Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Sony Xperia Z: Which Of The Phones Smack Down The Critics Of Design And Make A Statement?


Set for a sizzling launch on March 14th new leaked photos of Samsung Galaxy S4 are making rounds again. The leaked photos bear resemblance from Samsung Galaxy Note 2 but we are guessing that this is a dummy used by Samsung to keep the design of Samsung Galaxy S4 a secret. Most of the major phone companies do this to maintain the anticipation of a hot device.  The leaked shots have been called GT-19502 and have curvy corners. We have high hopes from Samsung Galaxy S4 and hoping for more of a square look with a thin bezel which would give tough competition to Sony Xperia Z.

Sony Xperia Z with its clean, chic  and industrial looks has made a mark in the smartphone world and we are hoping so would Samsung Galaxy S4.… Read the rest

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What Makes Apple iPhone 5 A Leg Up Over The Fierce And Power Packed Samsung Galaxy S4?


Samsung is emerging as one the strongest Smartphone makers in the industry, thanks to the befitting success of Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Still the plastic material used by Samsung is making many Samsung fans unhappy, especially the male counterparts who are on a look out  for something more sturdier and metallic.  We were expecting that with Samsung Galaxy S4, the story would be different and Samsung would carve the device  out of metal. However the rumors suggest that Samsung would stick to its white plastic designs even for Galaxy S4.

The latest leaks of Samsung Galaxy S4  also hint that it has not changed much from its previous model in terms of looks and feel. May be this is one area where Apple iPhone 5 with its metallic chassis and aggressive looks gets a head up.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Exposed On Picasa: A Solid Powerhouse Of Features To Shake iPhone 5 From Its Roots

Samsung has recently seen a popularity none fathomed. So much so, that even before official snippets of this gadget got leaked on the web, a student from Hong Kong supposedly got hold of on an image of the eagerly-awaited Samsung Galaxy S IV. Surprised? Then be in for a revelation as you read further.

The image was—allegedly—uploaded on Picasa, one month ago! The image caption revealed the sexy gadget as the “Galaxy S IV GT-I9500 Product Image.”

This has got industry pundits talking. Now we know the Galaxy S IV could come with a bezel that has slimmed down from the previous model, while a larger screen could add to the comfort of flicking through the tab. Add to this a home button and users could ask for nothing more when it comes to usability-comfort. Wireless charging clubbed with 5-inch Super AMOLED FHD screen could make you go all-out on the Galaxy S IV. The 13-megapixel shutter and Samsung Exynos 5 Octa processor only adds to the wow features that the tab could woo you with!

To sum up, we have news that the Samsung Galaxy S IV could be launched with the GT-I9500. Why so? Since Koreans consider number 4 as am monger of ill luck, GT-I9400 has been left only for the papers.… Read the rest

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