US-Based Accessories Manufacturer Zagg Enters India With Brilyant

US-based mobile accessories manufacturer Zagg has entered the Indian market in association with Brilyant and Croma. Brilyant works with manufacturers to provide country-wide distribution of consumer electronics.

With the help of its new partners in India, Zagg will be introducing a host of products such as audio accessories, power banks, bases, keyboards and screen guards for buyers. These accessories will be available within a price range of Rs. 699 to Rs. 9999. Their products cover a number of phones and tablets.

Strong collaborations

As of now, the company will have 18,000 sale points and their products would be sold by Croma. This association has also come through Brilyant.

Zagg managing director Chris Ahern has great hopes from this venture and said that the company will make a constant endeavor to enhance and elevate the standard of mobile available in India.

Speaking about the success of the deal, Brilyant CEO Suresh Reddy said that they are confident of delivering Zagg products across the country so that it becomes a popular choice in a short span of time.

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Idea Aurus: A Fresh And Innovative 3G Smartphone

Idea has uncovered a latest 3G smartphone in India, called the Idea Aurus, which is made with a dual SIM. Costing Rs. 7,190, Idea Aurus is a mid-range phone, which joins the league of other smartphone available in the market with 3G networks.

The Idea Aurus will hit the shelves at mobile retail stores and Idea outlets all over India. This smartphone marks the third in line 3G phones introduced by Idea, following its predecessors- the ID 280, ID 918, and Blade.

Made with a fresh and innovative design, the Aurus joins the lineup of Gingerbread devices along with the Blade and ID 280, who operate on Android 2.2. Android is a Google’s paid application, which many Indian developers have incorporated in their devices.

The smartphone was launched at an event in Mumbai, where Sashi Shankar, Chief Marketing Officer of Idea Cellular talked about how 3G has gained paced in small towns, where broadband access is still unavailable. He further added that affordable smartphones with 3G services are widely accepted in Tier 2 amd 3 towns.

The new Aurus offers key 3G features such as Video calling. The device has a 5MP rear camera along with a camera at the front for making video calls. It will operate on an 800MHz chip processing unit and has Android 2.3.

The memory card of 4GB is expandable up to 32GB. The 3.5-inch capacitive multi-touch display has a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. There’s cloud backup, RSS feed and social networking support too.

The Idea Aurus will come pre-installed with apps including Idea TV, Idea mall, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Orkut.

With Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity choices, users of Idea Aurus can enjoy Internet services right on their device. Moreover, Aurus buyers and Idea users who recharge their device with an amount of Rs. 259 will avail 3G benefits worth Rs. 2,340.… Read the rest

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Windows 8: Why the Ladies Ought to Look Forward to It

So yes, it’s time to start the countdown until Microsoft launches the latest version of Windows 8, and we cannot wait to get our hands on it. Now we know the tech world loves to look down on Microsoft and ridicule the troublesome OS that Windows has been in the past, its popularity notwithstanding. But the truth remains that even till date, it remains the topmost preferred OS for PCs worldwide. And it gets better with the upcoming Windows 8. We’re going to look at Windows 8 from a slightly different angle and tell you why all the ladies are also going to love the new Windows.

PC-Tablet-Mobile Interconnectivity: Yes, Apple’s already been doing this for a while, so let’s not rain on their parade. But, Windows 8 is going to be launched for computers, for the Surface tablet, and of course, even on mobile phones. So it just makes syncing so much more comprehensive and smooth, which ordinary third-party applications cannot even compare with. With Windows 8, Microsoft’s strategy is to grab market share away from users of iPads and Android tablets, and the advantage of seamlessness might just make it happen.

Apps on Demand: Finally, what we’ve had on our smartphones might just be the future of our PCs too, with Microsoft offering apps from their market for users to download and personalize their systems according to their preferences. This means, ladies, you can have all your exclusive fashion, beauty, and fitness apps even on your computer.

Amazing Interface: Taking inspiration from the tiles on offer already on Windows mobiles, Windows 8 just gets more snazzy, and how! Touch ready, we think the future of computing will be the perfect blend of touch-screens and typepads, and did we mention compact? So no more backaches from lugging around hefty laptops in those ugly, hideous black bags. Ultrabooks are already here, give them a touch-screen too and load Windows 8, and we’ve got magic at our fingertips.… Read the rest

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Change Your Pics Into Fun Arts Using BeFunky App!

