Plant vs Zombies 2: Cheats ,Tricks and Tips to Defeat Zombies

Plant vs Zombies 2 has caught fancy of gamers around the world. From its cheats to levels everything has been revealed. We bring to you exclusive Plant vs Zombies 2 tricks so that flowers have more energy. Here take a look:

Take maximum sun from the sun producing plants such as Twin Sun flower and Sun –hroom. This will endow you with more energy to Defeat zombies.

You can also take sun in the day time when it falls from the sky. So along with 50 suns which you get in every level this is another way to increase your sun energy.

Plant the flowers which catch the energy of sun. In times of winters and fog, it is best to have plants which have entrapped energy for you.

From sunflowers you can get 25 suns, from Twin Sunflowers you can get two 25-value sun.

To get more energy from the sun you can also plant sun-mushrooms which produce 25  suns when they grow up.

Another Plant vs Zombies 2 trick to win the game is to obtain the sun every 10 seconds.

One of the very interesting cheat to win plant vs zombies 2 is to use zombies to get energy.… Read the rest

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Plants Vs Zombies 2:Top Tricks and Top Tips To Master The Game

Plants Vs Zombies 2 has fast become a best seller amongst iOS games. PopCap Games, the developers of Plants Vs Zombies have made the game a freemium, and it is actually a good system – the whole game can be played for free, it is just a bit more difficult and takes longer. To help those who don’t want to spend money on in game buying here are some top tips.

  1. Sunflowers are very important. Try and aim for two rows and defend them with Potato Mines in the beginning.
  2. Place area effect plants in the second and fourth lanes for maximum effect. Plants like the Threepeater and Snapdragon will work great for this tactic.
  3. You get more plant food every level and you can only hold three so make sure to use it while playing the level.
  4. Try and keep a roof top type plant like the Kernel-pult at hand; plant food will make them hit the entire screen at once.
  5. If the Yeti is escaping, restart the level and the Yeti will be back with his treasure. Remember though, you must defeat the Yeti and pass the level to get the treasure!
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