Microsoft Windows 10 Release Date: May Get a July Launch

With the release date of Windows 10 coming closer, rumors regarding the possible dates of unveiling the new operating system is splurging the web every now and then. While some reports claim that it will take just a week to get the new Windows launched, other reports says that it’s just a couple of month’s wait. Two dependable sources, Russian leaker Wzor and The Verge’s Tom Warren claim the flagship operating system to be launched sometimes in July. Though the official sources from the company confirmed the launch of the operating system in summer, AMD CEO Lisa Su has mistakenly reported the release to happen by the “end of July”.


Microsoft Windows 10 May Get a July LaunchThough Warren and Wzor are hinting on the release date of Windows 10, they have some differences in the details.

While Warren claims the new Windows would get a public launch on July 29, Wzor reports that the new Windows will reach different RTM by the end of July. Microsoft Windows 10 is one of the most-awaited operating systems launched by the company and is expected to renew the experience of using Microsoft’s operating system. Yet, to get further details on the operating system or its confirmed launched date, people will have to wait for an official announcement from the company. … Read the rest

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Microsoft Sends Fresh Invites For The Launch Of Surface Tablet On October 26

Surface tabs October should be marked as the month of launches. After three weeks, Microsoft, as speculated, will launch its Surface tablet on October 26th, taking a plunge into the tab market. Mark the calendar not just for this, but also for the firm’s latest version of its OS, Windows 8, which will also come out on 25th this month.

Microsoft has started sending out fresh invites for a special “Surface Reception” event on October 25, with main focus on Windows 8. The invitation comes with Microsoft’s new logo along with Windows logo amidst New York’s grey skyscrapers with color hues in between. The event is scheduled to begin at 10 am EST.

Details regarding the pricing of the tablet is expected to be uncovered at the event. Rumors suggest that it could cost $600-$800. However, recent reports say that Surface for Windows RT could start at $199, in competition with Google’s Nexus 7 tablet.

There are also reports that speculate that Microsoft could launch only Wi-Fi version of Surface tab, with 3G version coming out later sometime.

Microsoft also announced opening doors to its pop-up stores in the US and Canada on October 26th to display its latest Surface tablet computer.

Microsoft’s new line of Surface Tabs was uncovered at an event held at Milk Studios in Hollywood back in June. One tab will feature Windows 8 Pro and the other will run on Windows RT with ARM-based processor.

With these scheduled launches, we are sure that Steve Ballmer is going to be a busy man this season.… Read the rest

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Windows 8 App Development, Bengaluru Plays Host To 3000 Developers

By now, it’s pretty well established that the launch of Windows 8 is going to be huge, in many ways, for Microsoft and for the rest of the world. As the firm gears up to roll out Windows 8 to millions of PC users worldwide, Bangalore played host to over 3000 developers who gathered to develop apps for the upcoming Windows as Microsoft attempted to set a World Record for maximum participants in a single event for app development.

Obviously, the infrastructure requirements were massive, and putting together a venue that could host as many developers, provide power and internet for the developers was no mean feat for its crew of about 500 people. The 18 hour event wasn’t all about just the infrastructure; it was regulated by strict rules like not letting participants leave the venue for more than 60 minutes, using only systems with Windows 8’s RTM version (release to manufacturing) and Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, and qualified computer graduates only being eligible to develop apps.

A representative from Guinness was also present at the venue to conduct random screenings of the developers busy coding in a bid to set new records. The sheer scale of the event further brought out the level of enthusiasm among the developers gathered and the air was abuzz with coding minds tapping away on their laptops.… Read the rest

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iPhone5 Hits The Shelves In Nine Countries, Release Date In India Still Unknown

D-day is here. 21st Sept.

Today evening, the iPhone 5 is set to hit the shelves in Apple Stores in nine countries, going on sale in the US, at 8 am- the local time.

In much anticipation, eager buyers have already formed long queues outside the stores all over the world.

All happy customers were greeted with ‘iPhone 5’ ‘iPhone 5’ slogans and a ‘hi-five’ as they entered the stores to buy their precious sleek smartphone.

This latest sixth generation iPhone 5 is out in the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

The never-ending excitement is still buzzing as it rolls out worldwide to 22 more countries on Sept. 28, including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

The iPhone 5 comes in a choice of two colors including black/slate and white/silver. It can be bought in three versions such as 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB at a price range of $199, $299, and $399 respectively.

The wait, it seems it going to be bit longer for Apple fans in India as its release date in the country is still unknown.… Read the rest

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Should I Buy iPhone 5 If I have iPhone 4S?

As the world goes gaga over Apple’s sixth next-gen smartphone iPhone 5, I simply look down at my iPhone 4S and wonder if it’s time for a switch!

