Flappy Bird Family on Amazon’s Fire TV; Expectations Soar High!

Flappy Bird Family comes on Amazon’s Fire TV; expectations soar high!
Flappy Bird Family comes on Amazon’s Fire TV; expectations soar high!

For all those Flappy Birds’ fans, there is a new joy on the way. The game is finally being launched in a new version titled Flappy Birds ‘Family’ with an exclusive release planned on Amazon’s Fire TV. Now the decision from Dotgears has baffled many but it seems that there is some solid backing for their decision.

The difficulty level of the new launch has been hiked from its predecessor and would be available only for subscribers to Fire TV. In this version, gamers get to compete with their friends in the multiplayer mode. And don’t worry about the game lives with each of the player being provided three lives to complete the task. There are also some ghosts in the play which can make navigation a tough task amongst the elite gamers. The strategy for a limited release could also be due to the new developments in the mobile industry in recent times. There is some more bizarre trend in the making with the older characters (birds) being extinct and new game play involving people jumping off rooftops.  Well, one has to wait and watch whether this new game pushes the boundaries for the modern gamer. … Read the rest

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Flappy Bird Shocking Revisit Post-Death- New Game Better Then Original

Flappy Bird has been killed in the original game form but it has spawned a number of knock offs that are worthy of attention at even the Geneva Convention. The number of replica games has gotten so out of control that Google and Apple have decided to ban them. However, there is one that seems worth all the attention. It doesn’t come in the form of an app that you can download but it is made from scratch and is housed in a box.

The maker, Fawn Qiu, has made the game using nothing other than a box, reed switches, servo motors, magnets and a lot of artwork. All that players have to do is to control the bird using the reed switches to move it either to the left or to the right to move past pipes. The boxes automatically closes shut when you fail to make it past the obstacles.  Gear up!… Read the rest

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Flappy Birds: How to Hack The Game For Android Device– Easy Steps

After becoming the game of the year, unfortunately, now we longer will see anymore of the game as the developer pulled since it wasn’t what he programmed it for. However, in the next few hours, the game will be withdrawn. But for those who are still addictive to the game and those who couldn’t download it before the game was withdrawn from Google Play Store, here is something to check out.

 XDA Developers

So, after laying your hands on Flappy Birds, and looking out to beat your own high score, you continue playing! And when you end up cheating, it ends the fun, but provides you with great bragging rights with friends.

Available at Google Play Store

Another way of going getting the game is to sign in to Google Play Store from the site. If previously, you have downloaded the game from Google Play Store, you can get the same (today) on other devices. Just navigate “M Android Apps” and scroll till you find the listing and tap. Just install it on the phone or tablet you want.

Flappy Bird Score Hacking

One needs to install EX File Explorer to comment and also get the device rooted. This needs few instructions:

  • Play Flappy Bird just once.
  • Close it and visit app multitasking space and just swap it away.
  • Open ES File Explorer and swipe right side of the device to see the left menu. Tap “Tools” and ensure Root Explorer is switched on.
  • Open “Local” line item and select “Device”. you enter the root of the system from where you have to start.
  • Swipe away the left menu, tap the “data” folder. Look for another “data” named folder and open it.
  • Find the “com.dotgears.flappy and tap open it.
  • Enter the “shared_prefs” folder and open FlappyBird.xml file. Select ES Note Editor from the choices available.
  • Select Edit by choosing the 3 dots.
  • ·         Change the 4th line. Set the <int name=”score” value =”your_shitty_score” /> to something like <int name=”score” value =”999999″ />. Don’t set a low number to fool others.
  • ·         After changing save the file.
  • Close ES File explorer and tap open Flappy Bird till you die and see a new high score for you
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How To Install Flappy Birds On Android, iOS and Windows Phones

Yes, Flappy Bird has gone from the App Store. However, you still can install the game on your Windows, Android, iPhone desktop or iPad devices.

