The Demand Of iPhone 5 Surpasses The Sale Record Of 4S

Apple's sixth-gen iPhone 5 smartphoneDespite an array of wide criticism surfacing around Apple iPhone 5 for its flawed iOS 6 Maps and lightning port, the demand for the device has not slowed down a bit. The rising popularity clearly indicated that users consider the firm’s latest Maps app fiasco to be the least problem.

According to certain reports, the demand for the iPhone 5 has even surpassed the sale record of the company’s 4S as was reported earlier too.

According to a poll of 4,270 primarily North American consumers done by ChangeWave in September, around 31 percent of respondents were either “very likely” or “somewhat likely” to buy the iPhone 5. And a similar survey done last year indicated that 21.5 percent of respondents were interested in buying the fifth generation tablet.

As per Dr. Paul Carton, Vice President of Research, ChangeWave, “Despite the media attention surrounding both the Apple Maps issue and the Apple Lightning port issue, neither has had an impact on the massive numbers of buyers queuing up to buy the iPhone 5. Rather, the survey results show both issues hardly rank as bumps in the road.”

The iPhone 5 is Apple’s sixth-gen smartphone. Launched on Sept. 21, the device came out with no Google Maps, instead it introduced its own mapping software. The phone also marked to be the first to have a smaller connector, called Lightning because of which users had to buy adapters to use the device with legacy accessories such as car chargers and speaker systems.

As per the survey, just 6 percent considered the Lightning port a “very big problem,” while 31 percent said they felt it was “somewhat of a problem.”

Apple announced selling five million iPhone 5 devices during the first three days of its launch. Since then, the supply was short due to the slowdown of manufacturing process at its plant in Foxconn.… Read the rest

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Apple Map App On The Road To Improvement

Apple Maps AppJust as promised, Tim Cook is doing his best to renew its latest Apple Maps app and fix the problem users complained of in its mapping software as soon as possible.

As per the latest reports, iPhone 5 users in the New York City have noticed a little bit of improvement in the iO6 Maps software as Apple has added more 3D data.

Earlier seen as flat images, users of iPhone 5 can now see the newly 3D-ified Stature of Liberty and an improved Brooklyn Bridge. Same improvements are seen in the map data for much Brooklyn, which is now available in 3D.

These improvements come a week after Cook apologized for the defected Maps app. He made an apology and said, “We are extremely sorry for the frustration this has caused our customers and we are doing everything we can to make Maps better.”

Luckily for all iOS users, the upgrading of Apple Maps App has come sooner than expected, which clearly shows how serious the company is to give users the best experience.

However, there’s lot more that still needs to be done. Apple has added 3D data, and now the firm must correct the addresses, and fix all the incorrect directions so that its Maps App stays perfect, just as its devices.… Read the rest

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So, Here Are A Few Alternatives For Apple’s Not So Cool Map App

Sure we have heard a lot of grumbling about the Apple’s new Maps app, and we know lot of iPhone users won’t sit idle until Apple comes up with a fixed Maps app solution.

Therefore, for those looking out for better navigation choices on their iPhone devices, take a look at other alternatives available out there, which the best of all- are free of cost via mobile safari browser.

Nokia Maps

There’s no confusion that Nokia’s web app could be a great solution for those using iOS 6. Nokia maps app surely stays the winner with the highest score for offering total navigation services. The app is precise, quick, and easy-to-use and will assure you don’t lose your way.

Offering readings with support from layers, traffic, public transportation, and directions, Nokia web Map app also shows points of interest such as restaurants and coffee shops. Along with this, Nokia Maps also carry Map view, satellite view, a public transportation view, and live traffic views.

Visit on your iPhone to get started with Nokia Maps app.

Google Maps

Google Maps on the Web also makes a good choice to reach from point-to-point with an expanded coverage. Giving users best map views on earth, this app comes loaded with features such as driving, transit, biking, and walking directions. Layers in Google Maps on the web include satellite, traffic, and bicycling. However, the response time of Google Maps on the web could be a little slow as compared to the native app that Apple replaced.

Visit on your iPhone from Safari browser to get started.


