iPad Mini 4 Is Expected To Support Extra Powerful Hardware And Split-View

Latest rumor suggests that iPad mini 4 may have a Split View feature. The source of this speculation is none other than the fact that a resource file has been found in OS X El Capitan within the Safari 9 browser that shows support for this much anticipated feature. If this rumor comes out to be true, it would mean that the specifications of iPad mini 4 would be a lot similar to iPad Air 2.


iPad mini 4 is Expected to Support Extra Powerful Hardware and Split9to5Mac as well as Hamza Sood, a developer by profession, reported about a tool in El Capitan that has been designed mainly to test the responsiveness of website designs. This tool can be used to check how Safari is iPad mini is working in split-screen view mode.

Split-View allows users to run two applications simultaneously on the same screen. This feature would be available in the upcoming Apple’s operating system i.e. iOS 9. Information about Split-View was first announced in June at WWDC by the company.

However, it is not meant of all iPad tablet models. Initially, this feature was said to be available only in iPad Air 2 due to hardware limitations. If the upcoming tablet comes with this feature, it is extremely likely that it would run on the robust A8X SoC as the iPad Air 2 or something similar to it.

It is to be noted that iPad mini 3 did not have many extra features than iPad mini 2 apart from Touch ID and availability in gold color. Thus, it does not seem improbable if iPad mini 4 comes loaded with significant hardware and software features.

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iPad Pro Rumor Roundup-Specs And Rumoured Release Date Revealed

Apple might have dabbled in the WWDC 2015 of late and wowed us with Apple Pay and its streaming service but it cannot hide the dip in sales for its iPad over the last year or so.
When the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3 last year in October, we had been haggling for a glimpse but soon lost interest thanks to more handy and more functional tabs that came at prices that were bargains from Samsung and few upstart brands. 

Recently the rumored “iPad Pro” or “iPad Plus” are making waves as the next big thing for Apple though.

iPad Pro Rumor Roundup-Specs And Release Story RevealedThe Features

This upcoming iPad Pro is set to feature about 12.9-incher as its touch screen, according to Apple Insider. This lends much bulk to it over and above the earlier iPads that had 7.9-inches screen on the Mini 3 and a 9.7-incher on Air 2.

The Air 2 wowed us with its 6.1 millimetres thickness but the rumored new variant could be sleeker still, though we wonder how. Amid speculation that the Cupertino maker could introduce this so called iPad Pro at the WWDC, we were left wanting till the end. The trend is generally a November or October release for iPads right after an iPhone variant announcement annually!

If the conjectures are to come true then by this time, Apple will have vested the rumored iPad Pro or Mini 4 with the already famous iOS 9.

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iPad 2 Review: Is The Touch ID A Worthy Feature?

Tablets have become the new mobile phone today as everyone wants to own a personal tablet for themselves. We do an iPad Air 2 review, possibly one of the best tablets in the market today. What makes us say that?

What is the best tablet of 2015?Design Aspect

iPad Air 2 comes with anodized aluminum chassis which is up to 18 percent thinner in comparison to others of its niche. The diamond cut, beveled edges give iPad Air 2 a distinct grace. The tablet measures 9.4×6.6 inches and weighs 15.68 ounces.

Innovative Features

The Touch ID sensor has been the most talked about feature of any tablet from Apple and iPad Air 2 does not disappoint the users on this aspect. Touch ID can also be used to approve iTunes purchase. However, users should be using iPad Air 2 in Portrait and Landscape features even as they seek to register their fingers on the iPad.


 Bolder colors, more contrast and wider viewing angles are some of the new features that will make any diehard technology lover happy. The camera too sports a new sensor that has larger pixels and comes with a new image processor.

Battery lasts for around 9 hours and 20 minutes better than the average battery life of other tablets which lasts for around 8 hours and 37 minutes.



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Galaxy Nexus 6 Release Date: New Updates On The Nexus Line Up

Galaxy Nexus 6 is expected to hit the shelves in November 2014. Its predecessor 16GB Nexus 5 was launched with a price tag of USD349 , and it is expected that the  Nexus 6 would fall in the same price rangeNexus 6 Smartphone Still In Release Pipeline

However, contrary to the Nov 2014 release reports, some persistent reports in the past have revealed that the Nexus 6 launch may not happen at all as  the company is presently focusing on a project dubbed as Android Silver.

