Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen to be Released for PC Soon

Capcom has announced that they will be launching the Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen game on PC from January 15, 2016. Along with the obvious option to play with a mouse and keyboard, it will also work with Xbox One and Xbox 360 controllers.

Few gamers know that Capcom, known for the Resident Evil and Street Fighter franchises, had introduced Dragon’s Dogma in 2012. Introduced for the Xbox 360 and PS3, it is a role-playing game for the open world and deals with slick combat as well as shrewd usage of AI companions termed as pawns to help players take on an epic adventure.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen to be Released for PC SoonThis game was re-released a year later with fresh updates and launched with the name Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen. This game had the original plot along with a completely new quest and region called “Bitterblack Isle”. It also contained the original DLC content along with additional monsters, skill upgrades, armor and weapons.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen will come with full Stream support, along with achievements and high resolution graphics. It will be available for purchase at $ 29.99 globally on digital PC platforms and retail outlets across Europe, a company press release said.

Although the company is yet to announce a distributor for India, sources suggest that there would be one by the end of this year. Currently, Europe’s only-PC games physical editions like Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Final Fantasy XIII have made to India. So we can expect Dragon Dogma: Dark Arisen for PC to release in India as well. … Read the rest

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Rock Band 4 To Come Visiting On PS4 And Xbox One This October

Good news is here for Rock Band 4 fans. The music game is anticipated to be launched for Xbox One and PS4 on 6th October. Already open for pre-booking, the game will cost you $20 more for a standalone disc on Xbox One than what you pay for the PlayStation 4 version. This standalone game costs $60 on PS4, the extra bucks for the XBox version is because the older Xbox 360 stuff needs to be made workable on the new Xbox One.

Rock Band 4 To Come Visiting On PS4 And Xbox One This October Scoop From The Rock Band Release

There is a bundle pack for Xbox One gamers at $79.99, which comes inclusive of this game as well as a Legacy Game Controller Adapter.

The latter helps gamers use all past versions of XBox 360 Rock Band wireless drums and guitars. Game developer Harmonix blogged on Monday, “The adapter supports up to four wireless Rock Band controllers simultaneously as well as many third-party wireless instrument controllers for the Xbox 360.”

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More Details

The latest version of Rock Band 4 for the PS4 comes with support for all third party as well as legacy Rock Band and third party wireless drums and guitars. The version for PS4 and the Xbox One comes with a soundtrack that has 60 plus tracks featuring The Black Keys, Elvis Presley, Aerosmith, Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars, Van Halen and St. Vincent.

Users can also access 1,500 more songs using in-game Music Store and also import purchased Rock Band tracks without having to shell out money. You only need to make sure that the console family remains the same as the one you purchased initially.… Read the rest

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Xbox One At Microsoft Retail Store Soon: Amazon India No Longer Sole Seller

xbox one at retail storesFor those who have not been able to purchase the Xbox One from Amazon India, they can now get it at any Microsoft retail store. Starting next month, the popular game console will no longer be restricted to Amazon stores.

Xbox one now at brick & mortar stores

According to sources, the sub-distributors have sufficient stock of this product and have also started with a trial run. As of now, the company has not approached any other retail stores to avoid piling up of unsold inventory, which happened with Xbox 360.

Microsoft earlier had to face several issues with the excess production of Xbox 360 consoles and all their measures to sell the stocks did not give positive results. That is why, they do not want to take any chances. Instead of distributing stocks through different sellers, they have decided to offer decent discounts to attract buyers.

Interactive Entertainment Business, Microsoft India director Anshu Mor said that the Xbox One consoles, games and accessories will be available with their priority resellers.  While retailing on Amazon.in gave them scale, they will be selling at stores to give a world-class experience to customers.Read the rest

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The Biggest Scoops To Expect At Gamescom 2015- Games, Microsoft And More

Move over the E3— a.k.a. the Electronic Entertainment Expo to give way to Gamescom. Slated between 6 and 9 August, this is the biggest trade fair in the world of video games. The media event is due today and we have been waiting to get hands on what’s new and hot at the event that saw footfall of 335,000 last year alone. Why it has managed to beat E3 is evident since the latter is meant only for insiders while Gamescom opens up for everyone right from Day 2.

The Biggest Scoops To Expect At Gamescom 2015Why The Hype Around Gamescom?

Gamescom is THE place to be since all announcements that interest me and you–consumers, take place here. More so, the event showcases all the upcoming game releases for the coming year. Last year, the event announced a drop in the console pricing as well as an announcement for Rise of the Tomb Raider release for Xbox One.

Microsoft To Take The Lead

We expect Microsoft to take the lead at Gamescom. Given that it did make major announcements at the E3, we anticipate insight into release for games such as Quantum Break, Remedy, Scalebound and Crackdown. Gamescom will showcase all of the above games besides giving us sneak peeks into Halo 5: Guardians, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Forza Motorsport 6. Of course, we expect the Windows 10 story to creep in sometime via some update here.

