How To Downgrade To Windows 7 Or Windows 8.1 From Windows 10

If you are not happy with the Windows 10 upgrade, you can easily downgrade to Windows 7 or 8.1. Before you proceed it is important to backup your data.

Here are the steps to downgrade.

Downgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 from Windows 10 in a JiffyIn case you have upgraded your system using Windows Update within the last 30 days, the process is as follows:

i. Start Menu>Search>Settings
ii. Find and choose Update & Security

iii. Choose Recovery>Go back to Windows 7 or 8.1
iv. Select Get Started.


You would get your old OS back. During the process, you would be asked the reason to downgrade. You can choose either the pre-mentioned reasons or give your feedback. Since, the company is offering a quick rollback option; you would not lose your data but to be on the safe side backup everything important.

If 30 days have already passed since you upgraded to Windows 10, you need to downgrade the old fashioned way, which is by using a bootable DVD or flash/pen drive of the OS.

i. Insert the disk or pen drive in the DVD/USB drive and go to boot menu by pressing F2, F8 or F9 depending on your motherboard manufacturer.

ii. Choose the key that would ensure your computer boots from your DVD/USB drive.

iii. Thereafter, you would need to follow the process and choose options as per your requirements that will appear on your screen.

iv. Since, you would be downgrading, choose Custom instead on Upgrade when you are asked to do so.

v. Your copy of Windows needs to be activated again and you have to install the drivers as well.



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Windows 10 Upgrade Available For Existing Windows 8 Users

For all those who have waited for the new version of Windows can celebrate Christmas before as the Windows 10 upgrade is now available for existing users of their older operating systems.

Windows 10 Upgrade To Wipe Off Old Features

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was in Nairobi, Kenya for the launch of their latest and much-awaited operating system. It was launched at 13 cities globally. 

Users have been waiting for the Microsoft Windows 10 for a long time, especially after the dismal performance of the Windows 8 version. Windows 10 will be available on tablets and PCs across 190 countries across the world. A free update will be available for existing users of the Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.

After the upgrade

Microsoft has said that there will be no more versions of the Windows package and updates will be given to the Windows 10 instead. Therefore, after the FREE Microsoft windows 10 update, people will have to subscribe for updates.

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Windows 10 May Arrive This August With Edge Browser

Windows 10 is in the making and preview mode for long. After rumors of a July release and then a September release, we have news that the OS might step in the town this August, according to Newegg, a computer retailer. Better news is that it could be free of cost for all existing users of Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 users. The same applies to Windows 8.1 users for smartphones as well. Come august 31 and interested users can buy the OS pack for $US109.99, says Newegg on its website.

Microsoft 10 Might Arrive This August With Edge Browser, Says Comp Retailer NeweggerOn the drab end, we did not find the product on the website when we box searched using the term Windows 10.

There has been no official line from maker Microsoft on this development after it told PC World that a summer release for the latest operating system is underway. The official statement from the giant is — “We look forward to sharing more details about how the upgrade will be offered at a later date.”  The maker is playing safely since the Windows 8 debacle.  

Microsoft plans to set things right with hands-on specs such as Microsoft Edge browser and developer tools on the latest system.

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HP Sceptre x 360 Dissected: A 13.3-Inch Beauty With Lots of Potential

The purpose of technology today has become innovation. An example of that is the HP Spectre x360, which is a Windows 8.1 laptop with an interesting 360° flip. What is most credit worthy about this laptop is the transition that HP has taken in terms of its design. So you will find a lot of aluminium, less flex and rarely any parting line on the x360 from HP.

hp sceptre x360 reviewPhysically, it is beautiful and compact in design. Even slimmer than the Macbook Air, it works well for a modern lifestyle. At 3.26 pounds, the laptop appears very similar to Lenovo’s Yoga convertibles from certain angles.

The 13.3-inch screen is touch responsive and comes in full HD with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080. However, just as you thought the x360 could be placed beside the Macbook, the display gives it away.

Review: HP Omen–Gaming Laptop with Intel iCore i7

Despite being sharp, it is no way close to being Retina crisp. Photos do come to life on the screen, but display could have been better in terms of angle views and brightness. The keyboard makes working on the x360 a breeze but the ‘ifs and buts’ begin with the track pad, which is not very helpful. LED keys make up for keyboard use and they can turned on or off, depending on the requirement.

