EA Access a reality at 4.99$/month; more discounts in the offering!

EA Access at $4.99 a monthFollowing up on the EA story, it is imperative to mention that EA Access is bound to shake the gaming world with its low-price offers which is offering the services of four games in one go.

Players will be able to access four games including FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, Peggie 2 and Battlefield 4 at a price of $4.99 a month of $29.99 a year. This feature is available exclusively for Xbox One users.

What’s more, it has been informed via EA Access Twitter account that EA Access pass holders can access Madden NFL 15 six hours before its official launch. Well, the six-hour window is not a great offering but nonetheless advantage for many. EA Access has been launched into beta version offering a limited number of players the added advantage of playing these four games at a best price.

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EA has got into bad books of many gamers through its dismal performance and bugs issues in the Battlefield 4 version. It has a great opportunity to rebuild its image and it is not leaving any stones unturned offering trial access to EA Access gamers for future titles like Dragon Age: Inquisition (five days prior to official launch). They are also offering a 10% rebate on digital EA goods purchased on Xbox one.

For now, the beta is limited to some users but it would be opened for all in times to come. 

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EA Access Will Be For Gaming What Netflix Was To Cinema – See more at: http://www.techthirsty.com/?s=EA+Access#sthash.apzzRxJo.dpuf… Read the rest
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EA Access Will Be For Gaming What Netflix Was To Cinema

EA AccessOne of the biggest entries to the gaming world has been the advent of the EA Access which is all set to revolutionize the way we perceive gaming in present times. Gaming is now becoming hardcore with a variety of games being provided at the best possible prices. It is exclusively available for Xbox One users meant as a shot in its flailing arm which was lagging way behind PS4 sales.

So, here we have a winner in the making. Imagine games which are worth $70 each being offered at a price of $5 on a monthly basis or $30 (in total) for a year. One will have access to the exclusive vault which has the mind-boggling list including FIFA 14, Peggle 2, Madden NFL 25 and Battlefield 4. And wait for the big ones as the company plans to add more games to this kitty as well. It is also offering a five-day pre-release for some upcoming games (although this would be for a limited duration).

You can get the EA Access passes on Xbox Live, at GameStop, Amazon, and other selected channels. Also, for starters, it is launched for a limited number of people, which will cover the complete Xbox One universe in the near future. You can play your favorite games for a year and shift to newer pastures as and when you like.

Who knows, soon one will have other subscription services as well. It will revolutionize how we perceive gaming with multiple options available for a larger audience. … Read the rest

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