Pokemon X and Y: Poke Transport Comes in eShop; New Miniatures; Tips to Utilize Poke Transporter


The Pokemon X and Y’s Pokemon Bank has been delayed for Europe and North America and there is no news about when it will be available for download. But, for those who were lucky enough to download it before it got removed from eShop, The Poke Transporter was already added to the Japanese Nintendo 3DS eShop. This explains that feature is available through Pokemon Bank software. It can be taken from eShop and they can access Poke Transporter for the game.

 Users can register Nintendo Network ID for 3DS console before the Pokemon Bank for Pokemon X and Y is re-launched.

 Fan-made Pokemon Card Game from Reddit

Reddit has become harbour for new projects of Pokemon X and Y and the recent one comes from Redditor menace64.

The game takes its inspiration from Wizards of the Coasts, Star Wars Miniatures. Taking hint from that, the table top Pokemon miniature game boasts 857singularl written cards for each species of Pokemon. It took 4 month for menace 64 to make the game and the game has its own rule book, checklist, map, booster packs and items. 

As the game has recently been conceptualised, the interested players can join the new group and community through r/pokemoncmg. The participants can print their cards which can be viewed and get motivated to join subreddit, to enhance the game

 Utilizing the GTS in Two Steps

Pokemon X and Y players who still have to join, utilise and enjoy the GTS, RedditorPippetella has mentioned two important step guide to ignore the inappropriate usage of the specs

 The two important points to consider when you try to use GTS in Pokemon X and Y are: Players looking or new Pokemon or depositing their own only have to type the Pokemon’s name. it can be availed once the player have past the Z pokemon

Secondly, in order to use GTS, you should select the Pokemon that they own while doing a search

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Pokémon X And Y Release Marred By Hacked Pokemon: Delay Caused by Outages And Changes

It seems that there will be another delay in the Pokémon X and Y game as the release date initially slated forMega_Pokemon_4-X-and-Y 27th will be moved forward to some time in 2014. 

  • This delay has taken place because there was an increase in the demand for the Pokémon Bank and Poke Transporter. This demand had also increased the amount of traffic of the website and eventually its removal from the Nintendo 3DS shop, as reported by Serebil. 
  • The Pokémon bank has been rescheduled to a new release date that has yet to be decided, the release date for the European and the North American shops will be the same.
  • The players who have downloaded the Pokémon bank can use this version of the bank in the X and Y game. There are also not additional details about whether the free thirty day trial will be affected by this removal, if they were able to by pass all the web traffic.

The new Pokémon X and Y game was supposed to remove the previous version of the game that was hacked into and will removed all the illegal Pokémon’s from getting transferred to the X and Y version. This seems like impossibility as many illegal Pokémon’s have been able to get past the firewall. … Read the rest

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Killer For Pokémon X And Y Cheats- Poke Teleporter And Pokémon Bank To Check Cheats From 27 December

Pokemon-X-and-Y_USGameFreak, the creators for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y are finally happy about finding a solution to end cheats from interfering with the tournaments for the game online.

  • The software cheat applications for Instachek and Battle Analyze will become stand defunct after users download the update 1.2.
  • Add to this comes the perk of bug fixing and glitch erasing too. Pokémon will also find inability to lean fresh moves post Wonder Trade.
  • The cheat apps had made it possible for users to look into the opponent team during the game. From stats to characters, they could see it all. This led to interference with fair play and dismissed all planned strategies for the same.
  • The worst part here was that gamer could never possibly figure put that they were being looked into!

GameFreak and Nintendo have announced lately that Pokémon X and Pokémon Y are set to launch the much-awaited Poke Teleporter and Pokémon Bank by 27 December. Of course, in Nintendo 3DS store!… Read the rest

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Pokemon X and Y Cheats and News: Blue And Red Nintendo 2DS, Chart Of Gym Leaders,

Pokemon-X-and-Y_USPokemon continues to rule the sale of Nintendo, till the extent that Nintendo 2Ds Pokemon X and Y bundles which were supposed to land in Europe and South Korea will also be released in United States.

