Obama Requests Users to Vote on Reddit

Election day in the U.S. sure got a lot more interesting when President Obama went online on Reddit in the afternoon and asked its users to vote in the elections. Obama stated that he was “checking in” and needed users to vote well in time before the polls closed on the East Coast. He also added that he would like users to help spread the word and ensure that their friends and family had also cast their votes.

This isn’t the first time Obama has appeared on Reddit. He previously took part in a 40 minute session of “Ask Me Anything”, answering questions from users. He also posted a thank you to users who participated in this session, and complimented them on the questions asked.

Most of the users responded positively to the president’s post, with quite a few American Reddit users stating that they had voted for him, while some European users wished they could vote too. However, not everyone enjoyed Obama’s presence on Reddit. One user posted, “Dammit, Mr. President. Did you have to try to crash Reddit on Election Day?”

In a few hours, USA will know the result of the elections, and will find out if they are going to have a new president. Wonder which of the two the tech world prefers?… Read the rest

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Halo 4 to have a celebrity connect; David Fincher and Conan O’Brien to deck up the launch!



Celebrities associating with their favorite game is not new. But when a game such as Halo 4 decides to unveil its details, the stakes just get bigger…

 Paving its way, there are a number of celebrities who are endorsing this new game and the latest in line is ‘The Social Network’ director David Fincher who has especially flown toPragueto set up a two-minute trailer for this new game.

An avid Halo fan, Fincher’s addition to the team is now surprising considering the fact that Microsoft (which is backing 343 Industries) is renowned for its magnanimous preparations related to each of its products. In the very obvious absence of Rockstar’s GTA 5 which was initially scheduled for a Fall 2012 launch, Halo 4 becomes the most anticipated and biggest release of the year 2012. But having said that, one has no intention of taking it away from the team who has also roped in Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter to voice a couple of characters in the game. They have also connected themselves with the ongoing Presidential elections offering the ‘warrior armor’ for players who would be watching three of the four debates on their Xbox consoles. Now, adding Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to your marketing line-up can’t fail that badly! The company has employed its marketing skills innovatively to promote its new venture.

The Fincher-directed trailer would be launched on October 18 on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ and would also feature the special effects input by visual effects expert, Time Miller, renowned for his work on ‘Scott Pilgrim vs The World’. The trailer is bound to get the pulses racing with details about the new threat which is going to haunt the Master Chief. The combination of Miller and Fincher is bound to bring in a boost to the Halo 4 franchise which is following a storyline on Requiem with John-117 and Cortana leading the pack. The trailer would be available on Halo Waypoint and the Xbox YouTube channel as well. With the number of celebrities climbing on the Halo bandwagon, the game is romping in like a juggernaut.

An online web action series has already begun and has been garnering its own share of brickbats and bouquets. A number of actors such as Tom Green, Anna Popplewell, Daniel Cudmore have also been involved with it as well. The game which has spurned a number of launches including novels, miniseries and artifacts along with Halo-branded consumables, is now becoming a legacy for the modern gamers. It is gaining popularity as a collectible and with a range of celebrities endorsing this multi-million franchise, the ‘Halo’ is going to shine for some times to come.






 … Read the rest

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US Presidential Candidates Dive into Tumblr, Facebook, Spotify, Twitter

Social media and electionsDiving deeper into the social media, campaigning for elections has now got a new meaning. With the increasing Internet trend and rising users on the Web, presidential candidates have now started their campaigns using social media such as Tumblr, Facebook, Spotify, and Twitter, which targets all young voters, who spend hours on the Web daily.

Various political candidates are now posting the form of remixed photos and quirky videos in a bid to connect to wide base of young voters.

As per reported in the NY Times, Tumblr users got the first dose of presidential debate, which started on Wednesday, with Mr. Obama’s team using a vague clip of Lindsay Lohan saying, “It’s October 3” in the comedy “Mean Girls.”

And on Twitter, Mitt Romney’s bodyguard posted a picture of the candidate’s family playing Jenga before the debate.

The techniques may be relatively new, but they started in 2008 with presidential elections using networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Many people feel that the more these candidates connect to people, the more chances they get of receiving the votes.

All parties can rely on putting up photos, slogans and videos. They just need to assure it’s concise, gripping, and meaningful. This online initiative does seem to a good way to establish two-way communication among candidates and voters.… Read the rest

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