Pokemon X and Y Tips And Tricks: Here How You Can Catchhold of Shiny Honedge Pokemon

 players are having a tough time catching Shiny Pokemon in the Pokemon X and Y game. With several tips and guidelines that are circulating in the web, here is one great tip how you can catch Shiny.Pokemon X and Y players are having a tough time catching Shiny Pokemon in the Pokemon X and Y game. With several tips and guidelines that are circulating in the web, here is one great tip how you can catch Shiny.

 Shiny Honedge Pokemon is located on Route 6, but it can be hatched from an egg too. Trying to catch shiny by hatching the egg is a very tough way. It takes about 40 to 50 trials to catch one. A better and a more popular method is “chaining”. This can be done on land as well as water. Make sure you furnish the character with necessary items so that you can find Shiny Pokemon. The probability of finding one is 1 time out of 1800. Using the chaining process however, this can be reduced to 1 in 200. The items needed are Ultra Balls, Dive Balls, Pokemon with Octillery or Inkay abilities when you choose to go through water. Once the items are collected, go to Route 6 and talk to a fisherman located in the houses there. It helps you to cast the line and run immediately from the battle. Keep doing this until Shiny appears, the chain should not be broken. The more you do it, higher are the odds of Shiny showing up in the game.

 To catch Shiny in grass, gather PokeRadar, Max Repel and PokeBalls. Load your Pokeradar and find a big field. Make use of the Max Repel as you go closer to the middle of the grass. The grass will start to shake when you use the PokeRadar. A Pokemon will appear; the odds are not so high that in the first turn itself Shiny will appear. Keep doing this after walking 50 steps. Pokemon X and Y has grass patches that give a hint of the presence of Shiny Pokemon there. Make sure you do not carry any eggs with you. Another way to catch a shiny Pokemon in grass is to gather a PokeRadar, Max Repel and PokeBalls.

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Pokémon X and Y: 7 Tips and Secrets To Win The Pokemon Game

Loaded with childhood memories, The Pokémon series has been around for quite some time now. With 1996 marking the release of its first edition, this passed weekend now plays host to the release of Pokémon X & Y. So forget those old strategies and techniques; keep reading below for 7 enlightening secrets of the game:

Super Training Surpases EV Training: The Pokémon’s Efforts & individual values (EVs and IVs) are now replaced with new mini-games. Instead of dueling with opponents with a specific targeted stat increase in your mind, this is the fastest way to increase stats. Shoot balls into a goal or tap the life out of your mouse on the punching bag

Super Secret Training allows you to yield rare items for prizes. Max out a Pokémon’s EVs during Super Training and you can obtain rare evolution stones!

Gain Experience Points by Catching Pokémon. One no longer needs to choose between new experience or a new creature. Just catch and power up.

Eevee evolves to Sylveon .This new fairy type evolution is attainable by raising Eevee’s 3 Pokemon-Amie stats (Affection, Fullness & Enjoyment) to max . Next teach her a fairy-type move or a use a Fairy TM on your critter. Head into the grass, gain a level and evolve.

Call the menu by pressing X, select bag, navigate to the Key Items Pocket & Get Items Registered onto the quick menu.

To catch Mewtwo, reach the western side of the Pokémon village Cross the stream, defeat the elite four and whip out a master ball to capture him.

Critical Captures increase with simply more and more Pokémon captures. Instead of bobbing thrice, in a critical capture, the Poké ball bobs once and clicks… Read the rest

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Pokemon X and Y Bug Goes Viral on Internet: Beware of Game Breaking

Pokemon – fuel of the kids

Pokemon has been a legendary cartoon series which captured the hearts of millions. It :

Experts elaborate that the prime difference depends upon the fighting style and preference of the user. Also, there are different pokemons in both of the versions. So, you can just check out the versions and pick one as per your interests. There are few users who are buying both the versions. On the other hand, many users are trading their X and Y versions to get the best of both worlds at cost of one.

Pokemon X and Y : Beware of Game-Breaking Bug

Amidst all the craziness about Pokemon Video games, a bug has been noted which is tainting the reputation of Nintendo. In the particular fighting zone – that is the Lumiose city, one just cannot save the game. If you attempt to do the same, the game freezes and has to be reloaded.

Despite how attractive the Lumiose city is, it’s not possible to save your game there. Interestingly, this bug has been reported in both European and Japanese version and hence should be taken seriously.

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