are being used. This is a crucial innovation, especially during the times of COVID-19.

Vivaan planned to work on this disinfectant after he read various reports that indicated the harmful effects of using disposable masks on the environment. While talking to TechThirsty he said that, during the pandemic, he read various articles on the internet that talked about the wastage mostly made due to gloves and masks.

Covid Kawach

This was the time when he decided to work on the masks and gloves sanitizing machine. However, before taking any further decisions he first consulted his father, Vishal Anand, founder and CEO of Shoolini University, Solan.

The sanitizing machine would be made to be used in homes and various other places.

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Vivaan’s parents have been a support system for him

With the support and trust of his parents, Vivaan was able to file for the patent known as “Covid Kawach” back in 2021. And because of all the patience and hard work, he was finally granted the patent in early 2022.

His mother, Nishtha Shukla Anand, founder and CEO TechThirsty says that she is extremely happy to see that our new generation is concerned about doing something for the environment.  She also added that her endeavour would always be to encourage her son to use technology and find solutions to everyday problems.

Vivaan is a student of Woodstock School, Mussoorie, who aspires to be a professional cricketer.  But he is not even against pursuing engineering. However, if he would be asked to choose between the two, he would choose the latter.

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