It was also rumored earlier that the company will get away with the Nexus line of products upon the execution of Android Silver, which Google is targeting to achieve in 2015. This information was also confirmed by Tech blogger Eldar Murtazin that Google would retire the Nexus brand in coming years.

Keeping all the rumors aside, let’s take a look at the  speculated features and specifications of the Nexus 6.

The Nexus 6 is believed to be launched as the first device to be powered by the next version of Google’s operating system. However, it is still unclear that the advanced operating system will be dubbed as Android 5 or Android 4.5.

The Google Nexus 6 is also likely to be equipped with a quad HD screen display with a pixel resolution of 1,440 x 2,560, a 64-bit processor and a 16MP rear camera. It is also expected to be having a 5.2-inch full-HD, curved LCD display, Corning Gorilla Glass, Snapdragon 800-series chipset and 3 GB RAM. The handset is believed to be launched in the 32 GB/64 GB/128 GB storage versions.

Also, the device is expected to sport a curved screen display as introduced by Samsung and LG in some of their products, including Samsung Galaxy Round and LG G Flex, respectively. The smartphone would also feature a metal casing, which could give it an edge among the Android-based smartphones.

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iPad Air 2 Likely To Not Have IGZO Display

A new report has claimed that the upcoming iPad Air 2 of US-based technology giant Apple is unlikely to be equipped with an IGZO display.  The IGZO displays have been in the news and the company was supposed to include this technology into its next-generation iPad Air, but the recent report has discarded such claims.

A new report has claimed that the upcoming iPad Air 2 of US-based technology giant Apple is unlikely to be equipped with an IGZO display.  The IGZO displays have been in the news and the company was supposed to include this technology into its next-generation iPad Air, but the recent report has discarded such claims.  iPad Air 2 Likely To Not Have IGZO Display Creative Commans/Tokumeigakarinoaoshima
Creative Commans/Tokumeigakarinoaoshima

The new report has also said that the iPad Air 3 will be the first iPad to feature an IGZO display, and the device will not be commercially available until 2015.

IGZO displays have the capability of offering better viewing angles over the existing LCD panels, while also providing greater color accuracy. Moreover, IGZO displays save energy compared to the current LCD displays, which would result in providing a better battery life.

The news has been released by Korea’s ETNews (via GforGames), which said that Sharp is presently is currently seeing low yield rates for the displays and that’s why it will not be able to manufacture them in a timely manner. In context to this news, the publication has assumed that the iPad Air 2 will not be equipped with such technology, but Apple will eventually be there in the next year’s iPad 3.

Apple has so far launched five iPad versions, and has continuously worked towards refreshing the line every year. Several reports have emerged online regarding the release of a second iPad Air. However, Apple is still to make an official announcement over it.… Read the rest

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Apple iPad Mini 3 Release Delay: Focus Shifts on iPad Air 2?

Apple fanatics will just witness one iOS tab in 2012, which will be the second iPad Air. As per KGI securities

Apple fanatics will just witness one iOS tab in 2012, which will be the second iPad Air. As per KGI securities, the 3rd iPad Mini and Larger iPad Pro are not coming this year. Apple is working on 9.7inch iPad Air, the 6th gen iPad.

 In comparison to the former models, the present iPad Air is sleeker light in weight and more elegant. The front part of the device host similar display size, but without thick bezels which surrounded the viewing window of the tablet! Standing side by side to iPhone 5s, Air is sleeker and bigger.

 For the 3rd iPad Mini series, KGI is sure that will wont release the compact slate in 2014, that even with Mini 2 Retina Display featuring 2048 x1536, the shipment will be weaker. The iPad Air is the new money forming tech giant tablet. 

The iPad Pro 12.9inch will not work for Apple’s 2014 calendar as the readiness of iOS variant which is optimal for 13 inch screen will be sidelined. Thus, even if a bigger iPad is released, the shipment will be less. Production is another factor that will hamper the late 2014 debut of iPad Pro.

 KGI stated that the next iPad Air will come powered with A8 processing chip which is a step ahead from A7 chip 64-bit mobile version.

 The Touch ID feature which was seen in iPhone 5s last year will be seen in iPad Air along with Office Suite from Microsoft. The 2014 iPad 6 or iPad Air will feature sapphire glass cover, iOS 8, wireless charging, liquid metal casing,


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