Google Nexus 5 Leaked Images Hint At Camera and Speakers; Fingerprint Sensor Likely

As the release of the Google Nexus 5 comes closer, rumors and speculations related to the upcoming smartphone abound. Most recently, Google Nexus 5Google Nexus 5 leaked images hints on the camera and speakers leaked images on Marques Brownlee’s G+ profile has increased the hype further.

Leaked image shows interesting features

Much like their previous releases, Google is tight-lipped about the features of the forthcoming handset as well. However, the leaked image indicates that this phone will feature a circular fingerprint sensor at the back. It is also likely to feature a camera with LED flash.

There is an LG sticker at the back, which also confirms earlier speculations that they would be manufacturing the phone.

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Yet another thing that is clear from the leaked image is that the phone will feature front-facing speakers because there are none at the back. While the photo shows the handset sporting a white back, we expect it to come in a variety of colors.

The phone is also reported to feature Quad HD display that has 564 pixels density per inch. With rumors of a 3GB RAM and USB Type-C connector, the upcoming handset is expected to please users.

It is also expected to come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor. This could result in better battery life and multi-tasking capabilities.… Read the rest

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Phicomm To Start Research And Development Unit In India

There seems to be some good news for the Indian market as Phicomm, an important mobile handset manufacturer of China has decided to establish a research and development unit in India. The company has plans to set up the unit by December 2015 after they finalize the location for the plant.

Phicomm eyeing Indian market

According to the reports, the company has shortlisted two locations, Bengaluru and Gurgaon. Yet, they expect to finalize the location by September after which they will invest a sum of Rs. 6.3 crore or $1 million.

Not just that, in the long run Phicomm may also start a manufacturing unit in the country. However, for now, they will just concentrate on theme localization and software customization in the R&D unit they set up with around 50 employees. While speaking to the media, Jeffrey Fan, Phicomm’s President of Global Sales said that they consider India to be a great market for their products and they are observing it minutely so that they can bring most affordable pieces for consumers here. He also said that the company is concentrating on the launch of three to four models in the ongoing year.

Phicomm’s presence in the global smartphone market is increasing steadily in the recent and their interest to operate in India can be beneficial for the country. … Read the rest

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Moto X Image Leaks: Will It Come Loaded With Front Facing Flash?

With the release date of Motorola handsets round the corner, fans can’t wait to get a glimpse of the much-hyped Moto X. While rumors related to the specifications of the handset are ripe, a leaked image of the phone claims to confirm its look.

Moto X leaked image Moto X leaked picture at a glance

The leaked image of Moto X uploaded on Android Peru’s Facebook page shows a front-facing flash on the right side of the handset. This is the first thing that grabs people’s attention. However, there is also a black panel on the device, which is also expected to lure buyers. The image sourced by Jose Vasquez Ruiz also confirms earlier rumors regarding the textured panel of the device.

This leaked image hints toward a good-looking Moto X. Other reports on the web also indicate that it will be a power-packed phone operating on the Android 5.1.1 platform. The phone is also reported to come with a 64-bit octa-core Snapdragon 810 chipset and 5.2-inch QHD AMOLED display. Yet, for  confirmed news on the look and specifications, everyone will have to keep their fingers crossed for some more days. 

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Moto G Release Date: Gets Water-Resistant Certification, Dust-Proof Feature Yet To Be ConfirmedRead the rest

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How To Update The Firmware On Lumia Phones ?

Microsoft is all set to launch a slew of updates of the software on few Lumia handsets belonging to budget buy segment. The handsets are namely Lumia 430, 435, 530, 532, 535 as well as the same variants with dual SIM variants. Microsoft will release firmware version 02074.00000.15234.280xx as an update along with version 8.10.14234.357 for the operating system.

How To Update Lumia Phones Eligible For Latest Firmware Update?Steps To Update

Begin with checking the notification for the update on the phone. Do so by checking Settings>Phone Update>Check For Updates. Make sure you have a consistent network on Wi-Fi available while updating the same.

Proceed to viewing and installing updates next by tapping your notification message. Follow up with all the instructions that appear on-screen. You can either choose installation of the update right then or save it for later.

Things To Keep In Mind

The main updating might take a little under 30 minutes but if it is major, then it consumes up to  a couple of  hours.  Keeping following the prompts for the update. Also, do not panic on frequent handset restarts.

If you want to schedule this update for a later time when you are free, go to Settings> Phone Update and set the time option as per your own preference.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Active To Be Backed With 10,000 mAh Battery ?Read the rest

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Lumia 930 Gets Critical Update With OS Version 8.10.14226.359 For Random Reboot Fix

Lumia 930 handset owners will soon have access to a brand new update currently set for roll out across all 930 wares. The latest update is a firmware patch which is expected to erase the bug causing frequent rebooting for the Lumia 930 devices. Microsoft has officially released a line regarding the same stating that the update is set for download and will fix issues that cause periodic needs for reboot on the handsets. The official line reads, “Please install it now so that your phone will keep working as intended.”

Lumia 930 Gets Critical Update With OS Version 8.10.14226.359 For Random Reboot FixWhere Is It Available?

