Apple Music, iBooks & iTunes Movies Now In China

By Mgmoscatello, via Wikimedia Commons

China is an important market for most international companies now and Apple is no exception. To increase its dominance in the country and to assure investors of their plans, Apple has introduced iTunes Movies, Apple Music as well as iBooks in the mainland.

While launching these products in China, Apple senior vice-president of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue said that their customers in China are important for the company as they have provided the largest market for Apple apps.

Non-stop fun at a pocket-friendly prices

Users in China can now enjoy Apple Music at a price of 10 yuan or $1.57 per month. iTunes movies will be available with two different plans. People looking for HD rentals can get it at a starting price of 5 yuan or $ 0.79 and those searching for HD purchases can have it at 18 yuan or $2.83.

iBooks, which forms a major interest for Apple users there, can be availed just by shelling 0.5 yuan or 8 cents. This is not all. To attract more users to their products, iTunes China offers the 2014 blockbuster movie The Taking of Tiger Mountain free of cost. This is for limited period of time. Apart from the freebie, iTunes will also offer innumerable Hollywood movies as well as a huge collection from the Chinese studios.

Apple Music will also come with some great attractions. It will feature popular regional artists like G.E.M, JJ Lin, Li Ronghao and Eason Chan. At the same time, there will be no dearth of music from international artists.

With all these plans, Apple seems to be gearing up for tough competition in China. By introducing these popular services, the company should be expecting greater foothold in the country as well as positive growth in its shares.

People’s view

While speaking about the latest offerings from Apple, user Madhurima Sengupta said, “The second largest economy of the world is going through hard times these days, yet introduction of new products may be helpful in stabilizing the condition to some extent.”

Neerja Dikshit, who has to travel far and wide for her job was thrilled to know about the launch. Being an Apple user, she said, “Now I can get non-stop entertainment from Apple Music even when I visit China.”… Read the rest

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How To Update iPad And iPhone To iOS 9 Beta

Apple released iOS 9 beta today. This automatically gives iPad and iPhone users scope to test the yet-to-be-finished OS. So even if the next iPhone—the iPhone 6S hits marts in September, you can know its operating system well enough.

Apple’s iOS 9 Beta Is HereWhy Apple Released The Beta?

Perhaps this decision from Apple came about as a safeguard against plausible glitches that it has already faced with its iOS 8 goof-ups. The latest iOS 9 is compatible all iDevices that run on iOS 8 at the moment.

Updating To iOS 9

The iOS 9 update comes for free. However, users will need to perform a device-enrol for the beta software public program. Before installing the iOS 9, it is advised that all current iOS data is backed up from the iTunes program instead of banking on iCloud. Follow this up by a profile download from your iPad or iPhone before updating.

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Apple Launches New Version of iTunes: Extra Features of Digital Movies to be The Focus

US-based tech company Apple has released the latest version of iTunes which upgraded its often-overlooked iTunes Extras features for digital movies.itunes

The company has launched the latest version, 11.3, which enables users to enjoy free bonus features for HD movies, while also extending the option to purchase movies on the Apple TV platform.

iTunes Extras for HD movies involves behind the scenes footage, deleted scenes, official galleries and concept art in full-frame HD.

The latest version also has a new Scenes feature that simplifies the process for viewers to “flip to your favourite movie moments.”

Special editions

Best of all, Apple says in a promotional video for the tool, new videos and galleries will be added as they arrive.

So if users buy a movie when it comes out, they could see some bonus footage arrive in time as studios prepare special editions and the like.

With an expansion to Apple TV, that only leaves iOS as the only platform without access to iTunes Extras, though Apple has promised a roll out with iOS 8 in the fall.

 It seems like Apple’s attempts to completely usurp the DVD and Blu-ray disc is gaining momentum again after a few years in the shadows.

