iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Discounts: Walmart Goes on Mark Down Spree as iPhone 6 Release Looms

US-based supermarket has started offering heavy discount on Apple’s smartphones, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, from June 27 2014 on in-store purchases only. The heavy discount by the supermarket indicates that the company may likely to soon launch its android flagship smartphone, iPhone 6.

Heavy Discount On iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C By Walmart
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The 16GB iPhone 5C is available at a price of USD29, compared to the previous USD49 price range, while the same-capacity iPhone 5S can now be bought at USD99, compared to the previous USD149. The discounted iPhone 5S can be purchased with a two-year contract with AT&T, Verizon, US Cellular or Sprint, while an iPhone 5C can be purchased on-contract with AT&T or Verizon.


Apple is rumoured to release two versions of iPhone 6 this year, with one having a 4.7-inch display and the other boasting a 5.5- or 5.7-inch screen. Meanwhile, some analysts predict that the upcoming smartphone would be the biggest release from the company yet with record-breaking sales. We bring to you the four likely killer features that will make the smartphone stand tall above all its competitors.


Chinese web portal Tencent (via GforGames) has recently reported that the company would release its next-generation android flagship smartphone, iPhone 6 on September 19 2014. The report also claimed that the smartphone would be available in the 32GB and 64GB internal storage capacities, indicating that there will be no 16GB model. The 32GB model would carry a price tag of USD846, while the 64GB version would cost USD1,008.

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iPhone 6 Release Date is to Remain 4-inch: Will Apple Fail Once Again Against Samsung?

As far as iPhone 6 release date is concerned, it is not yet clear whether the Cupertino-based tech giant will bring in a bigger screen for its upcoming flagship phone.

As far as iPhone 6 release date is concerned, it is not yet clear whether the Cupertino-based tech giant will bring in a bigger screen for its upcoming flagship phone. Tim Cook has not given any assurance that the iPhone 6 would be sporting a screen size that is now common with most phablets. Cook hinted this in an interview and opined that before they launch a bigger display iPhone, they want to get reliable technology right.

However, Cook added that there are going to be several new and exciting categories and that their engineers have their hands full with some amazing stuff. Cook also clarified that Apple does not completely rule out the possibility that the next iPhone will have a larger screen, possible a 5-inch screen. There is also a possibility that Apple might be pushing for a key makeover for the present iPhone model. It might look to enhance the component capabilities and might enlarge the screen size but not phenomenally. There may be a faint screen bump up but  there are chances that the upcoming iPhone 6 pictured previously in various reports and speculations, will not be the same on its release.

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Apple iPhone 6 Release and Samsung Galaxy S5 Release to Come with $50 Discount?

iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5 are about to hit the stores in 2014 and with anticipation on the rise retail stores have started to provide discounts for the upcoming flagships offerings from electronics giants.

Best Buy has already started a giving $50 off on the flagship upgrades of 2014.

According to Latinpost.com the electronics store said in its statement, “Beginning this coming Sunday and ending Feb. 15, you can simply sign up for a $50 Best Buy gift card that can go toward purchasing and activating your mobile phone at Best Buy any time during 2014.”

Does that mean iPhone 6 and S5 will be launched in the market with $50 discount?

Apple is rumored to release iPhone 6 in between May and June   and with not so successful year with iPhone 5S and 5C it is being speculated that Apple will play with the price points of iPhone 6 to lure the buyers.

The android phone makers have captured most of the smartphone market and the analysts feel that if Apple wants to end 2014 on good note than decreasing price of iPhone 6 will be a wise decision.

Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy S5 is rumored to launch at MWC. … Read the rest

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iPhone 6 Release Date Much Sooner Than Expected: Two Models to Get Released

Evasi0n iOS 7 Jailbreak Update: Cydia Issues, Build 7.0.4 Unlock Out And Lots of Apps.

According to Ibtimes.com.au, reports of 9to5 mac says, “The iPhone maker shipped out 55.3 million iPhones in the last three months of 2013. The numbers, represent the best quarterly sales ever for the tech giant since the first iPhone model was introduced in 2007, added the same story.”

With the befitting success of iPhone 5S, Apple may rush the release of its first phablet. It is being predicted Apple will take plunge in big screen trend with iPhone 6.