Alert– Blizzard Fans Wake Up

If you are a Blizzard enthusiast then Gamescom 2015 is the place to be since something big is on cards for the same. We are unsure if a brand new expansion for Diablo is up Gamescom’s sleeve but we sure could see interesting updates.

Mafia III @ Gamescom

Publisher 2K is well known for its mediocre Mafia series that needs players to up ranks in an American mafia family of the 40s and 50s. While the game was no huge hit, we anticipate a sequel showcase for the same at Gamescom this year.

Bad News For Sony Fans

There is not anything that Sony will release or preview at Gamescom 2015 save the Guerilla Games from Killzone studio. In addition, there is a chance that it could give us details about the latest IP—christened Horizon Zero Dawn.

The Hardware Bits

Gamescom sure could floor us with in depth details about the HTC priming VR as well as the Oculus that are set to go out into the mart in 2016. Also, Nvidia could prep the show up at Gamescom given that it did not reveal anything at E3 this year.

While this could be all that Gamescom 2015 reveals, we will like to stay updated about anything else you come across. For more update, stay tuned to this space.

 … Read the rest

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Rare Games Celebrates The Classics With Anniversary Rare Replay Edition

Gear up to celebrate the 30th anniversary of studio Rare on August 4 this year with an epic compilation of the top 30 games from the maker—called Rare Replay. You are sure to meet some of your long-lost heroes from its 2D era games as well as matching steps with swinging icons from the latest Xbox 360 games. The collection will be compatible with Xbox One and is indeed a must have for all fans of Rare games and gaming enthusiasts in general.

Splatoon – Version 2.0 Update

The updated version of Splatoon is set to arrive on August 5 this year and it will bring Rare Games To Celebrate Its Classics With Anniversary Rare Replay Edition On August 4thgamers a pair of latest matchmaking modes–Squad Battle and Private Battle. Add to this a couple of two new weapons, and we already know Splatoon has arrived back with a bang.

Run Up To The Rare Replay

What is getting us more excited is the presentation of the Rare Replay games in a way they had originally been designed. However, to keep up with changing times, cheat sheets, newer visuals, bonus challenges and more have been added.  You can score even higher than 10,000 points thanks to these new add-ons. The compilation ranges for over 700 hours of gaming time.

Check out some of three most popular games that will come knocking around on August 4th via Rare Replay-

 Etrian Odyssey Untold 2: The Fafnir Knight

The iconic game has a simple premise. It begins with a play date that begins to trigger a line of occurrences, which in turn requires players to turn into the Fafnir Knight ages later. The gamers have one aim—that is– protecting Princess Arianna of Caledonia. In the revamped version gamers will get to see a remade Etrian Odyssey 2: Heroes of Lagaard—topped up with new settings, backdrops and of course graphical improvements. There is yet another part to this game is the Untold bit that features an all new story settings—complete with animation based cut scene, voiceovers and a fixed party. The crux here is that gaming characters must unearth how Fafnir Knight originated.

Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold Coming to North America- The Castle Game

This huge hit is meant for a single player that needs employment of 3D strategy defence. The backdrop to this game is a medieval world of fantasies. The gamer will have to build a castle while defending an entire army against evil. From traps to troops—the game has umpteen excitement in  the store.

Fairy Fencer F – PC Version

Role playing meets gaming in this game. While the story is clichéd and the graphics not appreciable, the game does bring forth loads of options for personalization and a premise that touches gamers’ hearts.

 … Read the rest

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Xbox One Needs To Introduce Certain Changes: Download Digital Titles Prior to Release

US-based tech giant Microsoft has time and again radically changed its gaming console Xbox One since it was launched in November 2014 in the commercial market. The Microsoft has always listened to its fans and released a wide range of system updates almost every single month – whether they are related to refining certain features, adding completely new ones and even ditching the bundled Kinect, which the company once claimed would never do.

US-based tech giant Microsoft has time and again radically changed its gaming console Xbox One since it was launched in November 2014 in the commercial market. The Microsoft has always listened to its fans and released a wide range of system updates almost every single month – whether they are related to refining certain features, adding completely new ones and even ditching the bundled Kinect, which the company once claimed would never do.
Creative Commans/ Bot (Rich Smith)

Although the gaming console has made tremendous improvements in some areas, we still want the company to make some changes in the device.