Although the iPhone 5 is super-cool, it’s lighter, thinner, smarter, updated, bigger and most important for me- it’s the latest, the decision is quite tough. Well, to state it simply, iPhone 5 is leaps and bounds better than any phone Apple has ever launched.

Yes, just like many of you, I too agree that 4S is no slouch and has many features same as 5, but what about the screen size or the revamped Siri? Well, from the perspective of watching videos or playing ‘Angry Birds’ or ‘Temple Run’, I don’t mind a bigger screen.

But is considering the screen size enough to break the old contract with 4S and shell extra bucks to bag the iPhone 5?

Let’s take a look at what Apple has played with in its latest iPhone 5. Then we can decide if it’s worth to get the upgrade….

We can start with the screen size, the focused and much obvious concern of many. Apple has added an extra inch to the screen size of its iPhone 5, which sports a larger 4-inch diagonal screen as compared to 4S, which has a 3.5-inch screen. This mean the latest Apple phone will support a fifth row of icons on every screen. And while the screen of iPhone 5 has got bigger, the phone has got lighter and thinner. For this iPhone 5 surely gets a (+). Made of sleek glass and aluminum, this phone is 7.8mm in thickness, has 12 percent less volume, is 18 percent thinner than 4S and weighs 112grams, which makes it 20 percent lighter than iPhone 4S. Tempting, huh!

And then along with a larger display, iPhone 5 also has a larger Retina display, with 18 percent more pixels for 1136-by-640 resolution as compared to 4S. Imagine what fun it would be to watch HD videos on iPhone 5, which has 44 percent greater color saturation than before, meaning better and better clarity.

Then there is the updated intelligent assistant- Siri, who’s just like a personal assistant. Siri is revamped in iPhone 5 and is just the answer to sports scores and stats, where to eat, what movies to see or can even be asked to make Facebook posts or post tweets.

Another plus point in iPhone 5 is 4G LTE, which is fastest data network in the world. Considering this, I was okay with iPhone 4S 3G as 4G wasn’t there when iPhone 4S came out in India.

But one disappointing feature in 4S is the battery life, which is almost same in the iPhone 5 too, same eight hours of LTE browsing and talk time. But iPhone 5 can browse the Web for ten hours instead of eight.

The new iPhone also comes with ‘EarPods’, which is something I didn’t get with 4S. The former will be a treat for music lovers as it has three microphones- at front, back, and bottom. The iPhone 4S has just one at the bottom.

Also those who buy the new iPhone 5, will get a lightning, small, smart, durable, and reversible connector, which will replace the huge 30-pin connector we got with 4S.

Apple has also replaced the processor from A5 in 4S to A6 chip in iPhone 5, which is twice as faster and even spares the battery life.

The camera in both the phone is same with 8-megpixel, so you don’t have to think on that front.

Considering all pros and cons, I guess the decision is going to be really tough for a jump to iPhone 5, especially for those, whose contract with iPhone 4S is still not over. Both the phones are equally great though 5 gets more points than 4S. Why won’t it? Who doesn’t like faster downloads, latest technical updates and bigger screen!

But in case you have iPhone 4, trust me you need to change. In tech terms, your phone is ancient. Switch to iPhone 5. And those of us with iPhone 4S, can also go for iPhone 5, I guess. We can always sell our 4S and might just get a good offer price too! That’s worth joining the league of proud iPhone 5 owners.… Read the rest

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Apple Uncovered iPhone 5 & iPod… Next is iPad Mini?

Quite true to the speculations going around, iPhone 5 was just the same as what was expected, no big surprises there!

Delivering what analysts thought Apple would, the fun of iPhone 5 will begin as the smartphone hits the shelves this 21st.

Despite all rumors and leaks, it was assumed that Apple would also announce ‘iPad Mini’ alongside. But the event was so packed with new releases that Apple thought it to be best to unveil the ‘iPad Mini’ next month.

At the press conference, Apple announced the new iPhone, revamped iPod, and an updated version of iTunes.

Clubbing together speculations of iPad Mini, Apple might have something in store for the holiday season. So we have enough time to grab a model of iPhone 5 and think about iPad Mini later on.

In case both- the iPad mini and iPhone 5 hit the stores by October end, Apple will get huge amount of foot traffic in its stores during November and the Christmas season!

Whenever the smaller version of much successful iPad is launched, the tab will have to face competition with Apple’s rivals- inexpensive 7-inch the Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, and Google Nexus 7.

Being powerful and strong, these tabs are less expensive and are priced at between $159 and $249.