A report from Unwired View says that Apple will be bringing the phone in May 2014. As quoted by Ibtimes.com.au a source even told the website, “Two iPhone 6 models will come out this year and both will sport phablet-size display panels. The first one, with a 4.7-inch screen, is set for unveiling in late Q2 2014 so the target issuance would be between May and June.”

This year also Apple released two version of iPhone 5, 5S and 5C and based on this the prediction of two iPhone 6’s may come true.

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iPhone 6 Release Date Could Be May 2014: Killer Features to Include 8 MP Camera and 5.7 -inch screen?


As reported by BGR, “Apple iPhone 6 may come with 8MP camera with OIS features.”

Apple introduced the same range camera in iPhone 4S. However, this time the tech giant will go for major improvements in optical image stabilization (OIS) and auto-focus (AF) capabilities of the camera.

According to unwired view Apple will again beat the tough competition it faces from its Android contemporaries as the recent patent filed by the Cupertino based company points at the immense improvements in Apple iPhone 6 capabilities.

“Miniature cameras are becoming increasingly common in mobile electronic devices such as smartphones. There is a constant drive to improve performance of such cameras, while still maintaining the same envelope,” Unwired reported the Apple patent.

It seems Apple is really feeling the heat from the slew of Android phones in the market and it is highly possible that as opposed to Apple iPhone 5S and 5, this time Apple will launch a strong competitor in Apple iPhone 6.

Let us know your thoughts.

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iPhone 6 Release Date Delayed: The Apple Phablet to Hit Shelves in May 2014?

iphone 5s featuresApple is set to ring in double cheer for fans this 2014. While we had been feasting in rumors of the Apple iPhone 6 making way this season, we now hear that the release has been postponed until September. However, in a bid to not risk losing fan fare, Apple has planned on releasing a fabulous phablet in May. We got this piece of news from Yahoo Japan.

 As for the major specs of this rumored phablet, here is a  quick look:

 64-bit A7 processor

  • 5.7 incher screen (or bigger)

 Shifting focus to the much-awaited iPhone 6, we already know that the handset might come in two distinct sizes. The rumors of bendable screen has already been over-reported!

 The more salivating specs that the Apple iPhone 6 could come loaded with are:


  • A8 processor
  • iOS 8
  • Sapphire glass screen covering
  • Curved screen
  • Refocus-able light camera
  • Beefed up Siri
  • Gesture control

With such massively seductive features, Apple is sure to divert our attentions away from the Korean Samsung and the giant called LG! Perhaps Apple has been too swamped with the success of the tow and has finally pulled its socks up for good.


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iPhone 6 Release: New iPhone to Come With Wrap Around Display



iPhone 6 may come with a flexible wraparound display. To get an edge above LG and Samsung phones according to statement released by techradar.com, the Cupertino based company has just been awarded, “A patent for a flexible wraparound display, made using a powder liquidmetal process.”

It is being speculated that Apple will be using the wraparound display in its all upcoming iPhones including the about to be release iPhone 6.  With the wraparound display the users will be able to view content on the back, front and sides of the phone.

According to the website the patent has also suggested that, “ The phone will still have non touch surfaces on top and bottom of the phone. Also references have been made that device of different shapes, including a hollow cylinder, a hollow tube with an oval, or even a triangular or rectangular shape could be used”. Does this mean this technology could be used in iwatches also?

 Moreover, Apple iPhone 6 would try to create niche in the market with innovative feature rotational motion detection.  A number of sensor like gyroscope and accelerometer will be used to control the display as per the viewing angles.



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iPhone 6 Release Date Update: Top 4 Reasons Why Next iPhone Will Be Highly Priced

iPhone-5SApple fans await the best features and specifications as per the rumours of iPhone 6. The phone is all set to make a release in 2014, however, out of all what comes as a big surprise for the fans is the price of the iPhone 6

 As per Susquehanna Fiscal Group personnel stated that the replacement gadget of iPhone 5s will surely come in the market in 2014 with higher price marks. Apple could easily get away with $50 to $100 extra amount for its large screen size.