Below are the 14 changes we want to see the company to introduce in the future:

Download digital titles prior to release

  • Gifting games to our friends
  • Offer a full range of entertainment apps
  • Expand on Games with Gold
  • Make a back catalogue of 360 games available
  • Even more social features
  • Video and audio file playback
  • Make lists, not tiles
  • Customisable home backgrounds
  • Remember preferred settings
  • More ways to share
  • Flexible voice controls
  • Demos for Xbox One games
  • Make Xbox One achievements and games visible on Xbox 360

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 … Read the rest

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5-Year-Old Kid Figures Out Xbox One Vulnerability Which Leads To Backdoor Access To Xbox Live

A five-year-old kid from California, Kristoffer Von Hassel, has somehow managed to figure out vulnerability in Microsoft’s Xbox One, enabling him to gain unauthorized backdoor access in Xbox Live. Although the little boy is not a reputed security researcher, he gained access to his father’s Xbox Live account despite being not having the password for it.The Xbox One provides much ease to the user when it comes to redeeming a code for add-on or a new game.

Robert Davies, the father of the five-year old boy, has protected his account but he noticed that his son was managing to gain access and play games he was not supposed to.

Kristoffer entered a wrong combination when asked to enter a password for his father’s Xbox Live account, leading him to a password verification screen. The boy then simply put in a series of spaces and hit enter, which allowed him backdoor access to the off-limits games in his father’s account.

Davies was quoted saying to CNN affiliate KGTV-10 in an interview that “How awesome is that? Just being five years old and being able to find a vulnerability and latch on to that. I thought it was pretty cool.”

Davies reported the vulnerability to Microsoft, which has claimed to fix the issue as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Microsoft has decided to reward the youngest security researcher with four games, a USD50 gift card and a year-long subscription for Xbox Live.

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How To Redeem A Code On The Xbox 360 And Xbox One

The Xbox One provides much ease to the user when it comes to redeeming a code for add-on or a new game.The Xbox One provides much ease to the user when it comes to redeeming a code for add-on or a new game. Once the cover is scratched off, the code on the prepaid card is revealed. The user may also get a square-shaped QR code. All the user is required to do is stand in front of a console that’s Kinect enabled and speak ‘Xbox, use a code’. The console immediately directs any QR code that it sees.

Also, the user can key in letters and numbers that are standard codes. Users of Xbox who do not have Kinect connected in can log on to the Store app and choose Use a Code seen in the menu in the right hand corner.

Redeeming a code on the Xbox 360 console is also quite easy. Take the controller and hit the round-shaped Guide key in the middle. The pop-up menu will surface and then hover the top joystick on the controller to the left side twice to access the My Games & Apps section. Now start moving the top joystick towards the bottom and start hovering over the Redeem Code menu option and then hit A. Make use of the joystick as well as S button to key in numbers and letters on the prepaid code for Xbox live subscription or game content. This can be done by shifting the joystick which enables the on-screen cursor to hover that the specific letter and press A. Once the code is correctly entered, hit Start button on the controller.… Read the rest

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11th Xbox One Update Pushed Further As New Storage, Installation Features Expected

As we all know, the Xbox One’s 11th update was scheduled for February 2014 but that has not happened.

As we all know, the Xbox One’s 11th update was scheduled for February 2014 but that has not happened. Now, reports are pouring in that the update has been delayed and this was confirmed by Major Nelson from Xbox LIVE team. This 11th update will be featuring the ability to view and organize storage space and also control install lineup effectively.

With the new update, users can also use their USB keyboard with their Xbox One. Thus, users cannot wait to download the latest update and start accessing as soon as they can. This update earlier scheduled for February is now pushed ahead by a few weeks. The new update will also enable the user to view their Xbox One Wireless device’s battery power status indicator on the gaming screen so the user is not really inconvenienced all of a sudden when the battery reaches danger market. The update also brings a redesigned home-screen which has My Apps and My Games demarcated into separate lists and it adds an additional feature for selecting the order in which the user wants the content to load.

Much like the Xbox 360, the new console from Redmond will be receiving timely updates. The update will also include several new features for developers who build games and apps for Xbox One. … Read the rest

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Deal: Microsoft Says Sell Old Consoles, Get 100 Discount On Xbox One


Now the owners of the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 can avail $100 discount on the purchase of a new Xbox One. The one condition underlying the wow deal is its availability only when owners turn in or recycle older consoles. This promotion started in January and will end on 2nd March 2014, Microsoft said in an official statement.

Customers will have to head only as much to the nearest official Microsoft retail store in either the US or Canada to get the special store credit. The promotion is not available to customers online or in any other country.  

All of you gamers who own a Xbox 360, PS3 and Xbox 360E are eligible for the special promotion. However, keep in mind that the promo stands void if the consoles are not in working condition, are password-protected or damaged in any way.

The $100-off is a huge deal since Xbox One will be launched with a price tag of $499. This levels things between the Xbox One and Play Station 4 because the latter currently has a price tag of about $399. Despite this, Microsoft has sold over 3.9 million Xbox One consoles.… Read the rest

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