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Reddit CEO on TikTok Fingerprinting Technique

What is TikTok's Fingerprinting Technique? It is being said that TikTok reportedly uses a combination of audio and browser...

Hopes High on Upvoted; New Reddit Website

Reddit, the front page of the Internet, has announced a new website with new content. It is called Upvoted and works as a kind of digital magazine.

New Images Reveal Next Gen Moto 360; Expect Thicker Bezels And Leather Strap

More has been revealed about the new Motorola smartwatch with a Reddit Moto 360 leak and a Google+ leak.

Pokemon X and Y: Tame Shiny Pokemon , Get Shiny Value, and Reddit

Pokemon X and Y Shiny Pokemon is the most famous name in the game world at present, and enquiring about the tips and help...

Obama Requests Users to Vote on Reddit

Election day in the U.S. sure got a lot more interesting when President Obama went online on Reddit in the afternoon and asked its...

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FIFA 21 Under Deep Waters: Using Likeliness of Players For Its Advantage

The football stimulation game FIFA 21 is in news for using likenesses of footballers without their permission. Several of the world’s most...

Xiaomi Mi 11 & Mi 11 Pro Launch Expected Soon

Xiaomi has been on a spree and has launched several new Android smartphones in the last couple of months. The Chinese multinational...

AliExpress Appear Among 43 New Chinese Apps Banned In India

The government of India has banned 43 more Chinese apps this week. The new set of banned apps has also included the...