 While the news won’t be appreciated by the millions of iPhone fans who are waiting for the phone, there are several signs that force the price hike on the iPhone 6. Below here are some indications that showcase that the 2014 debut will be pricier

 Curved or Wraparound screen

One thing that differentiates the iPhone 6 from its predecessor will be the screen size. Apple is likely to jump from 4 inches of iPhone 5s to 4.8inches to 6 inches and to offer flexible display which will give the iPhone 6 a flashing display for premium durability. These updates lead to higher production expenses for the company and eventually lead to price bump

 Enhanced Retina and Screen Sensors

Other than tough iPhone screen design, Apple spices up the phone new attributes. It seeks to offer crisper and sharper resolution from the previous version. Bloomberg reported that it will feature new sensors that can different between light and heavy touches on the display

 Liquidmetal and sapphire

Apple wants to toughen the solidity of the phone and hence it is including sapphire and liquid metal in its casing. This will protect the phone from scratch and depreciation.

 Low carrier subsidies

Every iPhone model starts with normal $199 pricing for the base model. For the new iOS, either the price will be lesser or completely off from the network carrier’s menu.

 Thus, as expected it could be priced $100 higher in comparison to the previous releases

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“iPhone 6 To Release in June 2014; To Come Without HD Screen” Says Analyst

compare_iphone5cAAPL is all set to release the iPhone 6 in 2014. Reports suggest that the next generation release of iPhone, Apple iPhone 6 will come with a bigger display an curved an flexible screen, while others say it will be a full HD screen.

Apple hasn’t made any official announcement. However, analyst predict the release to be near June 2014, while other reports state that it will be released in the latter of 201. The Worldwide Developers Conference will occur in June 2014. Thus, sources believe Apple will release the device at the same time. Tech companies usually release new product at such events. However, these predictions are made on the basis of trends and till now the congress event and release of 12.9 inch tablet make the June 2014 release apt

No Full HD

Reports agree that iPhone 6 will sports a big screen and better resolution. The sources suggest that it will feature 4.8 inch Full HD screen with resolution of 1920 x 1080. It may be true as Samsung did the same with its GS4. Apple seems to be fine if their gadget doesn’t hold the highest resolution. The company focuses on newer specs now.

Apple is focussing on offering good user experience to people. Expert Reviews suggest that if Apple brings changes to its size then it needs to enhance the resolution too. If Apple doesn’t do the same, the texts and images will get soft and hinder the Retina effect

With a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixel, Apple will have to increase the pixel density. As the resolution is 1.69 times vertically and 1.69 times horizontally, it will increase the aggregate resolution by 3.38 times causing bad scaling. Apple should come with 2272 x 1280 resolution.

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iPhone 6 Release Date Is Round The Corner: iPhone 5S Deals and Discounts Surface

businessiPhone 6 release date doesn’t look very far as more amazing offers for the iPhone 5s have been caught online. Retail stores and network carriers have brought the price of Apple devices down.

T-Mobile offered a remarkable deal on the iPhone 5s, which proposed that the consumers can take the smartphone for free. T- Mobile has made an upfront price of both iPhone 5c as well as 5s with $0 price along with 2 year, Simply Choice plan scheme. It has also provided discounts and deals on iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina tabs. If you opt for  T-Mobile plan, you can purchase the tablet at $0 upfront by just paying $26.25 and $22.08, as monthly fee, respectively.

Speaking about the Amazon deals, the unlocked iPhone 5s version rates have been cut off by 38%. The 16GB iPhone 5s version is now priced at $845 whilst buyers can but the similar 16GB version of 5s on eBay at $550.

iBTimes AU stated on the 13th of December that Best Buy, Wal-Mart and MacMall are offering alluring deals and discounts on Apple’s phones. Consumers can purchase new iPhone 5s for $120 also. Walmart has priced the device at $127 while its real price being $199. Wal-mart sale have commenced from Friday 13th of December 8 a.m. and will be held till 24th of December

on the other hand, Best Buy is offering a discount of $75, presently selling it for $124 and a lock in duration of 24 month. MacMall is offering 16GB iPhone 5s at a whopping $120. Though the prices of the gadgets surely fall during the time of Christmas, but it is not the case with Apple. Reports suggest that the fall in the cost Apple’s iPhone clues the release of the iPhone 6 is quite near. It may be true that the device could release in the first quarter of 2014. It is said to come with iPhone 5 processor, fingerprint sensing and graphic chip. However, the screen size could range from 4.8 to 6inches.

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