Shaking a stick and becoming gorgeous was something we have seen in all fairy tales. And now with BeFunky app, shaking a stick can give you many more effects than what princess got in stories.

Don’t we all just love to add funky and cool pics on our profiles, which would surely get us maximum likes and comments! Yes, we all do.

Try out BeFunky app, using which you can have some serious fun with your pictures. Get creative with this photo art feature app, which is absolutely free of cost!

Best described as a Photoshop, BeFunky has a plethora of photo editing effects that can let you have some fun with your personal photos.

Launched in the US market, BeFunky is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

This free photo-editing tool has all effects, frames, tricks, and anything else you could think of, of doing with your pictures.

Tekin Tatar, founder and CEO of BeFunky said that the app is in direct competition with already established apps such as Hipstamatic and Instagram. He further added that the advanced smart enhancement and photo correction algorithms make this application different from its rivals.

This Turkish startup is best known for its high-quality special effects. On BeFunky, you can choose from a variety of artsy frames, borders, and top it off with a retro finish.

Try out its Old Photo and Gritty HDR, which are fun to use. Not only this, you can also make subtle or extreme variations to brightness, hues and tones.

Explore and have fun with this application, paint your hair green or red or even blue!

Once you are done with all touches and styles, share your picture on Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr or Twitter.

Well, there is also BeFunky’s website, where you can upload your photo. You can visit the site at

BeFunky also has a gallery, which is a database of thousands of edited photos. Click on it, comment, rate, or even share the pics! Here is the link to the gallery:

An innovative and exciting kid on the block, BeFunky hopes to mark its entry into the US market. The app comes in many languages. It has soared to 5 million active monthly users and 500,000 daily users that create 50 million photos each month.

So have you used your creativity and tried out BeFunky effects? Isn’t it fun and easy to use? No worries if you haven’t, install it today itself and get started!… Read the rest

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The Updated Facebook App: So Much Easier to Stay Connected on the Move!

Yes, we’ve all been there, and done that – Facebook on our smartphones isn’t something new, some might say. And to be honest, I was with each of you skeptical folks on this one. As much as I love my smartphone and how easy it makes browsing and e-mailing on the move, I wasn’t quite satisfied with its Facebook app and used to prefer checking Facebook only when I was online through a PC. But I recently got a chance to check out the new and improved Facebook app for the iOS, and let me tell you, I was certainly not disappointed.

The updated Facebook app for iPhones is specifically optimized to work on Apple’s devices and is far more responsive and works almost twice as fast as the older versions. At first look though, you may not be able to see much of the change, as the UI remains pretty much the same, with just a few extra additions like a banner for “New Stories” and improved photo viewing experience. But the real change is in the code – what previously was coded in HTML5 has now been coded entirely with Apple’s iOS SDK, making it extremely customized and exclusive, and hence offering much better performance.

It sure must have been a lot of work, but the results are something we are all extremely grateful for. Unlike the previous updates to the app, this one has completely revamped the code of the Facebook app to make it so much edgier and faster to use. In addition, Facebook on mobiles is moving in a more social direction with Facebook’s Messenger and Camera add-on apps. With the Camera app, sharing photos and creating albums becomes a one-step process. The latest version of the Camera app even has its own news tab that gives you exclusive notifications about photos and even lets you “Like” comments received.

But one of the best features of the Facebook for mobiles has got to be the Messenger app that lets me chat with my online friends, no matter where I am. This just makes it more likely for me to bump into those friends who rarely ever come online on Facebook and get an update or two from them, right from my mobile. The coolest thing about the Facebook Messenger app is that it works just like the Chat feature on the Facebook link on your PC. When you go offline because you lose your connection or log out, any messages sent to you come up in your inbox as messages. This is especially important given our mobile networks do inevitably let us down when we are traveling, but that doesn’t mean we have to lose our conversations.

So now, that I have the whole gamut of Facebooks apps installed, my phone has just made me so much more social – be it Places, sharing photos using Camera, catching up with friends using Messenger, or just plain old Facebooking, I get to do it on the move, and I get to do it real fast.… Read the rest

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