Airlines, Energy Firms Targeted By Iranian Hackers: Report

Some of world’s top energy, infrastructure and transport companies have been targeted by Iranian hackers during the past two years. This could eventually lead to some kind of physical problems, as per Cylance, a U.S security firm.

Airlines, energy firms targeted by Iranian hackers: Reports
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Not only U.S, but companies in Israel, Saudi Arabia, China, Germany, France, England and India have also been targeted by these hackers. This report by Cylance has come at a time when government in U.S is trying to understand the capabilities of hackers in Iran.

 The researchers have uncovered that these breaches were carried out in more than 50 entities. All these misadventures are believed to have been carried out by a Tehran based company which was behind a cyber attack on U.S navy network in 2013.

However, companies whose infrastructure has been damaged owing to these attacks have chosen not to react, as of now.

Iran however has strongly countered the claims made by Cylance. Iranian sources said that this was a malicious campaign and was targeted at tarnishing the image of Iran in the international community. Hamid Baberi, the spokesperson for Iran’s mission to United Nations has observed that the current findings of Cylance could be aimed at hampering the nuclear talks which are underway currently.

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250K Accounts Compromised, Says Twitter; Clarifies that Hack was Unrelated to Yesterday’s Outage

 In what appears as more bad news for the microblogging social network, Twitter has been sending out mails to 250,000 of its users claiming that it has been experiencing “unusual access patterns” which could indicate possible hacking of their accounts. However, the site has claimed that this incident is independent of the outage it experienced yesterday. Twitter has requested its users to change their passwords following this incident and ensure that they use a strong enough password to protect their accounts.

A common thread observed in the users whose accounts were possibly hacked indicate that this could have affected the early adopters of Twitter, who have been using the site since 2007. If this is found true and you are among those who joined the brigade much later, you’re probably safe.

We’re not quite sure if they’re related, but coincidentally, Amazon too experienced an outage yesterday. Twitter of course has chosen not to comment on whether it had received any information from other companies who experienced such outages. However, the company did refer to security breaches that occurred at New York Times and Wall Street Journal sites, and has also speculated that recent security issues in browsers related to Java could also have led to the hacking of these accounts.

Just to be on the safe side, we advise all our readers to take care of their Twitter accounts and change their passwords at the earliest. Be safe, and let’s do all that we can from our end to keep our online identities secure.… Read the rest

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An Anonymous Hacker Group’s Claim: “GoDaddy’s Service Outage Was Our Doing”, one of the largest web hosting service providers in the world, experienced an outage in services for nearly six hours on Monday, affecting a section of its over 10 million customers. Its customers experienced frequent outages, which the hosting company claims was caused by an internal network error. Even as hacker group Anonymous claimed that this disruption in GoDaddy’s services was its doing, the company’s spokesperson maintained that this was only due to a technical glitch, and was not due to a hacking attack.

A supporter of Anonymous had claimed via Twitter that he was responsible for GoDaddy’s services being affected, as a result of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. This hacker even posted the supposed source code of a website called Pastebin, from GoDaddy. However, this was proven to be incorrect as that code was identified as having appeared on an online software forum sometime back.

This, security experts say, is not the first time the hacker group has falsely tried to claim credit for cyber attacks. Just last week, a related group released a file which, according to them, contained a million ID numbers of Apple mobile devices that they had hacked from an FBI agent’s system. However, further investigation revealed that this data was actually stolen from a Florida-based company.

GoDaddy, however, insists that the outage experienced by its customers was due to internal network events that ended up corrupting router data tables. Its own website went down for several hours on Monday, and caused a ripple effect, affecting numerous customers as a result.

Due to the purported technical glitch, affected customers have claimed loss of significant revenue as their sites failed to load and lost customers as a result. Meanwhile, GoDaddy has issued an apology to all its customers for the inconvenience caused and has even stated that it would be reaching out to affected customers to maintain relations despite this unfortunate incident.… Read the rest

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