A mid-segment model in the Sceptre x360 league comes with:

  • Fifth-generation “Broadwell”
  • 2.2GHz Intel Core i5 processor
  • 256 GB on-board storage
  • 8 GB RAM

The best Sceptre x360 model comes with:

  • Core i7 processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 512 GB SSD

In terms of performance, the laptop was never under trouble—multiple tabs, games, videos— everything works well on the HP Sceptre x360. Under optimal conditions, HP promises 12.5 hours battery life but then for a usual user, the battery lasts 6-7 hours on a round of charge. Nothing unique with this HP model but it is definitely utilitarian and if you can afford it—go ahead!… Read the rest

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Windows 8.1 Update 2 Goes Live For Devices

Windows 8.1 Updates: Miracast Media Sharing, Cortana for Windows Phone Outside the U.S., and Windows 8.2 TeasersUS-based tech giant Microsoft is reportedly scheduled to release the Windows 8.1 update 2 in the next week, but the users of the Windows Phone 8.1 devices have already started receiving their own software patch.

The company is still to officially release its Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 in the coming months, but users are enabled to nab the developer preview for free with the use of the Microsoft’s App Studio program. You don’t necessarily have to be a developer or Windows Phone apps manufacturer to take part in the program. You are just required to register and agree to certain terms.

The update results in the inclusion of several new features, including a Live Folder feature in order to hold multiple Live Tiles in the same location.

The update also results in bringing the voice-controlled Cortana in other countries as a beta version, including the UK and China. The company’s virtual assistant will also be made available to users in Australia, Canada and India as an opt-in alpha version.

Meanwhile, the stateside users of the Windows Phone 8.1 will be enabled to get a preview of Cortana’s new acting skill by instructing her to do celebrities impersonations.

Additionally, the Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 enables users to delete or forward multiple selected SMS messages at one go. It also brings in user-customizable snooze alarm settings, enhanced Xbox Music application with a flashier Live Tile and improved security.… Read the rest

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Nokia Starts Rolling Out Lumia Cyan Update: Upgrade Device to Latest Windows Phone 8.1

Finland-based smartphone manufacturer Nokia has started rolling out its Lumia Cyan update, which will upgrade the existing devices to the latest Windows Phone 8.1 that are presently running on Windows Phone 8.

Finland-based smartphone manufacturer Nokia has started rolling out its Lumia Cyan update, which will upgrade the existing devices to the latest Windows Phone 8.1 that are presently running on Windows Phone 8.
Creative Commans/Mikosoft


The Lumia Cyan package is also equipped with several other improvements from the company apart from the latest version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system. The updates have already started rolling out earlier this week in the UK. The company revealed that the updates will soon be available in other countries and regions, and can be installed on all devices running Windows Phone 8.


The latest update is that the Lumia Cyan update has started rolling out in North America as well. IN this context, a Reddit user posted on July 18 that the update is available in Canada, on Koodo. The user also posted some screenshots on WPCentral forums to prove the claims, showing the new Cyan package gracing a Nokia Lumia 925 smartphone on Koodo.

The interesting part is that Nokia was not likely to release the update in Canada as the company is still showing the Cyan update as “under testing” for North America. It now seems that the company went ahead of schedule and rolled out the new software.

 The Windows Phone users worldwide are very eagerly waiting for the update as it will result in bringing several improvements and new features that will enhance the users’ experience.

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Windows 8.1 Updates: Miracast Media Sharing, Cortana for Windows Phone Outside the U.S., and Windows 8.2 Teasers

One of the most amazing features of Windows Phone 8.1 is that it has got the innovative Windows 8.1 Updates: Miracast Media Sharing, Cortana for Windows Phone Outside the U.S., and Windows 8.2 Teaserspersonal assistant known as Cortana, who is namesake of blue lady in Halo franchise.

However, as per the latest update, it is expected that the Cortana will be made available only for the users who are updating to Windows Phone 8.1 in U.S. If you want to enjoy Cortana and all the benefits of Windows Phone 8.1, then know that you got only a limited chance for it. However, the beta test of this feature may be running up to the last trimester of this year.

 In fact, it is the only time when the updated features will be available for all regions including United Kingdom. If you belong to other locations, then you may have to probably wait until 2015 to get Cortana. However, now to crack this restriction you have an option to trick your phone by making it think that you are trying for Windows Phone 8.1 update in U.S. It’s as easy as by just changing the location setting of your phone; however, while changing back to the original, the Cortana will be automatically disappeared.

 Otherwise, you can wait for the post-beta Cortana, which will roll out for all the regions while released. Similar to it, Windows 8.2 Teasers are also available on the net.


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Microsoft Windows 8.1 Official: The Near Final Version is Out to Bask In Glory

By August end, Microsoft is planning to take out a ‘near final’ RTM version of Windows 8.1 for its PC and tablet partners.