 The similar setting was created for South Korean and European market, The Pokemon X and Y will either come with Pokemon X’s red Nintendo 2DS or Pokemon Y’s blue Nintendo 2DS. Retailers will price the bundles at a sum of $149.99. This will allow the gamers to save $25, as the game is installed from before on the Nintendo 2DS gadgets. The games will be available from the 6th of December. This will be the right gift for the fans of Pokemon X and Y.

 Redditorshave become more inventive and targeted in what are offering such as infographics and informative maps for Pokemon X and Y. Now, TedditorJoescool has designed a chart talking about the gym leader’s greatest stage Pokemon per generation. Similar to the other guides and graphics, the Pokemon X and Y community will be useful and funny, both. You can check out the capabilities average with this chart of the gym leaders.

 For instance: Brock’s Onix comes in two separate stages in Gen 1. In Red and Blue it is at Number 12 while in Yellow, it comes at 14, So it is averaged at 13.

 A Quick Competitive EV Training Guide

 As the new moves have been predicted by the Pokemon X and Y cheats, this can work as spoilage for the game. However, the true gamers don’t need the cheats, as the game is about playing with a fair essence. There are two reasons why players should go for Pokemon EV train. The first reason is that it specifies damages done to the rival. Another reason whyEV training is crucial players face with a similar Pokemon, the one that is more bred, over the others

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Pokémon X and Y Bugs And Cheat Sheet: Guides That Are Purely Informative

Pokémon X and the Y versions have hogged the popularity meter for pretty long. With software updates, projects and innovations, there has been a lot happening to further let fans to scorch the game space.Pokémon X and the Y versions have hogged the popularity meter for pretty long. With software updates, projects and innovations, there has been a lot happening to further let fans to scorch the game space.

Though this has led to malware, bugs and cheat sheets all in the name of the game, we have come across guides on the virtual space that actually doubles as a purely informative.

 Look into few facts from  the world of infographics that you could enjoy and even benefit from


  • Pokemon Redditors’ baby the Pokémon Hatching infographic is one cool thing.  Tacocatistacocat has posted this and its page reveals not just stats and figures but also doubles as a guide of references for starters. The surprise fact revealed is that out of 721 Pokémons, 321 are hatchable.


  • In Pokémon X and Y, the Pokémons take 5355 steps to hatch up. In fact, Magikarp is the only one that hatches at 1080 steps or so.


  • In terms of the classic Pokémons, Phione and Manaphy are hatchable- exclusively and only!

 With such fast facts and more on its page, this infographic is indeed worth attention.… Read the rest

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Five Pokemon X and Y ROM , Emulator Revealed: The Sources From Where You Can Download It

The most recent generation of the Pokémon game can only be played on the Nintendo 3DS, which means that players will have to look for PC emulators to be able to enjoy the game. Fortunately, there are sources through which you can download the game for their computersThe most recent generation of the Pokémon game can only be played on the Nintendo 3DS, which means that players will have to look for PC emulators to be able to enjoy the game. Fortunately, there are sources through which you can download the game for their computers.

You can find most of these sources through Google searches and many users have shared some of these sites through Yahoo Answers. Peek into three sources are 100% legitimate:

  • The first one is movie hater.com, where you can find a download tool for the Pokemon X&Y game and supported by 77k votes and only twenty negative votes. Simply download this tool to get the game that is designed for your PC.
  • The next website is PokemonXYEmulator.com. Hopefully a stable version of the Pokemon will be released soon. Meanwhile this website has revealed instructions on how to play the game on your computer with additional screen shots to help you through the download process. 
  • The third website is the Geek Professional.com. The website does not however, have any details on what has to be done but lists some download links that will take you to other places to access the game.

A Facebook user has posted information about few credible sources whereby you can get the new generation of the Pokémon Emulator and ROM. You will need to be careful as some of these links take you to survey websites before you can download anything.

UTorrent has another set of links while the Geek Professional website lists an UTorrent link. … Read the rest

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