Two of a Kind: Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 vs Samsung Galaxy Note II

For those who have their heart set on Samsung, this article will surely interest you. Read on to explore all the sides of Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 and Samsung Galaxy Note II.

Large touchscreen and innovative features set both the devices apart. Almost alike in looks, both the devices are … Read the rest

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Galaxy Tug-of-War: Would You Tug onto Samsung Galaxy Note II over Samsung Galaxy Tab II?

Samsung launched both the Galaxy Note 2 phablet and the Galaxy Tab 2 tablet last year, and both of them have performed pretty well in the market. Although both these devices can be used for making calls, the Galaxy Note 2 is considered more of a smartphone while the Galaxy … Read the rest

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HTC One X 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note II: Wars Within the Android Family

comparing HTC and Samsung smartphonesAt first glance on the headline, you might almost be tempted to say that we’re trying to compare apples with oranges here. Apart from the fact that both these devices run on Android, it’s quite hard to find any other common ground for competition. But you could say that that’s … Read the rest

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