The news was announced at the firm’s annual Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Houston, Texas by Tami Reller, Windows CMO and CFO, Microsoft.

As per reported in Windows blog, Reller announced that “Windows 8.1 RTM will be available for OEM partners in late August”. She also disclosed that some of the Windows-powered devices will be shipped in the holiday season with this updated Windows 8.1 software.

However, Reller didn’t spill the beans on as to when consumers will get hold of the updated software. Considering Microsoft’s previous track record, we should expect the software to reach consumers by October.

At WPC, Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft said, “Windows has always been more a device than a piece of software; it defined a class of device called the PC”.

This year, on June 26th, Microsoft took out an open preview of Windows 8.1 to let users take a trial of the software before it went official. Earlier, Microsoft disclosed making Windows 8.1 available to all Windows 8 and Windows RT users, giving them a free upgrade.

With Windows 8.1, Microsoft is expected to fix the dents caused by Windows 8. This updated version is also expected to hold the Start button.

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Highlights of Build 2013: Windows 8.1, Internet Explorer 11, Xbox One

Build 2013 being a submissive affair left an unimpressive mark on developers. No new announcement of hardware and no surprise for its developers made the Build more of a learning session about Windows 8.1, Kinect, Azure, Redmond and Visual Studio.

The three-day affair offered to take a deep dive into its coding architecture and updated Windows 8.1.


Windows 8.1 Preview

The preview of the 8.1 has definitely fallen short of luster because of extensive previous information about the same beforehand but it surely relieved people when they noticed the return of the start button. With some interface alterations like new smart search and multiple modern app views as well as improvements like built-in SkyDrive sync, expanded PC settings, IE11 in preview, an improved Xbox Music and new snap views for Windows Store apps, Windows 8.1 is going to be cherished.

Rapid release cycle

CEO Steve Ballmer announced about the plan by the company on bumping its release cycles in order to transition from just a software company to a hardware maker. Microsoft is expected to be in the midst of moving beyond software into a device and service company to set its eye on more tablets, phones, PCs and other products announced more frequently from Build forward.

Focus on Apps

With no apps announced in last eight months, Microsoft is more focusing on apps to keep up the trend. Chief Evangelist Steven Guggenheimer showed off a preview version of a Foursquare tablet app to be the first of its kind from the check-in company. With the revelation of Facebook, Flipboard, Songza, OpenTable and Rhapsody apps already, Microsoft managed to pack in the cleaner look coming with the Windows 8.1 Store to add auto-updating for the apps.

Internet Explorer 11

One of the main highlight of the event was to present IE11 as more than just a browser at the Build. The browser has been optimized to the max for touch, and in such a way that there’s less strain on a machine’s CPU and battery life. There’s added 2D and 3D graphics support because of the addition of WebGL, and IE11 also backs up Google’s SPDY protocol. This should mean faster website download speed in IE, a bonus that’s hard to blunder. But Internet Explorer 11 on Xbox, Windows Phone and Windows 7 still lies under covers.

For Xbox One development

The next-gen console still houses a kernel of Windows 8, and Guggenheimer hinted that those looking to get a jump on Xbox One apps can lean on OS. He further provided an ample clue as to what Microsoft is thinking, and that common core could prove pretty hands for devs and gamers alike down the road.


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Windows 8 Stiffles Microsoft’s Ambition To Arrive In The Mobile Market– Will The Windows Blue Bring In Renaissance Amid Bleakness?

Microsoft is almost cushioned into a corner. Its tryst with Windows 8 has taken  toll on its popularity. At a time when operating systems are ruling the roost, Microsoft’s story is scaling the lower heights of the success graph. What’s more,  Windows 8 is being blamed for the debacle! Experts are opining that the Windows 8  did not match the anticipation. What is being labeled the biggest failure from the stable could only work magic the other way round– once we get to hear something from Microsoft.

This bad news punches out ambition the makers had while also bringing a lot of misery for the PC segment.  When Microsoft is willing to match shoulders with the likes of Samsung and LG, the Windows 8 debacle will only lead to repercussions never imagined.

The last resort in such a scenario remains that Windows 8 could deliver a baby for erasing out the poor memories it created. The Windows Blue or the Windows 8.1 might just be the phoenixcal resurrector for Microsoft. Hear what an industry expert says, “There’s a reason this company [Microsoft] basically has generated zero returns for investors over the last ten years, and that’s because they simply don’t get where technology is going any more. They’re entrenched where it’s been, but its future is not looking good for Microsoft.”… Read the rest

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