A number of Lumia 930 handset owners have already confirmed the availability of the same on the Windows Central forum in United Kingdom. The update is available on the OS version 8.10.14226.359 with firmware version 02540.00019.14522.26006. Besides the fix for rebooting issues, the latest firmware barely does any other cleaning or addition.

Why the update is essential?

The maker had spotted a bug in few versions of the Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia 930, which could cause the handset to restart in brief spans. Microsoft finally makes users know how the update is very essential while outlining how the same will work. In case users check update availability manually, they will receive regular prompts for downloading the update.

Once it is ready to install, users can go ahead and do so.  Read the rest

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Microsoft RM-1104 Passes Through Indonesia, Can It Be The Lumia 940?

A latest scoop reveals that authorities in Indonesia have signaled the coming of a brand new Microsoft handset. All we know is that the new Microsoft baby is powered by a Windows operating system. However, it has not been christened yet. Code named RM-1104 the handset number echoes back to one RM-1106, which was unveiled by GFXBench.

Microsoft RM-1104 Passes through Indonesia, Can Be Lumia 940?News is that the handset features a 5.2-inch display with powerful hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor. A PureView camera of 20MP too has been talked about as is a leaked word about a 5MP front shutter.

If these specs are indeed true, chances are that this is the Lumia 940. However, Microsoft keeps developing prototypes for varied regions globally so we cannot be sure. We are definitely anticipating a major Lumia flagship to hit the shores this year but only post the Windows 10 launch which is set to happen on 29 July.

The Lumia 940 XL model too is being anticipated widely and with the latest iris scanner rumor, its release too will see ample excitement. However, until that happens, watch this space for more such news.

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Apple iOS 9 Release May Coincide With Rumoured iPhone 6S Release Date

Apple has finally launched a beta version of the iOS 9 for registered users at WWDC 2015. However, the company has maintained complete secrecy on the release of its much-rumored handset.

Interestingly, the release date and features of the Apple iOS 9 give us some hint on the highly anticipated phone. According to reports, iOS 9 Beta will be available for every user from July but the official release of the new operating system will be during the fall. This got many to presume that it will coincide with the release of the upcoming iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 as this is the time when the company unveils its new phones.

Apple iOS9 Release May Coincide With New Handset From The CompanyNot just the release date, the iOS 9 soft launch also gives us some hint on the phone. It is likely to be more energy efficient as the new operating system is reported to consume less battery charge compared to the existing ones.

Little is known about the positioning of speakers on the new iPhone, the upcoming handset is expected to offer better sound quality because it will come with two speakers.

It has also been reported that the new operating system will introduce multitasking to Apple devices, including the upcoming smartphone. The new iOS 9 seems to  be the perfect choice for Apple fans. 

To know whether its official version is launched with a new iPhone, people will have to wait for official confirmation from the company. … Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy A8 Might Release In Chinese Market, To Feature 16 MP Snapper And Octa-Core Chip

Samsung is almost at competition with itself going by the renders for its in-the-making model, the Galaxy A8. While fans were gearing up to see a metallic wonder at 5.9 millimeters sans bezels, latest news reveal that the handset is to be exclusively available for China. While most insiders are disappointed, rumors suggest that some European or Asian markets might just see the Galaxy A8 roll-out, according to SamMobile.

Samsung Working On Galaxy A8 Exclusively For Chinese Market, Handset To Feature 16 MP Snapper And Octa-Core ChipWith the dilly-dallying over availability, what got us talking was the fingerprint sensor set to debut on the A8. In case this happens, budget smartphone shoppers will find the best deal under the sun. Given that Samsung is also working on Galaxy A6 and Galaxy A9 besides this handset, more options are set to pour in steadily.

For now it has been revealed that A8 will feature themes such as those available on Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6.  Other notable specs supposed to make it on the Galaxy A8 are- 

·         5.7-incher HD display

·         Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 octa-core chip 

·         2 GB RAM

·         On-board storage of 16 GB 

·         3,050 mAh battery

·         Lollipop 5.0.1 along with TouchWiz

·         16 MP  main snapper 

·         5 MP  secondary snapperRead the rest

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iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus: Apple To Launch New Handsets, Improvisations Planned For iPad

Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has taken up the market by storm soon after its release and it seems that the company still has many surprises in store. If Cupertino’s reports are to be believed, Apple Loop indicates that the company has decided to terminate the iOS 8.2 and it will be compulsory for all users to get their devices upgraded to iOS8.3.

The reports also indicate that new iOS is expected to be free from bugs of older versions and is expected to offer improved performance. However, this is not all, there are speculations that the company will release three new handsets shortly.

Apple To Launch Three New Handsets-Improvisations Planned For iPadThe much hyped Apple iPhone 7 is expected to be launched sometimes in September and may be soon joined by iPhone7 Plus. Though the phones may not drastically apart from iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus, they are believed to have improved features. The company may also stop the production of iPhone 5S and 5C.

Instead it may bring an all-new iPhone 7 mini with a four-inch-screen. Though there is much-hype  regarding the iPhones, rumors suggest that the company may also bring some modifications in iPad features.

The upcoming model of iPad may have a larger screen of 12-inches for ease of use and may even include some improved features. While the Apple iPhone and iPad has been in the news over the last week, users also praised the tattoo issue of Apple Watch for now.

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