Both the Kindle Fires have Amazon’s impressive ecosystem backing them, while the Nexus 7 offers Google’s latest Android software and Google Play apps and content.

iPad has sold around 84 million units so far. In its last quarter alone, Apple sold 17 million iPads. But nothing can guarantee the success of iPad Mini, as yet.

At the press conference for iPhone 5, Tim Cook, CEO, Apple said, “The iPad is driving the post-PC revolution at a breathtaking pace.”

Apple can hope to grab users’ attention with its ‘iPad Mini’, which is believed to come out at a lower price of maybe $299.

Another catch for the iPad Mini will be access to the App Store, which now has 700,000 apps, with 250,000 tailored for the iPad.

Post the iPhone 5 launch, now let’s just wait for the next offering by Apple – a smaller iPad, which we believe will be more comfortable to hold and lighter than the already existing 10-inch iPad.… Read the rest

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Both The Chips Are Here: iPhone 5’s A6 and iPod’s A5X: Which is better?

The cat is finally out of the bag after Apple’s announcement about the latest iPhone 5 and the new iPod Touch. But the next big question on everyone’s minds is what difference would it make from a gaming perspective, now that Apple has announced that both these devices will feature different chipsets?

Now the A5X chip of the iPod Touch isn’t anything new, and has been around since the past six months. It is basically an updated version of the previous A5 dual-core chip with an enhanced graphics processing unit or GPU. The A5X was designed to have twice the power of the A5, with a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 system-on-a-chip with a clock speed of 1GHz, giving out a quad-core GPU.

Also see Asphalt 7 proves A6 has blistering speed:

In the iPod Touch, the A5X would probably be downsized a bit, not just in terms of dimensions, but also correspondingly in terms of power. We can probably expect a clock speed of around 800 MHz and a dual-core GPU for better battery efficiency. Since the screen size is much smaller than that of the iPad, the downgrade from quad-core to dual-core GPU shouldn’t have too much of an adverse effect on gaming performance on the iPod Touch.

The A6 processor within the iPhone 5, on the other hand, would be the first device in the market to feature the Cortex A-15. The A-15, we’ve heard, is expected to be at least 40% faster than the A9 in terms of performance, keeping the number of cores and the speed same. We can expect the A6 to feature a dual-core processor, in keeping with the A5 designs. This would make the A6 much more powerful in terms of supporting browsing, usage of applications, and other functions of the phone in general.

But we doubt if the speediness of the A6 would translate into a better gaming experience. For a phone, Apple would definitely want the battery to last longer, and would not be able to put in a high performance GPU into the iPhone 5 as a result. However, with Apple, nothing can be said until we actually get our hands on the devices, given their extreme secrecy in revealing specifications and technical details about them.… Read the rest

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New iPhone Coming Soon? Watch Out for Sep. 12th!

Apple has set an official date, 12th September for a press release. And it is natural on our part to speculate if it’s the new iPhone or iPad Mini that is going to hit the shelves near us soon. Lately, there have been lot of rumors that the Cupertino Calif.-based company is in plans to launch its latest next-gen iPhone.

Slated to take place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, the event is most likely to unveil the new iPhone- one that might not be called iPhone 5!

The invitation sent out by Apple has a white background with 12 number written in black, which casts a faint, shadowy number 5 so maybe it is called iPhone 5 or it just emphasized the fact that it is the 5th iPhone by Apple. We can’t really comment much. However, it can also be called the ‘New iPhone’, just like the ‘New iPad’!

Now let’s take a look at some of the features (what is rumored it might have) of this much anticipated smartphone.

New iPhone is expected to have a slightly bigger screen than iPhone 4S, but it will be thinner and faster. The phone might have a display of 4-inch diagonally with a wider aspect ratio and a Retina qualifying 320 ppi pixel density.

There are also rumors that the device will be compatible with 4G LTE, which will offer users faster mobile browsing.

It is also expected that the new iPhone will use a smaller dock connector of either 19 or 9 pin port, which will be foolproof in design and will be based on faster I/O tech. So I guess, Apple is going to offer a light and easier way to charge its latest smartphone.

New iPhone might also have Apple’s newest mobile OS, which includes features such as Facebook integration, a Do Not Disturb mode, a completely upgraded maps app, redesigned stores and iTunes apps, and a magical color-changing status bar.

Some features might also be changed a little bit from beta to beta however, including the appearance of App Store search results.

The design of new iPhone is rumored to get a fresh coat of paint. The overall look will be sleek and stylish as with all Apple devices, which do make a statement.

There’s bound to be other new things about the next iPhone, including maybe a beefier processor, a true A6 maybe! It might also have better graphics processing capabilities and expanded storage options. There’s also a chance to see redesigned earbuds.

