Few Steps To Prevent Your iMessages From Getting Lost

US-based tech giant Apple has recently said that it will soon fix the issues related to its iMessaging, but there are few steps that can be self implemented in order to prevent your iMessages from getting lost.iMessage

The issue has gained lots of media space in the past, and the company is even facing a lawsuit over lost iMessages. The issues restrict the company’s iMessaging system to deliver messages to former iPhone users who switched to another platform. Bloomberg has recently reported that a California resident Adrienne Moore has sued the company as the iPhone manufacturer did not inform its users of this problem.

Apple said that it has already fixed an issue on the server-side of its iMessaging system, and is currently working on additional fixes through its upcoming software updates.

While the company is doing its part, we bring to you some steps in order to help you in preventing your messages from being lost. However, there is no guarantee of its success, but it can minimize the risk of not receiving texts sent from iOS to non-iOS devices, as listed by The Telegraph:

  • Before you stop using your iPhone and start using a phone running a different platform, make sure to deactivate iMessage. To do so, access the iPhone’s Settings, select Messages, and turn off the iMessage setting. This will allow the iPhone to send messages as regular text messages, regardless of whether you’re sending them to another iPhone or not. It will unlink your phone number from iMessaging, and should allow text messages to work properly once you switch to a non-iPhone device. Remember, you have to do this before using your SIM card or number on your new device.
  • Another option is to reset your Apple ID password. To do so, visit Apple’s website, select “Reset my Password,” then text “STOP” to 48369 using your new, non-iPhone device. This will unsubscribe you from your iCloud account and should prevent your messages from getting lost.
  • Another solution requires a bit more of a hassle, namely asking your iPhone-using contacts to delete your number and re-enter it. This may reset the iMessaging link between the two phones and allow you to send and receive text messages normally.
  • Lastly, you can always call Apple at 0844 209 0611 and ask technical support to manually unsubscribe you from the servers.

We sincerely wish that you get success with at least one of the above mentioned methods and receive text messages sent from iPhones to your new, non-iOS device. 

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iMessage Malfunction Has Twitter Users Upset

Apple users now have another complaint to lodge. Following the iOS 6 and Wi-Fi goof up, they are now troubled with the functioning of the iMessage. A storm was raised all over Twitter for the common subject – nonfunctioning of iMessage!

Twitter was crammed with hundreds of complaints from iPhone users, claiming that their Apple text messaging system was not working.

iMessage is Apple’s proprietary messaging system, which works using Internet data rather than cellular networks. Using this service, users can send messages only to those who have Apple devices.

The system crashed Monday morning at around 10 am, following which many complaints were made.

The issue was taken to Apple Inc, who is working on to fix it. The firm has already fixed its iOS 6 Wi-Fi bug following complaints.… Read the rest

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Apple’s Reply to SMS Spoofing- Use iMessage Instead!

Apple became the world’s most valuable company after its stocks saw a new rise Friday. However, the firm also hit the news for the vulnerable security it has for SMS services in iOS devices.

In a report sent by the Cupertino, Calif.-based company, Apple responded to the news of openness of SMS services of its iOS devices, which lets spammers, fake their identities by text and send messages to users asking them to reveal personal information.

Apple claimed that the firm takes users’ security very seriously, but also directed them to use iMessage, Apple’s own service instead of texting. The firm stated that it can verify addresses sent via iMessage easily, which protects against spoofing and scam.

However, it is also to be noted that iMessage service by Apple can be used only between users who own an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 5.

The company stated that there is nothing it can do to stop SMS spoofing, which can happen over any phone devices, and not just iOS. Apple, however, directed all users towards iMessage, which it says is a safer service.… Read the rest

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