Would Samsung Galaxy S4 Out Do Samsung Galaxy S3 In Sales, AT&T To Turn On The Pre-order Button On April 16th


Samsung Galaxy S4 is finally going for pre-orders. AT&T has finally announced that Samsung Galaxy S4 would go on sale on April 16th. Though the release date of shipment from AT&T is still unknown it is expected that phone will be in customers hand by May which is when T-Mobile is also shipping its stock of Samsung Galaxy S4.

AT&T is offering a price of $249 for a two year contract where is T-mobile’s initial offering is $99. Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected to sell 100 million units and with all four majors having it , it won’t be a surprise if it actually crosses this figure.… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs LG Optimus G Pro: It’s The Eye Tracking Which Is Making Them Fume Fire


The world is excited about the launch of Samsung new flagship Samsung Galaxy S4. As we wait for this beauty to walk down the streets of smartphone market plethora of leaked pictures are coming  our way.  The recent picture is called GT-I9502 and sports a 4.99 –inch screen with 1080 pixel screen. The picture shows the inner components of the phone as PowerVR SGX 544MP3 GPU, 2 GB RAM and 16 GB storage. As we have reported previously all the leaked pictures are pointing towards 2600mAh battery which would make the phone last at least for a day.

Though the eye tracking software using front  camera  is still not confirmed but it is being guessed  that videos will have eye tracking capability which will let you pause the screen as soon as you move your sight from video.  To make the survival of Samsung Galaxy S4 tougher  LG has made an announcement that it will soon bring eye pausing feature  to LG Optimus G Pro.

Like Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Samsung Galaxy S4 would also have finger hovering features which would let you see previews of your email.

With just a few hours from launch keep your hunger soaring for more food on Samsung Galaxy S4 at Tech Thirsty.… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Whistling All The Way, Brushes Away The HTC One And Apple iPhone 5 Threats


Samsung Galaxy S4 in all probability would be carved out of plastic which gives its rivals HTC One and Apple iPhone 5 edge in terms of design and durability.  Still Samsung is hoping to sell 10 million devices.

“Based on checks we had with suppliers,” IBK Securities analyst Lee Seung-woo said for Reuters, “Samsung has already done significant work to ensure smooth supply.”

There has been news about HTC not able to manufacture an all aluminum device and also Apple is facing trouble in manufacturing the iPhones as the demand is huge. Samsung on the other hand with its plastic material is producing varied devices which had made it a top seller in the industry.… Read the rest

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With Samsung Galaxy S4 In Store The Individualistic Attitude Seems On Verge, Apple iPhone 5 Not A Fancy Anymore


According to analysts Haydn Shaughnessy and Jefferson Wang Samsung would break the Apple spell with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4. They have concluded that with Samsung galaxy S4 release  just a few days away, the company is taking last steps in Apple’s shadow.

Both the analysts  agreed that  till now all the major players of the industry have been producing Apple inspired models but now it’s time that they break the trend. If we have to believe the current leaked pictures of Samsung Galaxy S4   (the OLED’s and Tizen OS) than it would be safe to say that Samsung is trying to be innovative in a wake to create its own niche.

With phones like Sony Xperia Z, HTC One and LG Optimus G Pro coming this year the competition has got tougher and in all possibilities 2013 seems like a turning point for the smart phone industry.… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs HTC One Vs Sony Xperia Z: As A Matter Of Fact Sony Is Emerging As A Strong Force


Sony Xperia  Z is slowly and steadily becoming the most coveted phone after Samsung galaxy S3 and Apple iPhone 5. The company is aiming to take the third position just below Apple and Samsung from Huawei technologies which are planning to make it big in the high end smart phone market  with Huawei Ascend Mate. Huawei Ascend Mate gives a tough competition to Sony Xperia  Z with its 6.1 inch screen and 720 pixel density but if Sony Xpria Z stays on its selling spree and then in no time Sony would crack the high end market.

According to sources Sony Xperia Z has been sold out in many countries on the first day of pre-order, thanks to the release of phone  before  the launch of  HTC One And Samsung Galaxy S4  which have their arms ready to capture the market.

Along with Sony Xperia Z , Sony is trying to capture the market with its low –end budget phones such as Sony Xperia E and Sony Xperia Sl.… Read the rest

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The Wait For Samsung Galaxy S4 Is Ending: This May Be The Last Laugh For Apple iPhone 5?

All eyes are going to be at the iconic Radio City music hall in New York on March 14th as Samsung unveils its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4, to the world. The event is going to be one of the biggest in the tech world and fans across the world can check out its live broadcast.


LG Optimus G Pro Vs Sony Xperia Z Vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Can The Galaxy S3 Hold Fort Until Galaxy S4 Gets Here?

Even though the phone is yet to release, the internet is flooded with numerous rumors about its capabilities. So if this is how much publicity the phone has managed to garner even before its release, we wonder just how big a limelight it will capture after its launch. Is archrival Apple equipped to handle one more attack from Samsung on its iPhone 5?

If it was the Galaxy S3 that ended up stealing the show last year, the launch of this phone could only spell more trouble for Apple, with the iPhone 5 sales further slumping. The iPhone 5 didn’t exactly make a huge impact on the market, and was plagued by further controversies related to the Apple Maps, issues with shareholders, etc.

Analysts are also predicting a major victory in the smartphone battlefield for Samsung over Apple over the next couple of years. They seem confident that Apple’s current iPhone 5 and even its immediate successor, the impending iPhone 5S will fail to match up to the fine capabilities of the Samsung flagship.