How to install Flappy Birds on iOS Devices:

  1. Re-install the game from iTunes: If Flappy Bird is downloaded from iTunes formerly and synced to iPhone or iPad and then deleted, one can re-install it. However, if it is deleted from iTunes, then you can’t reinstall it
  2. Buy an Android phone or iPhone with Flappy Bird pre-installed. The iPhone featuring Flappy Bird is quite expensive. If you are crazy for the game, you can purchase it from eBay.
  3. Install the game on your gadget via someone else’s Apple ID: A great way is to find a friend who already has the game installed on their device. Apple allows you to share Apple ID and purchase it from 10 devices in one household.
  4. Find the Flappy Bird file online and launch it to a jailbroken device. iOS owners should have jailbroken iPhones to launch the game. You can look for IPA and .ipa

How to install Flappy Bird on Android:

You can look for the game on Google and find a link. It can be searched on Android devices, downloaded and installed on the device. If you are OK with playing with clones, then go for Fall Out Birds and play.

How to install Flappy Birds on Windows:

Windows users have the facility of downloading Flappy Bird version by IG Mobile for free. You can also install Flappy Bird on a desktop. A Flappy Bird flash version is also available online.

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Top 5 Things That Led To Flappy Birds Teen Suicide in Chicago

Even though Flappy Bird has been removed from the App Store, it continues to be the most popular game of 2014. It is the most talked-about game without any cool logic. It has uncool graphics and the game is tough to play. Take a look at 5 facts that led to a teen suicide in Chicago:

  1. A boy murdered his sibling for a low Flappy Bird score. Gary Wright brutally stabbed his brother Jaban Wright in a rage because the latter scored higher. Jaban teased his brother Gary for a low score.
  2. Flappy Bird was developed by Dong Nguyen in just 2-3days. It is the viral ability that really matters in today’s time.
  3. Game was launched in May 2013. It showed no popularity till January 2014 followed by a lot of news. But the sudden fame is still a mystery.
  4. As per Verge, Flappy Bird generates $50000 daily with its pop up ads.
  5. Even though people like the game, critics don’t like Flappy Birds. Metacritic rated the game with a score of 54/100.


 … Read the rest

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Flappy Birds Cheats: Get A Higher Score With These Tips And Tricks

Flappy Birds game was released recently in the year 2013 and within a few months of its release, it has become quite popular. People playing this game on a regular basis look to find out cheats and other ways to get a high score in the game.

Indeed, Flappy Birds is an incredibly addictive online game but at the same time, it is also quite difficult to get a high score in the game. Indeed, you would like to know some Flappy Bird cheats as well as some tips that will enable you to progress and beat the top score since there is no such real end for the game. Highly addictive, this game is quite simple to play and is topping the free app listings on Android and iOs app stores. This game is so popular because it has a difficult to master gameplay style that drives the player to get a higher score.

For regular iPhone users, there are some cheats enabling them to get rid of the pipes.  The hack will change the game file and enables the player to flap effortlessly through by just the pipes’ opening edges that the player has to deal with. … Read the rest

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Flappy Birds: Tricks And Tips To Achieve Higher Score And Cross Levels

Angry Birds competitor Flappy Birds is here and it has indeed become popular. The game comes from land of Hanoi and unlike angry birds it requires the users to fly the birds without hitting the pipes. Here we give you some interesting tips, which will help you achieve better in the game:

1. As the game is pretty new take it slow and first learn the nuances of the game. In the very first instance don’t aim to hit a jackpot. It’s something to enjoy, so the more relaxed your mind will be the better will be your performance at the game.
2. The game is still has some bugs so you may feel that birds are hitting pipes in spite of you saving them. Don’t loose your nerve and play to learn the ropes, till the bug updates are rolled out.
3. Saving the birds is easier when you raise it up than dipping it down. Maintain a rhythm of your birds movement, it will be easier to reach your goal
4. If you play the game on bigger phone which has minimal accessories your control on game will become better
5. Aim for your goal: 10 points, Silver medal for 20 wins while Gold medal is awarded for 30 wins.… Read the rest

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