Google Map, Facebook, Instagram And Twitter: The Top 7 Apps You Can’t Live Without While On Android

Google Map: The best app present on Android and iOS to make your road travel a smooth and unforgettable experience.

Facebook: Undoubtedly this is your social savior and now with a mobile friendly version it has become all the more fun to be connected to  your Facebook friend on the go.

Instagram:  Most interesting photo taking app around. Must  have for the photo sharing addicts.

Twitter: If you sleep , breath and eat Twitter, then  you can’t do without this app

Pandora: A delight for those who crave for free music. Create radio stations as per your favorite songs.

Kindle : Lets’s you purchase books and even read them without much hassle.

Dropbox: If you are having  space issues in your phone, then drop box is here for your rescue providing you plenty of space for your music, photos and games.

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A Fresh New Addition To Your Favourite Apps

 Some of your favorite Apps have received the updates which you have been longing for. Lets have a look:

Facebook looks much better on the iphone and ipad now. It is faster and lets you upload an image in a jiffy. The app has a enhanced it’s UI and more. Get your updated Facebook app today.


Angry Birds Space:
Angry Birds Space gets more exciting as Rovio adds 20 new levels for the Angry Birds fans to fly through.


Now finding the nearest hanging joints gets more fun as Roamz adds a handier search feature and lets you star you favourite locations
TV Guide Mobile:

TV Guide Mobile didn’t get much popularity when it was first released but this time its  really leaving marks by adding things like watch lists, access to Hulu and more.

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Facebook Speeds Up App for iPhone and iPad

Facebook recently heard the pleas of iPad and iPhone users and launched an upgrade of the version of its Facebook App for iOS. Those who suffered due to the slowness and sluggishness of Facebook apps can now breathe a sigh of relief as the new app offers quick, easy, and fast browsing.

Marked Facebook 5.0 for iOS, the app hit the Apple App Store Friday and comes with the most updated change ever.

Mark Zuckerberg, Co-Founder and CEO, Facebook seemed happy with the new app and posted on his page, “We just released a new Facebook app for iPhone and iPad, and it’s a lot faster. Our team completely rewrote it from the ground up to focus on speed. It’s a big step forward.”

The upgraded app is made to offer twice as fast services in three areas such as launching the app, scrolling through the News Feed, and opening photos in feed.

Other changes include old photo sharing and opening experience, which has now been transformed to much zippier and faster process. With this new app, users just need to tap a photo to open it right away and pull down to close the photo just as quickly. Notifications should now also load just as swiftly.

Mick Johnson, product manager for iOS revealed in a statement, “As you scroll down your news feed, all your friends’ stories appear faster than ever. A banner lets you know when new stories come in, and you can tap once to immediately see the latest updates.”

Now it is believed that with Facebook 5.0 for iOS, users experience on iOS devices won’t be as tedious or boring. With the success of this app, Facebook can mark a step ahead in an opportunity to monetize its service via Sponsored Stories and application ads when the service has just got better and faster!

So do you also find Facebook 5.0 for iOS to be notably quicker? Upload it right away in case you haven’t and let’s see if it’s twice as fast or not.… Read the rest

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