Whatever speculations might be, but just in case Apple’s iPhone turns to be true just as guessed, I think all of us will just have to keep out pockets a little tight, until its release!… Read the rest

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Rivalry of Smartphones? First Apple, Now Nokia, Motorola to Launch New Smartphones

Apple Inc. has never been short of competitors. Earlier, the firm had an advantage of catching its rivals off guard by launching new devices all of a sudden. But now, with growing competition, Apple is never at loss for attracting news for the launch of its latest devices as speculations have been around for its next iPhone 5 and iPad Mini.

Major tech giants are now always on a look out to stay ahead of Apple and come out with devices earlier than Apple’s launch.
As rumors of Apple unveiling its iPhone 5 this Sept. 12th comes around, several other tech companies have also crammed up to unveil their latest offerings.
First in the line are Nokia and Motorola Mobility, both of whom have slated a press release for Wednesday, where they are likely to unveil new smartphones.

And the next day, Thursday is scheduled for Amazon, where it is expected to introduce new Kindle devices to users.
Samsung, however, took the jump ahead of all and unveiled ATIV S and Galaxy Note II at IFA 2012 in Berlin. Sony also made an announcement of new tablets at the same electronics conference in Berlin.
The tech event calendar is busy for next few days till the 12th, with all these major giants unveiling their new devices.

Many analysts believe that the news of Apple’s announcement of its latest iPhone 5 has had a major effect on its competitors, who have now lined up their releases for the same month as Apple’s!

Hoping for undivided attention, these makers now follow suit Apple and call for their press events to launch their products instead of unveiling them at electronic shows in the US.

The year, it seems will be particularly interesting for techies, not only for smartphones and tablets, but also for Microsoft, which is planning to launch its latest Windows 8 operating system anytime soon.

Microsoft is also going to launch its own Surface tablet, slated for October 26 release.

October will also see Apple’s iPad Mini, which will be a smaller version of iPad with a 7.85-inch screen, assuming to be in competition with Samsung tabs.
The week is especially important for Nokia, whose future depends upon the success or failure of its newer Lumia mobile devices.

Even though these tech giants get in line to compete and stay above each other, good news is for us, as users, who are getting better and faster devices with more affordable choices!… Read the rest

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Samsung Hits Yet Again, Unveils Stylish ATIV S, World’s First Windows 8 Phone

Samsung made its another big announcement in Berlin at the IFA 2012 by unveiling the world’s very first Windows 8 phone device, following the pronouncement of Galaxy Note II.

For those speculating about what the first dual-core Windows phone would look like, the wait has come to an end.

The Korean manufacturer took a leap ahead of its competitors and took covers off the ATIV S, a smartphone running Windows 8 Phone.

Sleek, smart, and stylish, the ATIV S, announced Samsung will sport a 4.8-inch screen and a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor. This super slim smartphone is just one-third of an inch in thickness.

In addition, the device also boasts of NFC and Bluetooth support and 1GB of onboard RAM. It is also packed with an 8 MP camera at the back and 1.9 MP camera at the front that would let you capture great moments easily. There is also a choice for 16 GB or 32 GB of internal storage. The device also has a slot for an SD card.

In head-to-head competition with Nokia and Microsoft’s Windows 8 Phone, Samsung has made this phone for both business as well as entertainment as it comes loaded with Microsoft Office applications. We have heard that the phone will come packed with hoard of Samsung apps including the Media Hub and the Music Hub for the US market.

In Windows Phone website, Ben Rudolph, Windows Phone marketing director, Microsoft wrote that the phone is designed to be thin and offers a comfortable hold with its oblong hemisphere design.

A headturner and powerful device in one, the ATIV S has an actual Windows button instead of a capacitive one.

A massive backup of 2300mAh battery will keep this phone rocking the entire day.

A true beauty, Samsung has not yet announced the availability or pricing of the ATIV S.

But yes, it did specify the color, saying that the device will be available in Marble White or Titanium Gray.

Samsung did steal the show this year at the IFA in Berlin, making announcements of a couple of new products, including three ATIV Windows tablets- two 11.6-inch tablets and a 10.1-inch tablet, both of which will run Windows operating systems. The larger tablets, the ATIV Smart PC and the Smart PC Pro are made with styluses and detachable keyboards and will run Windows 8. The ATIV Tab runs Windows RT.

The company also announced the launch of a new version of the Samsung Galaxy Note II and has also unveiled Galaxy Player 5.8!

Despite the legal battles, Samsung has proved its worth. It’s clear that the Korean smartphone giant won’t stop by any barriers that may come its way and will continue to delight its users by making innovative and outstanding products always.… Read the rest

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