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‘Breaking Bad’ Final Season: Apple Redeems iTunes Download Codes

Following criticisms and lawsuits, Apple recently announced giving iTunes users a refund for the Final Season of the Breaking Pass. The move to redeem codes came after the creators of the show decided to tear apart last season of the Breaking Pass into two parts consisting of eight episodes each. The two parts are named “Season 5” and “The Final Season”. The makers will air final eight episodes this year.

Apple was charging the entire season passes on iTunes store for each half, excluding the last eight episodes.

Writing an apology to users, Apple wrote “We apologize for any confusion the naming of “Season 5” and “The Final Season” of Breaking Bad might have caused you.”

The Cupertino Calif.-based firm further wrote, “While the names of the seasons and episodes associated with them were not chosen by iTunes, we’d like to offer you “The Final Season” on us by providing you with the iTunes code below in the amount of $22.99.”

The code can be redeemed at the rest

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The Sims FreePlay, MoonCraft, The Walkind Dead, The Simpsons: Sky is The Limit

Love playing fun games on your Android or iOS devices? Read on as we take you into the fun world of gaming, listing top 5 games of the week.

The Sims FreePlay

Now grow potatoes or seeds or spend some time in baking fun with The Sims Freeplay that’s available for free for Android and iOS devices. Played in real time, the game is sure to test your patience level as it takes months to attain level 52.   

The Walking Dead: The Game

A masterpiece in itself, live and enjoy the experience of killing zombies for free on your devices as these undead people come pounding down your door!


Play as you desire and explore the blocks to create an environment that’s ideal and personal with Mooncraft that’s available for $1.99 at iTunes and Google Play Store.

Scribblenauts Remix

Out for $0.99, sky is the limit for this fun and imaginative game that will indulge you in a different challenge everyday!

The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Fun and addictive, plunge into the world of your favorite Simpsons with this building game that lets you create your own Springfield. Available for free, the Simpsons: Tapped Out is worth downloading.… Read the rest

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iOS 6.1 For Apple iPhone 5 Gets Launched: The New Apple OS Lets Your 4G Whimsy Take Wings

Apple has finally brought iOS 6.1 into the world. This comes after at least 5 beta test
versions of the system. The best part of the 6.1 story remains its compatibility with 4G
LTE carrier. Add to this cool app support like booking movie shows via Siri through
Fandango. Moreover, this upgrade allows song download using iCloud via the iTunes
Match app.

Safari has some minor changes in this version for Safari. The mapping app could see
vital revamps on the iOS 6.1. Good news in this context is that the Apple bug that
had been eating up into the JavaScript setting for the iPhone has been killed with
the upgrade. The auto-change that was occurring with this bug caused a lot of users
The update follows the previous upgrade to iOS 6.0.2 that took place in December. To
check if your iPhone has got hold of the update check the Software Update tab under
Settings.… Read the rest

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Apple iTunes Now in India, Indonesia; Accessible on Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod

Apple users in India and Indonesia will now be able to purchase or rent digital content from the iTunes store. One can now purchase Indian as well as international movies or music from Apple’s download store. Users will be able to access iTunes Store on their computer or portable iOS device such as iPod, iPhone or iPad.

On the iTunes India store, songs are priced at Rs 12 per track, while music videos come at Rs 15 each. Movies on the store are priced between Rs. 290 to Rs. 490 depending on its resolution and how much of a hit that movie is. iTunes store will also allow you to rent Bollywood movies at Rs 80 and international movies at Rs 120. These movies will be accessible till 30 days after purchase. Once you start watching, it will be available for 48 hours. Rented movies will disappear from your drive once you have watched the movie. However, movies that you purchase will be available to watch at any time. You can watch it any number of times on any device.

The download store offers iTunes Gift Cards in denominations of Rs 1,000, Rs 1,500, Rs 3,000 and Rs 5,000. These can be ecards. You can also send them to a recipient over email or as printed cards.

