The Xbox 720 Secret Revealed; Rumored to Cost Approx. $300-$500

Gamers, developers, fans… Keep your eyes open as we hear that Microsoft is planning to unveil the successor to its Xbox 360; the Xbox 720 video game console at the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Codenamed “Durango”, the Xbox 720 is expected to be launched right in time for the holiday season, in direct competition with Sony’s PS4, which is also slated for release during the holiday season.

Xbox 720In a blog post, Larry Hyrb, Microsoft’s Director of programming for Xbox Live (the console’s internet service), mentions a countdown for this year’s E3 event along with the message “And it’s on….”

Rumors say it that users will be able to bag the next-gen console at a price in between $300 to $500. Some speculations also claim that the Xbox 720 will come with an AMD system-on-a-chip codenamed “Jaguar,” that’s a user interface similar to Windows 8.

Sony’s PS4, on the other hand, is expected to cost around $400 or above, cheaper than its predecessor: PS3 when launched. The high price and average game library of the PS3 made some causal gamers buy the Wii and Xbox.

Apparently gamers will enjoy the holiday pricing battle between the PS4-Xbox 720 console war.

There has been lot of expectations from the new Xbox. The hardware and software giant is hoped to design it to be six times stronger than its predecessor, which will also make the Xbox 720 around 20 percent stronger than the Wii U. The future console might also come with increased role of motion controls, upgrading its current Kinect peripheral to use increasingly accurate detection of body movement.

A little disappointment to gamers, the Xbox 720 might also discourage used game sales by involving a code activation method that basically locks each disk to one console. Other changes include a switch to Blu Ray and a bigger focus on Cloud gaming.

Considering choices in games, the strongest hint indicates towards a new series by Bungie, the mastermind behind the original Halo trilogy.

Some of the reports suggest that the next generation Xbox 720 might feature 1.6GHz dual-core AMD processors, custom 800MHz graphics processor, and 8GB of GDDR3 RAM. A further possible feature would be the compatibility of Xbox 720 to play Xbox 360 disks using an x86 chip built inside the new gaming console.

All our rumors and speculations regarding Xbox 720 will come round the corner as we keep our eyes open for the E3 event that’s slated to be on June 11, 2013. Read the rest

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Nintendo Wii U Vs Xbox Vs PS3: Which Is The Better Connoisseur Of Graphics?

The Wii U was one of the most talked about launches in the gaming console space during 2012, but then things got quieter once it did come out. Even though the Wii U has a slower processor than its competitors like the Xbox 360 and the PS3, don’t get too disheartened. In terms of graphics, this baby’s got a much more powerful GPU made by AMD.

Here are a few screenshots from the Wii U screen that show its performance:

Wii performanceWii performance

Wii performance 2

The one strong point though lies in Nintendo’s inclusion of a tablet game controller element as well as asynchronous gameplay capabilities in the Wii U. However, don’t expect the Wii U to run as smooth when it comes to playing multiplayer games on a large screen TV. The console just isn’t as powerful to handle so many devices. But at $349, we’d say it makes for quite a steal, especially for single player games, while the Xbox 360 and PS3 cost $399 and $599 respectively.… Read the rest

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Grand Theft Auto V: Could it be released by May 2013?

The latest in the series of this popular game is titled Grand Theft Auto V, and that’s all the information we’ve had so far, thanks to its various worldwide ads. You can pre-order the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of this game starting from Spring in 2013 – no word yet on a PC or Wii U version yet. Of course, we’re hoping that the company launches the PC version at a later date, but we doubt if this game would see a Wii U version coming out.

Rockstar had made available 10 screenshots of GTA V way back in August and left us lusting after more information about the game. If the screenshots are to be believed, we can expect bicycles and jets to be back in the game, which only makes the game even more exciting. We missed these vehicles in the previous versions of the game, in keeping with the more serious themes they had.

GTA IV, the most recent version out, featured Nico Bellic – a clueless immigrant arriving at Liberty City in an attempt to run away from his past. The game also saw the release of two expansion packs – The Lost and The Damned, and The Ballad of Gay Tony. In the game, players got to experience a glamorous Liberty City, geographically reminiscent of New York, especially its bustling nightlife. Wonder what we can expect in GTA V?… Read the rest

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