Bing Maps

A great mapping application, Bing Maps by Microsoft offers you a great way to explore places around. Map layers include directions and show traffic in three different styles such as road, aerial, and bird’s eye. Bing Maps app on the web is easy-to-follow and offers precise details with quick response.

Log on to from your iPhone to get started.


Take a look at these Maps app, they are all handy and impressive in a way or the other.


Courtesy:… Read the rest

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“Apple Still To Approve A Separate Google Maps Apps For iOS”: Google’s Eric Schmidt

Inaccurate information and errors in navigation in Apple’s latest Maps apps drew lot of criticism from all users of iPhone 5 and iOS 6. And things got a little hyped up as Apple Map Apps replaced Google Maps, which had been a staple in Apple’s iPhones and iPads since 2007.

Google Maps is already a well developed application, which is complete, accurate and easy-to-use.

According to a report on Eric Schmidt, Chairman, Google on, he said that the company is waiting for Apple to approve the offer of including a separate Google Maps app in the iPhone. He further said that nothing has been decided up to now, it’s totally going to be Apple’s decision whether Google Maps can be a part of the iOS operating system or not.

Apple replaced Google Maps not because of some fault, but due to its balanced relationship. It seems that once-good friends; Apple and Google are no longer associates.

The rivalry between the two started when Google developed its Android mobile operating system, which runs devices that are Apple’s rivals such as Samsung and HTC. Google’s Android is the most popular smartphone available in the market today.

However, Google refused to comment or give any clarifications about the application being pending in Apple’s hands. But the firm did say that it supports giving the app to as many users as it can.

On being asked to comment, Apple refused to respond.

However, there is a way for users of iOS 6 to use Google Maps. They can access it through their browser but what they will get will be a slightly stripped-down version of the app. The application can even be pinned to the home page, using the share menu in Safari browser.… Read the rest

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Apple’s New Map Lacks Depth And Glint As Compared To Google Maps: Users

Apple’s iOS 6 is out and is much loved by users. However, despite being a solid update, there are few glitches to the software.

In spite of so much to be liked about this new version, users are still reluctant to let go of old iOS due to the Google Maps application. The latest iOS 6 software does take Apple’s devices to new directions, only it lacks directions in its Apple Maps app.

Apple’s new Maps app is one new addition in iOS, which is universally hated by all reviewers. Apple replaced Google Maps in iOS 6 with its own maps application, which seems to be riddled with problems.

Misplaced addresses and inaccurate findings are main points in Apple’s new Maps app that are most hated by users.

For its new app, Apple is using data navigation firm TomTom and others such as Yelp, to create information, only to disappoint users. On being asked to clear its stance on the matter, TomTom said it offered just the data and was not responsible to see how the app got into effect and worked.

The new Maps app by Apple comes pre-installed in its latest offering- the iOS 6 software.

News regarding the complaints is hitting the web across the globe, with users reporting getting misplaced due to incorrect landmarks or places.

But now these users got no choice until Apple upgrades its Maps app for better as it comes pre-installed in Apple devices.

In spite of complaints regarding the Maps app, Apple’s iOS 6 is pretty solid. The firm has worked on a lot of changes to make the interface attractive and reasonable.

The iOS 6 comes installed with a lot of features including the ability to add photos or video to e-mails, set up different e-mail signatures, send Facebook updates or set a “do not disturb” period. And then there’s Siri tool, which can listen and command to voice controls.

All things good, but Apple really needs to work on its Maps app to give users a better search option. We know Apple will surely do it; it might just take some time.

Apple’s New Maps app has faced a lot of criticism. Many feel it lacks the depth and glint that Google Maps had.

The street sings tag on the app has a small font, which is not easy to read. So it’s likely for users to miss a turn with this new app. Along with place listings, the maps are also not logical. It isn’t as clear as traffic layout in the Google Maps. And now with Google Maps for Android, users can also take a peek inside the shops or buildings.

So downloading the latest iOS 6 is totally up to users. It depends on how much they use Maps. The iOS 6 has got a lot of exciting features. It’s just the Maps app, that we are sure Apple will immediately start working on to improve for better.… Read the rest

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