The numbers tell the tale – while Apple took 15 months to ship 110 million units of its iPhone 5, Samsung is expecting to touch the number in just 9 months. Samsung is also increasingly focusing on suppliers to provide ample supply of raw materials to meet the high production, probably pulling them away from Apple too.

The Galaxy S4 is rumored to have a 5-inch screen, a 13 MP rear camera and an octo-core processor. With specs like this, it’s not surprising that it could not only be one of the most powerful phones in the market, but also one that can take great pictures and allow for comfortable viewing. To take on Samsung, Apple is also rumored to have decided to launch the iPhone 5S sooner than originally planned. But would that be adequate?… Read the rest

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Would The Might Of Samsung Galaxy S4 Shrink The Freshly Minted BlackBerry Z10?

For those of you desperate to own the BlackBerry Z10, your wait ends in a couple of days. BlackBerry’s flagship smartphone running on the BlackBerry 10 OS is all set to launch in the U.S. markets through T-Mobile at a price of $249.99. But, you need to sign a 2 year contract to use the Classic Plan.

However, we wonder if you’d be better off going with Verizon for the BlackBerry Z10, which is offering the phone with a 2-year contract for $199.99 starting from the end of this month. While we haven’t received official confirmation yet, we’ve been hearing rumors that AT&T could also launch the BlackBerry Z10 on March 22nd.

But, given that Samsung will soon unveil the Galaxy S4, does BlackBerry Z10 have what it takes to survive in this extremely competitive market? Will it be able to make a mark before the Galaxy S4 phone hits the markets? Or are customers better off waiting to see what Samsung has in store for them?

The phone does boast a lot of good features – BlackBerry has worked hard on revamping the OS and giving the users a phone that can balance their work and personal life on their mobile devices. Of course, there aren’t as many apps on offer – but maybe in a matter of time, there just could be. But with its dual-core processor and 4.2-inch screen, we wonder if it sounds a little weak in comparison to the Galaxy S4, which is rumored to have a 5-inch screen and a quad-core or even an octo-core processor?… Read the rest

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As We Await The Debut Of Samsung Galaxy S4, We Look Behind At The Samsung Galaxy S3 And Other Android Wonders

One hell of a phablet, makes all the difference with a stylus in tow






HTC Driod DNA Is a looker and passes as a admirable Andriod Device





Stylish Motorola offering, Motorola Driod Razr Max offers the best battery life though camera fails to impress







Samsung galaxy S3 engages and kicks in the right Android spirit… Read the rest

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A Samsung Of Taste : Keep Your Plate Empty As Samsung Galaxy S4 Comes To Set High Standards For Apple iPhone 5S


Apple iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4 would be locking horns this year on who would be the people’s choice. Samsung is all set to do the unveiling in the Big Apple and Samsung has enveloped the air of Times Square with its overpowering billboard saying “Be ready 4 the next Galaxy.”

Samsung Galaxy S4 is going to get launch on March 14th in New York at an unpacked event.  After the befitting success of Samsung Galaxy s3 the hope from Samsung galaxy s4 have risen  and it is being considered the next anti –Apple iPhone 5S which would take the world by surprise. The phone would be carved out of plastic and would have a 5-inch screen and 1080 pixeldensity. The phone would house Snapdragon 600 chip in the United States and an Exynos in other parts of the world.… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Is Expected To Be A Big Hit , Is The Reason Innovative Thinking For Maximum Impact?

Just about a week to go until Samsung finally unveils its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4, and boy, are we excited! The Galaxy S3 went on to exceed expectations when it managed sales of over 40 million all over the world and earned the tag of becoming the world’s favorite smartphone last year. Ahead of what we think is one of the most anticipated launches in the world of tech, we thought we’d bring you a summary of all the rumors surrounding its successor, the gorgeous Galaxy S4.

It all started with the leak of an image by SamMobile, which it claimed happened to be of the Galaxy S4. The first leaked image resembled the Galaxy S3, with its curved edges, but it lacked the home button on the bottom of the phone. We saw a device with an extremely thin, almost negligible bezel, and a larger screen than the Galaxy S3’s 4.8-inch offering.

Shortly thereafter, a new image of the Galaxy S4 surfaced on Picasa carrying the label Galaxy S IV GT-I9500 Product Image. It had a boxier look than the previous image, with edges more squared than rounded. Of course, we later realized that this was just a creation by Korean fan of Samsung.

And then we came across an image which showed a rather metallic smartphone. While Samsung is known to prefer polycarbonate for its phones’ bodies due to its durability and ease of production, the metal design was on the lines of its competitors like the iPhone 5 and the HTC One. Of course, this too ended up being just a rumor fueled by a Samsung fan.

In the midst of all these rumored designs for the phone, we came across two other rumors – this time for the cases. The ads asked users to pick up their choice of cases well ahead of the phone’s release to keep themselves prepared. However, one of them was just a plain copy fit for the Galaxy S3 while the other just made cases with sharper edges. We’re still not sure if the cases actually do fit the Galaxy S4.

A few weeks ago, @evleaks posted two photos on its Twitter account of the Galaxy S4 smartphone placed alongside the previous Galaxy phones. Given just how accurate it has been in the past, we almost fell for it, until we realized that the image was just a mockup created by Expansys as a Samsung Galaxy S4 splash page. The image was inspired by the various rumors floating about, but its accuracy at best is doubtful.

SamMobile then went on to leak yet another dark image of the Samsung Galaxy S4’s startup screen. But given the darkness of the image, we can’t help but wonder if there’s any truth in there.

Samsung itself is teasing us ahead of the launch through its video which shows a Samsung representative using a rather large looking device – which could possibly be the Galaxy S4. Guess we’ll just have to wait till the 14th of March to see the real deal.… Read the rest

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