Samsung Galaxy S5 10 Killer Features: How Will It Harm Samsung Galaxy S4 Sales

The buzz is only growing stronger about the Samsung Galaxy S5 release.

Samsung Galaxy S5 release

If a recently published report is to be believed, then Samsung might be releasing the Galaxy S5 in 2014 February to compensate for the poor sales numbers of its present flagship Galaxy S4 and also to strongly compete with the Apple iPhone 5S.

Samsung Galaxy S5 features

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is all set to take the Android-based smartphone market by storm in the coming year. There are several killer features predicted for the Galaxy S5. It is going to be available in two different OS variants and will also pack in ultra-slim RAM as well as an incredibly powerful 64-bit processor chipset. The Galaxy S5 will also be built with hazard protections. Unlike all other Samsung Galaxy series phones, the S5 will feature a complete metal chassis. What this means is that Samsung finally ditches the plastic body to make way for a stunning aluminum build for the S5. The S5 will not be seen in any plastic or polycarbonate body which may come as a sweet surprise to many Samsung loyalists.

Samsung Galaxy S4 sales

Samsung did not live up to its predications as far as the sales of S4 are concerned. It plans to turn the tide with the S5.


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Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date in January to Stem Galaxy S4 Sales Slump?



It may look like a treat of 5 in the coming three months as Nexus 5 will be launched in the next week which will further be joined by Galaxy S5 probably in January. As per Naver, the Korean company will probably postpone the date of its flagship device for the simple reason that it will slump the sales of S4. The anticipated January launch of S5 will collide with CES 2014. However, as far as we know, Samsung prefers to create its own event for launching the new Galaxy flagship S series.

Never Back Down!

January is quite tipsy turvy for the launch of refreshed technology as companies advertise the previous gadgets during the holiday. However, Naver found out that Samsung desperately wants to upgrade its smartphone series to face off the iPhone 5S. The S5 is speculated to come with 64 bit chip popularly known as 8 cores in the countries right now.

It is also expected that it will bring an all-metal phone dumping the plastic case of the S4 and faux leather case of Note 3. S5 may run on Android and Tizen, Samsung first initiative to dominate the Android OS market.… Read the rest

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More miles to go for Samsung Galaxy S4: Crosses Ten Million Mark Within Just One Month

Great news for Samsung as it has already sold 20 million units of Galaxy S4 within just sixty days of the release. The Korean company planned to launch Galaxy S4 in 155 countries with 327 carriers worldwide. The high popularity of the same made it possible for Samsung to cross 10 million mark within just one month.

The news was confirmed in the Samsung’s official blog too when it described that global channel sales of GALAXY S4 has surpassed 10 million units sold in less than one month after its commercial debut on April 27 and its been selling like four units per second.

If the sales figure is compared with the predecessor of the handset, the Galaxy S3, the new one is definitely on the higher side as it is getting an extra benefit of the popularity of S3 too.

Though Samsung has reached high sales milestone, a recent report indicates that the company has condensed the production of the handset by around 20 to 30 percent for July. However, the upcoming production has included five more colors than the initial two color options.

The Galaxy S4 packs in top-end specifications with the latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system which makes it undoubtedly one of the best-selling Samsung smartphones around.

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The Debut of Debonair Apple iPhone 6 : Why We Expect a State of Art iPhone Against Samsung Galaxy S4?

The spotlight is on iPhone 6 as this would be the device that is supposed to change the game in favor of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). Plenty of speculations are doing rounds in the techie world and expectations are high about the look of the Game-Changer.

It’s a do or die situation for the Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and if the device is not beyond the dreams of its fans and investors, neither of them would be the takers. Taking the example of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (LON: BC94) (KRX: 005930), the Galaxy S4 is not well received and investors are turning away. Some analysts consider that Apple’s stock price is actually being affected by Samsung’s slumping Galaxy S4 sales.

All the new smartphones in the market are not up to mark and only offering some upgrades here and there, not enough to attract buyers. An enterprising challenge for Apple lies ahead as the consumers are not satisfied with mere upgrades; rather they are waiting for an all new Apple this fall or next year.

We can only say that take your time but unveil something which is essentially state-of-the-art.… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Vs Apple iPhone 5: Whose Sales Figures Has Been Tossed Up?



Samsung is making headlines after exceeding the sales figure of Apple’s iPhone 5 in the U.S. since its launch last September. The Samsung Galaxy S4 was the top drawer at T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon and the second best at AT&T preceded by the iPhone 5 in May.

The Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 at discounted prices with some free schemes and the strong sales of Galaxy S4 have attributed to achieve this target as referred by Canaccord Genuity analyst Michael Walkley of the U.S. The prices of the same are slashed heavily to make the way for the Galaxy Note 3 which is expected to be announced in September.

Walkley further adds that it is the Samsung’s marketing and advertising campaign of some $2.5 billion in the first quarter of 2013, which have tossed up the sales figure despite the recommendation of HTC by store representatives.

The report by Walkley also indicates that the investment in advertising campaign to inform consumers of its more advanced features than Apple’s iPhone has been paid off well. Now it has become a race between two giants, Apple and Samsung in the smartphone wars where the rivals would be placed at a very distant third place.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Has Stunned The World With its Features: Here We Bring to You The Hidden Ones



Loaded with some stunning features Samsung Galaxy S4 is making news across the globe by selling 10 million units  The Galaxy has still unexplored salient features hidden in its menu and settings for users to benefit.

Here we present the top three unfamiliar features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the way to crack them:

Galaxy S4 with gloves on

it’s not only the Nokia Lumia 920 but the Galaxy S4 is also proficient enough to handle with gloves on. The sensitivity has to be set up by going to Settings > My Device Tab > Display > High-touch Sensitivity > On.

Accessing your alerts with air gesture

This is another superb feature for users to access notifications and alerts without touching the gadget physically. Some simple moves with Go to Settings > My Device > Motions and Gestures > Air Gesture > Quick Glance > On. With floating your hand over the S4’s display, get your alerts the easiest way. Missed calls, new texts, battery status, time and icons in the notification bar are displayed once the quick glace is on.

Take snaps with simply commanding

The Galaxy S4’s camera is very obedient as it can take your command and click a snap. Just navigate to the Camera app > Tap Menu > Settings > click the settings cog > Scroll to Voice Control > click On.… Read the rest

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To Bring Out People From Apple iPhone Mania, Samsung Spent $402 Million On Advertising


Samsung Galaxy products had taken market by storm and there is a lot of advertising behind it. Samsung knew from very beginning that to go up against a product like Apple iPhone they would be required to invest heavily in the promotion of their products. It turns out that Samsung has invested $402 million in the advertising of Galaxy Smartphones whereas Apple has spent $333 million in advertising their products.

According to sources in the past year telecom sector has spent upto $8.66 billion in advertising, out of which the major share is of wireless phones.

Looking at the amount of money spent by Samsung on advertising , it won’t be a surprise if Samsung Galaxy s4 sells like a hot cake and reach the 10 million mark as predicted.… Read the rest

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