An exciting thing about the Apple store is iTunes Match that uploads information about your entire music library online on the iCloud.… Read the rest

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iTunes – Now more Social than Ever Before

                                                                                                                                                                    While usually these upgrades are more on the technical side in the backend, this time around, the iTunes interface has been completely revamped, and how! Featuring an edge-to-edge snappy design, you can enjoy an entirely new experience with better view of the album art. But wait, that’s not all – the enhancement to iTunes doesn’t just end with a new look.

Probably the most exciting upgrade to iTunes is the integration of iCloud. There’s also the introduction of a brand new feature called “Up Next”, which is similar to the one in Spotify. With this feature, you can make a mini playlist of sorts, adding more songs to play after the currently playing track.

Another area that has been redesigned is the mini-player – it’s now got its own search bar and you can even manage your playlists directly from the mini-player. We have to say that the new iTunes sure looks a lot more stylish with a brand new look even for the iTunes Store. What we don’t know yet is if the resource-heavy iTunes has received a boost to improve its sluggishness though. Users can get their hands on the upgraded iTunes by late October, as per Apple reports.… Read the rest

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Bruce Willis Reads iTunes Terms of Service Agreement, May Take Apple To Court!

In an intriguing move, Bruce Willis, star of The Sixth Sense and Die Hard series is planning to take a legal action against the revolutionary Apple Inc.

It seems that most of us pass on to next level when it comes to reading on the terms and conditions of the Apple iTunes store. But that just excluded action hero, Bruce Willis who wants to sue Apple over the terms and conditions of its iTunes library.

The Hollywood star, it seems, is not happy over the fact that Apple won’t legally transfer his huge collection of digital music on iTunes to his daughters upon his death.

Willis has a huge collection of music on iTunes, which as per Apple’s conditions can only be borrowed by customers rather than owing them outright. The music, Apple says is under a nontransferable license and users buy the right to listen to that music instead of buying it altogether.

It means when Bruce Willis dies, so will his music library, which he so wants to pass on to his daughters- Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah.

This issue comes as a surprise to users who just realized that most of the iBooks and music they downloaded from iTunes or App Store do not actually belong to them. And it is something that various major music labels struggled with for years. Digital music being passed on to others was something that concerned music labels for long as it would have hurt sales of music.

But Apple’s deal with music labels for its iTunes Match cloud service took care of this, which charges users $25 per year for access into the entire music library in spite of the songs being bought on iTunes. According to the number of songs that come in a user’s library, Music Labels get a commission.

This issue has definitely raised a concern. In case Willis plans to take Apple to the court, we believe and really hope the firm would address his concern politely.  Willis, being a big star, doesn’t really care about money. But this issue will surely affect thousands of other consumers, who till now believed they owned their music library. At least I thought I owned my tunes, too, until now!… Read the rest

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Hulu Plus finally becomes a part of Apple TV


In a recent development of its TV set-top box, Apple on Tuesday announced that a new app Hulu has been added to its software.

 But with OS X Mountain Lion’s new Mac Airplay feature, Apple TV had no option but to introduce Hulu to its customers.

In order to have access to Hulu on your Apple TV, you will have to pay a premium of $7.99 every month to enjoy the service. But in order to give customers the feel of Hulu Plus, Apple has offered a free trial subscription of one week to all Apple TV owners. However, what needs your attention is that Hulu service will not offer all content that is available on Apple TV app. The reason behind the same is that many programs have web-only streaming license.

One of the major benefits that users will have from this new App is that they will be able to sign up for Plus directly through Apple TV. Customers can use their iTunes account to make payments.

There are no doubts about the fact that Apple takes a certain percentage on every subscription that is paid through a person’s iTunes account, but no one is sure about the percentage. Probably this is also the reason that Apple took so long to introduce Hulu plus on its Apple set-top box TV. Furthermore, if we have a look at the losses that TV show purchases are having on iTunes, you will understand Apple’s hesitation in introducing the new app.

 … Read the rest

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